What Bra Size Is Emily Blunt?

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Emily Blunt is an award-winning actress best known for her iconic character in The Devil Wears Prada. She went on to bag leading roles in movies such as The Young Victoria, Edge of Tomorrow, The Girl on the Train, and A Quiet Place.

As one of the highest-paid actresses of her generation, she knows how to flaunt her body and style confidently. In this context, I’ll talk about Emily Blunt’s bra size and how it compares to other actresses.

What Bra Size Is Emily Blunt?

Emily Blunt has a bra size of 34B. She wears bras with B cups to cover her small bust, which measures 35 to 36 inches. Meanwhile, a band ranging from 30 to 32 inches helps lift and shape her breast tissue.

Emily Blunt wearing a gray long sleeves mini dress and black stockings at the event

The British actress has an archetypal breast shape, giving her 34B boobs a rounder and fuller look. Even with a banana-type body, this makes her breasts appear perkier. Meanwhile, Blunt’s The Huntsman co-star Jessica Chastain also wears a 34B bra to support her round breasts.

Even if Emily Blunt wears a 34B bra, she can consider 32C and 36A as sister sizes. This means her bust measurements are comparable to those of fellow actress Kirsten Dunst, who has a 32C bra size and teardrop-shaped breasts.

Benefits of a Small Cup Size

Don’t Have Back Pain

Ladies blessed with small breasts can avoid the dreaded back pain. Breast weight can cause your shoulders to move forward, which forces the muscles in your back and shoulder blades to adjust. Having less weight in front means your torso can easily carry your breasts, and the weight doesn’t need to be redistributed.

Minimal Bounce During Workouts

One huge benefit of having small breasts is that they hardly affect athletic performance because of their lack of bounce. It can be painful to have your boobs bouncing around as you work out, and women with small chests don’t have to experience this pain. Plus, small boobs mean you can wear pretty much any sports bra style, even if it has minimal padding.

Can Easily Sleep On Your Stomach

Another advantage of having small breasts is that you can comfortably sleep on your stomach without it being painful on your chest. There’s no need to toss and turn at night to prevent squashing your breasts. It’s also fairly easy to choose sleep clothes.

Drawbacks of a Small Cup Size

Don’t Always Fill Out Clothing

Despite its several benefits, among the most notable disadvantages of having small breasts is the chance that you won’t fill out bra cups or clothing. Particularly when the breast tissue is leaning toward the bottom, the shallow bustline can cause gaping cups.

Need to Stuff Bras to Fill Out Certain Tops

Do you recall stuffing tissues inside your bra in middle school or high school? Some women might have to continue this far into adulthood. There are foolproof ways to stuff a bra, such as layering with another bra or inserting socks within the cups, but it can sometimes be a pain to resort to these methods.

Gaps Form Between Your Boobs and the Bra

When you have A-B sized breasts, it’s not uncommon for a gap to form between your chest and the bra you’re wearing. This is because your boobs are not large enough to fill the bra. Even if you try sizing down to a smaller bra, you might experience this issue.


The bra size of Emily Blunt is 34B. Her B cups fall under the small breast size category. She can easily switch between sports bras and regular bras, including balconette and plunge bras.


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