What Bra Size Is America Ferrera?

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America Ferrera is an award-winning actress and producer who rose to fame for her work on Ugly Betty, Superstore, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Throughout her career, she has drawn the attention of the media and the public due to weight changes. This includes learning about America Ferrera’s bra size and the factors that contributed to it.

What Bra Size Is America Ferrera?

America Ferrera has a bra size of 34C. This suggests her bust measures 36 to 37 inches while the band is about 30 to 32 inches, making her a C cup.

Graphic image of America Ferrera wearing a red bodycon dress with a bra size of 34C

Genetics, weight loss, and giving birth contributed to the current size and shape of her 34C breasts. Like Australian actress Isla Fisher, who also wears a 34C bra and Canadian actress Emmanuelle Vaugier who also wears a 34C, Ferrera has an hourglass body that emphasizes her mid-sized breasts.

During weight fluctuations or pregnancy, America Ferrera can use 32D and 36B for nursing bras, t-shirt bras, and sports bras for running. Even though she is technically one cup larger, this implies that she and fellow actress Priyanka Chopra, who wears a 36B bra size, have practically identical bust measurements.

America Ferrera Measurements

America Ferrera is shorter in height, measuring in at 5 feet 1 inch (5′ 1”). It’s estimated that her body measurements are 37-26-37 inches, which translates to a bust size of 37″, a waist size of 26″, and a hip size of 37”. She weighs roughly 121 pounds.

Benefits of a C Cup Chest

Ideal for Taping Breasts

Do you require some coverage and support, yet you’re wearing an outfit that won’t work with a normal bra? Boob tape can hold C sized boobs firmly in any position you like. This allows you to wear tricky tops without worrying about straps coming off the shoulders or cups showing through the neckline.

Can Wear Tank Tops With a Built-in Bra

Due to the average size of C cups, a tank top or camisole with a built-in bra is frequently available in this size. These types of tops also look best when you are a C cup, since you fully fill the shirt. 

Have Numerous Bra Options

Some bras are unavailable in A to B cups as they can’t fill the bra. On the flip side, women with D cups or larger can struggle to find their size in various bra styles. C cups are incredibly common, so you will likely be able to find your size in any style bra.

Drawbacks of a C Cup Chest

Might Need to Wear Underwired Bras

You might need to use an underwire bra for overall support in lifting and shaping your breasts. While some bras have flexible or cushioned wires, it’s undeniable that wired bras can be troublesome, especially if you feel them digging into your ribcage.

Might Attract Unwanted Attention

While C cups are average-sized, they are still pretty noticeable if you have a large band size or are shorter in height. This can make you feel slightly self-conscious as people take notice of your bust size and styling choices, especially if you are wearing tight clothing.

Can Look Too Big for Slender Figures

Imagine you’re a dancer or an athlete who needs to keep an athletic body. A slim figure can visually appear larger if you have C cup breasts. Although it’s less noticeable than D cups, C cups can significantly impact how you feel personally when you’re an athlete. You might also feel the weight a bit more on your chest compared to A or B cups.

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America Ferrera has a 34C bra size. If you have this size, your bust may look bigger, yet it is not that heavy. This is a great size to experiment with bras containing molded cups, wide side panels, and multiway straps.


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