What Bra Size Is Carey Mulligan?

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After her breakthrough role in the film An Education, American actress Carey Mulligan continued to portray complex female characters in movies such as The Great Gatsby, Far From the Madding Crowd, and Never Let Me Go.

As someone who people frequently see on red carpet premiers and magazine covers, it’s no wonder her body measurements remain the talk of the town. For this article, I’m going to discuss Carey Mulligan’s bra size and how to style it best.

What Bra Size Is Carey Mulligan?

Carey Mulligan’s bra size is 32B. With B cups, her overbust measures around 33 to 34 inches, while the band ranges from 28 to 30 inches.

A side view of Carey Mulligan wearing a black scarf and black long sleeves

Mulligan has side-set breasts, which means her boobs have more space between them. Since she has a slim body, her breasts appear to be perkier than those of German-American actress Diane Kruger, who also wears a 32B bra, and Gal Gadot who has a 32B bra, yet has a rectangular-shaped physique.

The advantage is that Carey Mulligan can easily pick demi cups to push breast tissue upward without risking side spillage. She can also use 30C and 34A as sister sizes. In contrast, fellow actress Eva Mendes, who has a 32C bra size, must consider wearing bras with broader side panels.

Carey Mulligan Measurements

Carey Mulligan is average in height, measuring in at 5 feet 7 inches (5′ 7”). It’s estimated that her body measurements are 34-25-35 inches, which translates to a bust size of 34″, a waist size of 25″, and a hip size of 35”. She weighs roughly 119 pounds.

Benefits of Small Boobs

Don’t Have Side Boobs

If you love wearing tank tops, bikini tops, and sleeveless dresses, side boobs can get in the way of having a flawless silhouette. When your breasts are small, there’s less of a chance you have to worry about the dreaded side boob. You can wear anything without thinking about side boobs or bulges.

Can Easily Sleep On Your Stomach

Another advantage of having small breasts is that you can comfortably sleep on your stomach without it being painful on your chest. There’s no need to toss and turn at night to prevent squashing your breasts. It’s also fairly easy to choose sleep clothes.

Little to No Sagging

Gravity is the enemy of breasts, especially since it can cause sagging. However, it won’t affect small boobs as much, and it’s unlikely for your small breasts to sag even when going braless. Whether you have A or B cup breasts, your boobs will look naturally firm and perky as you age.

Drawbacks of Small Boobs

Don’t Have Much Cleavage

A to B cup sizes don’t have prominent cleavage like larger breast sizes, even when wearing a plunging V-neck dress. In order to make it look like you have cleavage, you need to wear padded or push-up bras to make your bust look bigger. 

Might Experience Breast Asymmetry

As you develop breasts, it’s normal for you to experience breast asymmetry. However, this can continue even as you reach adulthood, where the volume of one breast can be smaller than the other. There’s also the possibility that cleavage may veer toward the sides. When you are small chested, every ounce of boobage counts, so having asymmetrical breasts can be frustrating.

Breasts Stay Small as You Gain Weight

If your breasts are dense with tissue, they won’t grow in size even as you gain weight. In turn, they may look significantly smaller as you gain more fat in other parts of your body. However, if you lose weight, the fat in your breasts may also reduce, causing your boobs to become even smaller.

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The bra size of Carey Mulligan is 32B. If you have this breast size and shape, you need to tighten the gap at the center of the chest to fill in the bra cups. Opt for bras with low-cut cups to form cleavage.


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