What Bra Size Is Aretha Franklin?

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Aretha Franklin was an American singer who became popular in the 1960s. She revolutionized the face of music by fusing soul music with jazz, blues, and R&B, earning her the title “Queen of Soul”.

She wasn’t the epitome of a pin-up during her time, yet she was body-positive, boldly dressed in floor-length gowns emphasizing her breasts. This leads me to the question, what was the bra size of Aretha Franklin?

What Bra Size Is Aretha Franklin?

Aretha Franklin’s bra size was 44F. This means she wore F cups with a band size ranging from 39 to 40 inches and a breast measurement of 40 to 52 inches.

Graphic image of Aretha Franklin with 44F bra size wearing a black gown with sequin while holding a mic

In her younger years, her form displayed noticeably huge breasts, thick arms, and broad hips. Still, her 44F size let her fit 42FF and 46E bras.

However, she is still two band sizes smaller than American TV personality Bevy Smith, who has a 48F cup size. Meanwhile, Aretha Franklin was three band sizes larger than reality star Beth Chapman, who wore 38F bras.

Benefits of a Big Chest

Get More Body Warmth

Adipose tissue (AKA body fat) provides the fat that promotes breast development and maturation. To keep the body’s temperature stable, it also stores extra energy and calories that can generate heat. So, what does all this mean in simplified terms? Larger cups contain more body heat, which is advantageous on chilly days!

Have Effortless Cleavage

The ability to get amazing cleavage without even trying is maybe one of the most notable benefits of having huge breasts. You won’t have to stuff your bra or wear a push-up bra best for large breasts. Low-cut and V-neck tops can help to further emphasize your cleavage and work great for date nights!

Have a More Womanly Figure

Even though having small breasts is perfectly fine, societal expectations still view breasts as indicative of a more womanly physique. Some believe that having huge breasts makes them more attractive. However, your culture and upbringing might play a role in this.

Drawbacks of a Big Chest

Get Bra Strap Indentions

Keeping bra cups in place can cause stress and pressure on the straps. Because of this, the straps may dig into your shoulders, pressing the skin and leaving marks. It will be harder if you’re wearing a racerback bra specifically for large breasts since you won’t be able to adjust the strap length and tightness.

Might Hear Body Jokes and Unsolicited Comments

It can be a major pet peeve when other breast sizes aren’t chastised for wearing a tank top, yet large breasts seem to lack modesty for using the same style. There’s the assumption that you’re seeking attraction by being too sexual, and this can be mentally draining at times.

Can be Difficult to Sleep on Your Stomach

Forget about sleeping on your stomach or lying face down to sunbathe. Attempting to do so will only smash your breasts and make you uncomfortable if you do this for a long period of time. Unless you put a pillow on your hips, sleeping in this position will only apply unnecessary pressure to the chest.

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Aretha Franklin had a bra size of 44F. If you have this measurement, wear a minimizer bra, side support, or a bra that can lift your breasts completely. Own your breast size; as her song goes, it can make you feel like a natural woman.


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