What Bra Size Is Precious Lee?

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Precious Lee is a model who gained widespread popularity for her work in putting a spotlight on black plus-sized women in fashion. From catalogs to the runway, she has modeled for top brands such as Balmain, Moschino, Michael Kors, and Versace.

This article is going to highlight Precious Lee’s bra size, as well as its sister sizes, benefits, and downsides.

What Bra Size Is Precious Lee?

Precious Lee has a bra size of 36G. This indicates her bust measures 42 to 43 inches while the band is about 32 to 34 inches, making her a G cup.

Well-fitting bras with G cups are unavailable in some brands or bra styles. Even with 36G breasts, she can size down to 34H or go up to 38F to try on other bras. While her 36G breasts create an effortless cleavage, this size is prone to neck and back pain due to the heavy weight.

The trailblazing model has a curvy body physique like American tennis player Serena Williams, who wears a 36D bra. Despite having the same band size, Precious Lee is three cups bigger. Meanwhile, Lee is two bands and five cups larger than fellow model Miranda Kerr, who has a 32B bra size, and Abbey Clancy who also has a 32B bra size.

Precious Lee Measurements

Precious Lee is taller in height, measuring in at 5 feet 10 inches (5′ 10”). It’s estimated that her body measurements are 41-27-42 inches, which translates to a bust size of 41″, a waist size of 27″, and a hip size of 42”. She weighs roughly 198 pounds.

Precious Lee wearing a white tuxedo jacket and a see through black top that showcases her lacy black bra

Benefits of Large Breasts

Have a More Womanly Figure

Even though having small breasts is perfectly fine, societal expectations still view breasts as indicative of a more womanly physique. Some believe that having huge breasts makes them more attractive. However, your culture and upbringing might play a role in this.

Breasts Can Serve as Accessories

Some outfits need statement necklaces or accessories to hide the lack of cleavage when you have smaller boobs. Hear me out on this –  large breasts can actually serve as an accessory themselves! They can help draw attention to all the right places, especially when you wear plunging necklines.

Deep V Tops are Ideal for Large Chests

Let’s face it – tops and dresses with deep v necklines were made for women with big breasts! These tops can often plunge too much on smaller breasts, and the fit can be awkward. Plunging necklines work best when your breasts are at least a D cup.

Drawbacks of Large Breasts

Need Specialty Bras

The challenge of having large breasts is that you need exceptional lift and side support. When you have this much breast tissue to control, you need a rigid yet stretchable style, like a minimizer bra for large breasts. This style can mold your breasts into an attractive rounded shape while visually minimizing the bust.

Breasts Can Sag

Among the biggest drawbacks of having large cup sizes is that breasts will tend to sag. This amount of breast tissue can’t defy gravity, particularly bell-shaped or wide-set breasts. Sagging breasts will be more obvious underneath clothing if you don’t wear a bra that lifts, molds, and supports them.

More Prone to Neck and Back Pain

Having naturally large breasts means you’re more likely to suffer from back and neck pain. This is because your back and neck muscles need to help carry the weight and alleviate pain from the chest. Your muscles may compensate by leaning forward, affecting your posture.

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Precious Lee has a 36G bra size. If you’re struggling with this bra size, you need bras with exceptional support, like a minimizer sports bra.


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