Asymmetrical Breasts Overview: What to Know

A woman wearing a pink wireless bra with white stars design

Breasts are classified according to their sizes and shapes. While many women will know their breast size, only a few pay attention to the shape. Therefore, this article revolves around asymmetrical breasts, how they look, and what bras work for …

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How to Fix Bra Cup Curling

Woman checking if her green bra is curling up

There are a number of different factors that can lead to the cups of your bra curling and many of them are related to the design of the bra. Some bras have underwires which can cause them to curl up …

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Round Breasts Overview: What to Know

Woman wearing a gray underwire bra with adjustable straps standing near a brown door

Most of us know that breasts are either big or small. However, your bust can also be characterized by its shape, depending on its appearance and position on your chest. In this article, the breast shape in focus is round …

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What to Wear Under a Crop Top?

A white underwire strapless bra with a ribbon at the center and denim jeans worn by woman standing near a white wall

Crop tops are a must-have in your wardrobe since they are both cute and sexy. On the other hand, it can be challenging to determine the best bras that work under a crop top without peeking through. So, what can …

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How Big Will My Boobs Be?

A woman wearing a gray dri fit shirt

Many ladies wonder how big will their boobs be, especially if they are just starting puberty. Breasts develop at different ages and at different rates. It all depends on genetics. Each one of your breasts can have different proportions, too. We …

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How to Camouflage Uneven Breasts

A woman wearing a white high-neck bralette and black jeans standing near a white wall

Having uneven or asymmetric breasts is quite common, where almost half of the female population has this breast shape. The difference between the two breasts can be negligible or noticeable. If you fall in the latter category, keep reading to …

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Alternatives to Victoria’s Secret

Thirdlove bras in black and blue color with underwire and adjustable straps placed on purple background

Are you tired of sexy frilly lingerie and looking for Victoria’s Secret alternatives? Victoria’s Secret is a well-known lingerie brand specializing in dainty underwear, bras with good support, feminine lingerie, and cozy loungewear. The brand has, however, experienced some negative …

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How to Wear a Tube Top

A black tube top and mini skirt with white vertical lines on the side

A tube top is a female’s outfit with no sleeves that wrap around the upper chest. It is often tight over the boobs with rubber bands at the top and bottom to protect it from slipping down. If you’re not …

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How to Fix Bra Hooks

A woman shows the bra hooks of a blue bra with adjustable straps wearing black leggings and seated on the stairs

Most of us have that one favorite bra that offers the right kind of support and is comfortable. Hence, it can be a bummer if that bra ends up having a broken hook, torn fabric, or lumpy padding. The good …

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What Is a Sleep Bra?

A black sleep bra with a tag placed on a pink background

We put on our comfiest clothes every night before going to sleep to have a peaceful slumber. Most of us also prefer to sleep without a bra since it can feel a bit restraining. However, did you know that there …

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Why Does My Sports Bra Roll Up?

A black sports bra and gray leggings are worn by a woman standing near a white wall

What does my sports bra roll up? Nothing is even more disappointing for a woman than a rolled-up bra. A rolled-up bra is both uncomfortable and unflattering. Continue reading to learn why your sports bra rolls up and how to …

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