What Bra Size Is Jessica Simpson?

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Jessica Simpson gained prominence as a teen idol in the late 1990s. She eventually made her name in the industry as an accomplished singer, actress, fashion model, and entrepreneur. 

Her clothing company, the Jessica Simpson Collection, became one of the top-selling apparel brands in the United States in 2006. With her talent and good looks, it’s understandable why people are interested in Jessica Simpson’s bra size, which I’m discussing in this article.

What Bra Size Is Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson’s bra size is 34DD. To support her large bust, which measures 38 to 39 inches, she wears bras with DD cups. Her band also varies in size from 30 to 32 inches.

Jessica Simpson with long curly blonde hair wearing black long sleeves and black pants at a BeautyCon LA event

This bra size is common among women in their early 40s. For example, fellow singer Christina Aguilera also wears a 34DD bra. Although their size makes it simple for them to fill bra cups, they are also more prone to back pain.

In terms of versatility, Jessica Simpson can use 32DDD, 32F, and 36D as sister sizes. She can sister size with Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, who has a 32F bra size and a voluptuous body like Simpson.

Jessica Simpson Measurements

Jessica Simpson is shorter in height, measuring in at 5 feet 3 inches (5′ 3”). It’s estimated that her body measurements are 38-25-35 inches, which translates to a bust size of 38″, a waist size of 25″, and a hip size of 35”. She weighs roughly 126 pounds.

Benefits of Large Cup Sizes

Flattering Bust in Corsets

Whether or not you wear a bra with your corset, they are still worth having if you want to accentuate your assets while narrowing the waist. It’s a snug-fitting garment that can cinch love handles and flatten your stomach. Most corsets are designed to create a prominent overbust, so having large boobs is beneficial. A big chest can quickly fill the corset for a voluminous silhouette.

Get More Body Warmth

Adipose tissue (AKA body fat) provides the fat that promotes breast development and maturation. To keep the body’s temperature stable, it also stores extra energy and calories that can generate heat. So, what does all this mean in simplified terms? Larger cups contain more body heat, which is advantageous on chilly days!

Have a More Womanly Figure

Even though having small breasts is perfectly fine, societal expectations still view breasts as indicative of a more womanly physique. Some believe that having huge breasts makes them more attractive. However, your culture and upbringing might play a role in this.

Drawbacks of Large Cup Sizes

Inevitable Uni-Boob Look

Large breasts can develop a “uni-boob look” when wearing an unstructured bra without underwire. Since there is no structured center gore to help separate the breasts, a uni-boob can also happen when wearing running sports bras for large breasts. Lack of support from the cups, straps, and bands can also restrict the breast tissue rather than lift it.

Get Bra Strap Indentions

Keeping bra cups in place can cause stress and pressure on the straps. Because of this, the straps may dig into your shoulders, pressing the skin and leaving marks. It will be harder if you’re wearing a bra with a racerback style for large breasts since you won’t be able to adjust the strap length and tightness.

Can be Difficult to Sleep on Your Stomach

Forget about sleeping on your stomach or lying face down to sunbathe. Attempting to do so will only smash your breasts and make you uncomfortable if you do this for a long period of time. Unless you put a pillow on your hips, sleeping in this position will only apply unnecessary pressure to the chest.

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The bra size of Jessica Simpson is 34DD. This is among the largest bra sizes in the United States. Front-clasping bras for large breasts, full-coverage bras, and sports bras can best support the bust’s size and weight.


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