What Are Shallow Breasts?

Woman wearing a black bra

Breasts are not just big or small. There are many other factors involved that determine your breast shape, which helps in finding your perfect bra. This article elaborates about one specific boob type, namely shallow breasts. So, what are shallow …

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Can You Wear a Teddy Under Clothes?

Woman wearing a dark blue teddy

A teddy is one of the sexiest lingerie pieces out there. It gives you a flattering silhouette and provides support in all the right places. It is often worn inside the bedroom, so the question is can you wear a …

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How to Wash Victoria’s Secret Bras

Freshly washed Victoria's Secret bra

Bras are delicate pieces of clothing that cannot be chucked into the washing machine with the rest of the laundry. They need to be washed with care to ensure their longevity. This article tells you how to wash Victoria’s Secret …

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How to Keep Shapewear From Rolling Down

Person wearing a shapewear

Shapewear was invented to help women feel trim and sexy. With shapewear, you can effortlessly slay in any outfit without worry. However, one common problem associated with shapewear is the fitting. That’s why one of the common questions around wearing …

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What Is a Cage Bra?

An image of a girl showing of a cage bra

When searching for bras with unique designs, a provocative style called cage bra may be something that could attract your attention. However, what is a cage bra? For this article, we’re explaining what cage bras are, the benefits, and how …

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How to Put on a Bra Clip

White bra clip attached to bra straps

It can be annoying when straps fall down the shoulders, ruining outfits and drawing attention. With bra clips, you can keep straps in place for a better-fitting bra. For this reason, we’re sharing a simple guide on how to put …

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What Bra to Wear With a Cami Top


Camisoles are versatile pieces of clothing you can style with other garments. However, you may wonder about what bra to wear with a cami? We’re listing the different kinds of bras you can wear under camisoles, whether you want to …

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How to Tie Dye Sports Bra

Person pouring fabric dye on a sports bra

Are the colors of your sports bras fading, or perhaps you want a new design without buying a new one? Tie dying can give new life to your bras. We’re giving a step-by-step guide on how to tie dye a …

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What Is a Chicken Cutlet Bra?

Silicone chicken cutlet bra

What is a chicken cutlet bra? You may encounter this type of bra as you hunt for the best bras for strapless and backless outfits. We’re going to introduce you to chicken cutlet bras and the benefits of wearing them. …

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How to Use a Bra Extender

Bra extenders

Are there times you wish to adjust the bra’s band to fit you better? With bra extenders, you can extend the length of your bra to accommodate body changes. We’re giving a step-by-step guide on how to use a bra …

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What Are Nipple Covers?

A woman wearing a nipple cover

There may be times when you don’t feel like wearing a bra, making you consider nipple covers instead. Now, what are nipple covers, and how can these prevent nip slips? We’re going to discuss what nipple covers are all about …

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What Is a Spacer Bra?

An image of what a spacer bra looks like

When hunting for a new bra, you may encounter different kinds, including something called a spacer bra. However, what is a spacer bra, and what are its purpose and benefits? We’re explaining what spacer bras are all about and how …

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