What Bra Size Is Eva Mendes?

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Eva Mendes is an actress, model, and entrepreneur. Hitch, Ghost Rider, and 2 Fast 2 Furious are among her most notable films.

She’s also an in-demand ambassador, gaining the attention of brands like Calvin Klein, Pantene, Cartier, and Reebok. I’m going to look at the bra size of Eva Mendes and her size options.

What Bra Size Is Eva Mendes?

Eva Mendes has a 32C bra size. Her large bust measures 34 to 35 inches. This means she needs to wear a bra with C cups and a band ranging from 28 to 30 inches.

Graphic image of Eva Mendes with 32C bra size wearing checkered long sleeves with leopard print belt

The American actress appears to have a full-figured body. Her 32C breasts look perky because of her well-rounded hips and flat stomach. Despite both having a 32-inch band, Mendes is one cup bigger than fellow Pantene brand ambassador Zooey Deschanel, who has a 32B bra size, and Gal Gadot who also wears a 32B bra size.

Eva Mendes can use a 30D if she needs more space to avoid bra bulging. She may also wear a 34B bra to increase the band’s length without using a bra extender. In doing so, she can share bra styles with actress Kate Walsh, who wears a 34B bra.

Eva Mendes Measurements

Eva Mendes is average in height, measuring in at 5 feet 6 inches (5′ 6”). It’s estimated that her body measurements are 35-25-36 inches, which translates to a bust size of 35″, a waist size of 25″, and a hip size of 36″. She weighs roughly 123 pounds.

Benefits of a C Cup Chest

Have Great Cleavage

C cups serve as a middle ground between small and large breasts. They won’t give you a deep cleavage, although it’s better than a completely flat bustline. Bras such as push up bras and plunge bras will help give you cleavage that looks awesome in deep-v shirts and dresses.

Have Numerous Bra Options

Some bras are unavailable in A to B cups as they can’t fill the bra. On the flip side, women with D cups or larger can struggle to find their size in various bra styles. C cups are incredibly common, so you will likely be able to find your size in any style bra.

Can Wear Sleep Bras Comfortably

Regardless of your sleeping posture, it’s ideal to use a sleep bra if you notice your breasts shifting to the side. With a C cup size, you won’t have large enough breasts to feel too restricted by the cups as you sleep.

Drawbacks of a C Cup Chest

Can’t Go Braless

C cups have prominent nipples and more breast tissue than A or B cups, so going braless may not be the best option. Some bottom-heavy breasts may also sag. Along with this, not having any support for your boobs might become painful if you are braless for long periods of time.

Might Attract Unwanted Attention

While C cups are average-sized, they are still pretty noticeable if you have a large band size or are shorter in height. This can make you feel slightly self-conscious as people take notice of your bust size and styling choices, especially if you are wearing tight clothing.

Breasts Grow to D or DD Cups During Pregnancy 

It’s very common for your breasts to increase one or two cup sizes during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. When boobs grow to D cups and beyond, you can start to experience back and shoulder pain. While your chest will generally shrink back down once you are done breastfeeding, having larger breasts for a period of time can be uncomfortable.

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Eva Mendes has a bra size of 32C. C cups are quite heavy, so choosing bras with wired bands and full-coverage cups is essential. However, wearing sticky bras and shapewear under bodycon dresses is fairly convenient when you have 32C breasts.


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