Can I Wear a Bra With off the Shoulder Top?

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Off the shoulder tops look incredibly trendy. They show off your neckline and shoulders and are pretty forgiving around the waist area. The only question that might be stopping you from adopting the flattering style is “can i wear a bra with off the shoulder top?” 

Can I Wear a Bra With off the Shoulder Top?

Yes, you can definitely wear a bra with your flirty off the shoulder top. You can don a strapless bra or an adhesive bra. You can even DIY a strapless bra making use of the bra strap converter to provide additional reinforcement.  These bras feature no straps yet still provide ample support around your bust area. 

Graphic image of pink off shoulder tops that explains that strapless bras are best worn with off the shoulder tops

If you feel uncomfortable wearing a strapless bra, you can even go for a normal bra. Just use a bit of clever styling to amalgamate the straps as part of your outfits. 

Bras to Wear With an Off-Shoulder Top

Bra StyleBest For
StraplessSmall to medium bust sizes
AdhesiveLess bust coverage or support
StrappyExperimenting with colorful or transparent straps
DIYUsing a strap converter

What Kind of Bras Can I Wear With off the Shoulder Top?

There are various bra designs that work splendidly under off the shoulder tops. My guide will help you determine which style works best for you, so you can rock your sexy top at the next hangout.

Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is the safest option under an off the shoulder top. It is versatile, provides adequate support, and gives you a toned shape. It works well for small and medium bust sizes. 

You can also wear the strapless bra if you are on the heavier side. Opt for a bra with a band size that is smaller than your normal fit to keep the bra in place. However, it might not be too comfortable for a longer period, especially if you plan to go out dancing.   

Woman wearing a pink strapless bra while holding her mug

Most strapless bras come with adhesive tape that sticks to your skin. This allows the bra to blend seamlessly with your body and the shape is not visible through your dress.  

Adhesive Bra

Adhesive bra or stick-on bra does not have a band, which wraps around your torso, or straps. It has adhesive strips that stick to your skin and hold your boobs in shape. Stick-on bra works for a lot dresses and tops, including off the shoulder, backless dresses, and plunging backs. 

Some adhesive bras come with a string between the two cups. You can tighten the string to highlight your cleavage. These also provide you with a little more support and push-up effect.

Opt for bras made with cloth, instead of the silicone ones, as they are more breathable. Finally, make sure that your skin is dry before you adhere the bra to your skin and avoid getting sweaty, else the bra might lose its stickiness and fall off!

Bra With Colorful or Transparent Straps

If you would rather have a strappy bra, get creative. Find a colored bra that complements your off the shoulder top and show off your straps with confidence. You can even wear a bra with bedazzled, beaded, or glittery straps to up the oomph factor of your attire.

Woman wearing a gray off shoulder with her red bralette visible

On the other hand, you can also go for transparent straps. Even though they are not completely invisible, they are discrete and a viable option if none of the other bras work for you. 

In my opinion, go for colorful straps instead of transparent ones, as transparent straps are not in fashion these days.  


To assemble your DIY bra, all you need is a bra strap converter and your normal bra with adjustable straps. A bra strap converter is a thin, often transparent band with hooks on one end and clasp on the other.  

All you need to do is remove the straps from the bra and keep them aside. Then, attach the hook of the bra strap converter to the clasp of your bra. Wrap the strap around your underbust, and fasten it to the hook of your bra. 

A woman wearing a black one off shoulder top and denim shorts seated on the stairs

This way, your bra stays in place more securely as compared to a simple strapless bra. The DIY bra is a good option for women with bigger bust size, who do not want to take away from the look of an off the shoulder top.   

Related Questions

What Type of Bra Do You Wear With a One-Shoulder Top?

You can either wear a strapless bra or go for a convertible bra for one-shoulder tops. Convertible bras have detachable straps you can reposition. Adjust them properly, so both the boobs are equally supported and not crooked.

How Can I Wear My Shoulder Tops Without Slipping?

You can stop your shoulder top from slipping using safety pins and hair ties. Hook two safety pins to a hair tie. Attach one safety pin to the front of your shirt, near your armpit, and the second one at the back.

Is It Okay for Bra Straps to Show Under Off-Shoulder Tops?

Bra straps are okay to show under off-shoulder tops if this suits the situation and your outfit choice. For example, showing straps wouldn’t be ideal in a professional setting, although it’s acceptable in casual environments.

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To summarize, you can wear a bra with an off the shoulder top. Choose from strapless bra, adhesive bra, or a bra with colorful or transparent straps. You can also create your own strapless bra, which provides added support. It all depends on your preference, comfortable level, and body shape. 


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