What Bra Size Is Kelly Brook?

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Model Kelly Brook is an English model, actress, and host. She has also appeared in numerous reality TV shows, making her a fan favorite over the years.

She has been deemed a sex symbol mainly due to her bust. I’m going to discuss Kelly Brook’s bra size and how it compares to other personalities.

What Bra Size Is Kelly Brook?

The bra size of Kelly Brook is 34E. Her bust measures between 38 and 39 inches with E cups, while her band ranges from 30 to 32 inches.

Kelly Brook wearing a blue Cheongsam dress behind a hanging colorful crystal curtain

Her round-shaped breasts make her 34E boobs stand out. The combination of a large bust and body curves gives her an hourglass physique. Her E cup breasts are significantly heavier than C cups, making her bust bigger than American talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who wears a 38C bra.

Kelly Brook’s 34E breasts are much bigger than a typical model’s. For example, Danish model Helena Christensen has a 34B bra size as well as Nicole Scherzinger who also wears a 34B bra, which is common in the modeling industry. The advantage of Brook is that she can model for 32F bras or 36D lingeries.

Kelly Brook Measurements

Kelly Brook is average in height, measuring in at 5 feet 6 inches (5′ 6”). I estimate that her body measurements are 38-27-37 inches, which translates to a bust size of 38″, a waist size of 27″, and a hip size of 37”. She weighs roughly 146 pounds.

Benefits of Large Breasts

Deep V Tops are Ideal for Large Chests

Let’s face it – tops and dresses with deep v necklines were made for women with big breasts! These tops can often plunge too much on smaller breasts, and the fit can be awkward. Plunging necklines work best when your breasts are at least a D cup.

Help Conceal a Larger Figure

If your stomach is a little larger than you’d like it to be (or maybe you had a bit too much to eat that day), larger boobs can do wonders in concealing the size of your belly. Bigger stomachs are less noticeable when you have breasts that are at least a D cup, because your boobs are already sticking out at least 4 inches. Your big cups give the appearance of balancing your torso by emphasizing your bustline more than your stomach, waist, and hips.

Have a More Womanly Figure

Even though having small breasts is perfectly fine, societal expectations still view breasts as indicative of a more womanly physique. Some believe that having huge breasts makes them more attractive. However, your culture and upbringing might play a role in this.

Drawbacks of Large Breasts

Prone to Chafing and Rashes

The bra band’s constant rubbing and friction could lead to perspiration, chafing, and breast inflammation. This could cause scars, rashes, and deep grooves around your breasts. Moisture buildup in the folds of your skin around your breasts can worsen the condition if you have an allergy to certain textiles.

Have Puffy Areolas and Large Nipples

The areola is the pigmented round area on the breasts, whereas the nipples show the actual projection of the areolas. Bigger breasts also come with larger and more sensitive nipples. Weather and garment fabric can sometimes cause the nipples to protrude more, so you usually have to wear thickly-lined bras.

Can be Difficult to Sleep on Your Stomach

Forget about sleeping on your stomach or lying face down to sunbathe. Attempting to do so will only smash your breasts and make you uncomfortable if you do this for a long period of time. Unless you put a pillow on your hips, sleeping in this position will only apply unnecessary pressure to the chest.

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Kelly Brook has a bra size of 34E. This is among the biggest bra sizes for professional models. While this size can make cage bras and bustier look more appealing, there’s also the risk of getting a uni-boob when wearing the wrong bra size.


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