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How to Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again Fast

Washing the bra to make it sticky

A sticky bra, by definition, should do just that. Stick. You may have heard them referred to as adhesive or backless bras as well. They’re all meant to do the same thing to a varying degree. So, due to its name, you’d expect that it would remain sticky time and time again, allowing for numerous …

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What is a Bandeau Bra (And Why You MUST Have One)

Girl in a tube top bandeau

There you are walking the undergarment aisle of some department store when you come across a familiar old sight. Hanging in front of you is a bright, pattern-filled tube top in the intimate section. You find yourself asking: A. What is it doing here? B. When did tube tops get so short? Enter the bandeau! …

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What is a Bralette? [And Why You Need to Be Wearing Them]

Bralette with straps on hanger

Meet the bralette, the undergarment that it seems like almost every girl (and their mom, literally!) is wearing these days. You may have seen these garments on celebrities like Emma Roberts, Dakota Fanning, or on several of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but what is a bralette exactly? It’s a dainty, pretty, comfortable bra alterative that’s supposed …

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How to Keep Your Pesky Strapless Bra Up and On

Strapless bra with rubber lining

Strapless bras can be the perfect undergarment for so many cute clothes (especially during the summer season!). They can also be the ultimate annoyance, due to the constant readjusting they seem to require. If you’re tired of running off to the bathroom to pull your bra band up to your chest, it may be time …

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What is a Plunge Bra (And Why Do You Need One)?

Accentuate boobs with plunge bra

It’s date night. There’s a dress you really want to wear, but you’ve been avoiding it because it’s low cut and you’re worried about a possible wardrobe malfunction. Plus, all the strapless bras and tape you own don’t do a whole lot for your décolletage. So what other options are there? Enter the plunge bra. …

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