The Best Sports Bras with Zipper Fronts in 2019

Sports bras are generally great until you have to put them on and take them off, especially after a sweaty workout session. Most bras require you to slip your head and arms through designated holes. The tight spandex material leaves little breathing room, causing you to easily twist and turn trying to pry it off.

Enter sports bras with zipper fronts. Not only is it easy to quickly take this bra off, but the zipper adds an extra layer of compression for those high impact workouts. Read on for the features and recommendations you should look for if you want this type of bra.

Top 3 Zipper Front Sports Bra Reviews

We’ve researched and found the 3 best sports bras with zipper fronts.

The first one we recommend is great for moderate to intense workouts. As the cheapest option of the 3, it is Jockey’s Zip Front Seamless Bra. Our second recommendation is the more popular option with adjustable racerback straps, the Glamorise High Impact Zipper Sport Bra.

Our final recommendation delivers extreme support with a soft and luxurious feel. It is the Under Armour Eclipse High Impact Zip Sports Bra.

Our Top Recommendation

If you want our final vote (without all the reading), the ​Under Armour Women's Armour Eclipse High Impact Zip Sports Bra wins for Overall Best ​Zipper Sports Bra.

​All 3 of these bras are machine washable. They are also designed with moisture-wicking fabric. This quickly moves the sweat to the outer surface of your bra and then dries it so your sweat does not saturate and stain the fabric.

​Jockey Women's Zip Front Seam Free Bra

​For a lower-priced sports bra than its alternatives,​ Jockey Women's Zip Front Seam Free Bra proves itself to be just as valuable as the more expensive ones on the market. One specialty is the seamless feature. Together with the removable cups, these bras are suitable for small to average-breasted women.

Despite the absence of seams, the band and the zipper are wide enough to provide support. The front closure is even assisted by a hidden hook, which makes it extra secure against any embarrassing moments.

One bonus feature of this bra is that behind the zipper, there is a no-pinch zipper flap. Rather than the zipper sitting directly on your skin, it’s protected by this flap.

Not only is this nice so you don’t have the metal against your chest, but it also prevents you from pinching your skin when zipping it up and down.

  • High ​impact support
  • check
    ​Nylon and Spandex
  • ​Removable cups
  • ​Hidden extra safety hook
  • ​No-pinch zipper flap
  • ​For small ​to average sized breasts

Made with nylon and spandex, this bra stretches fairly enough to be snug around your bust but not too much that it's suffocating. The materials won't absorb your sweat so it keeps you dry throughout.

It's available in different colors to be attractive enough for getting your coffee fix after a morning run.

Why Buy?

​Its wide bra straps, hidden safety zipper lock, and no-pinch zipper flap ​ensures you have the ​perfect amount of ​lift ​for your workouts.

​Glamorise Women's Full Figure High Impact Zipper Sport Bra

​Glamorise fulfills what the brand name suggests with the Glamorise Women's Plus-Size High Impact Magiclift Zipper Sport Bra. At first glance, this might look just like another sports bra, but this one is made to last through intense workouts.

In general, zippered sports bras are created with larger women in mind, and this bra caters to this. Therefore, it is one of the more popular options. The trendy zipper design locks to ensure it stays put while you work out.

Additionally, the seamless edges and structured cups will surprise you with an amazing feel for the breasts. The 2-ply cups minimizes the movement and bounce, which is ideal for women with larger breasts.

Unlike the Jockey bra, the racerback straps on this bra can be adjusted to your fit and preference.

  • ​High ​impact support
  • ​Polyester, Nylon, Spandex
  • Seamless, 2-ply cups
  • ​Adjustable racerback straps
  • ​For average to large sized breasts

It's made with 3 different moisture-wicking textiles used in most sports bras, which are polyester, nylon, and spandex. While the Jockey bra is made primarily of spandex for a very stretchable bra, this one is mostly polyester. This provides more support for your breasts.

While this bra mostly provides sizes for women with D - G cups, there are some smaller sizes available for those with smaller boobs if they want to get their hands on this bra!

Why Buy?

​​Adjustable racerback straps are unique to this bra. Coupled with its stretchy and seamless fabric, this ​zipper front sports bra does wonders.

​Under Armour Women's Armour Eclipse High Impact Zip Sports Bra

Under Armour's Under Armour Women's Armour Eclipse High Impact Zip Sports Bra carries a lot of similarities with the sports bra from Glamorise. If you're willing to challenge yourself further in strength training and exercises, this is one seems to have been made with durability in mind.

Using nylon and elastane, it's made with materials and a structure that's meant to fit tight, remain cushy enough for comfort, and be breathable all at the same time!

This is ideal for women who are a bit more busty because the bandeau-like bra cups offer full support and coverage for each individual breast.

The band is pretty thick on the underside of your breasts, but the adjustable thick straps take some weight off them and helps in lifting them up.

The full zip front, apart from functionality, adds a stylish element to a plain bra. Under the zipper, there is a clip (similar to the Jockey sports bra) to keep the zipper from sliding down during your workout.

  • ​High impact support
  • ​Nylon and Elastane
  • ​Bandeau-like cups
  • Adjustable crisscross straps
  • ​Zipper safety clip ​or lock
  • ​For average to large sized breasts

It's mostly loved for the open, criss-crossed racerback and mesh lining. Together, with the sweat-wicking feature, this keeps you upright and comfy for the next rep of your workout.

Apart from Under Armour's logo on the side, it's a simple, normal-looking sports bra that comes in the usual black and other colors.

Why Buy?

​Providing a great amount of support and comfort is what this bra is known for, yet it's only the beginning.

Our Pick for the Best Front Zippered Sports Bra

​In the end, we prefer the Eclipse High Impact Zip Bra from Under Armour. It’s simple from a design perspective, but it’s built to endure the hardest of workouts.


Our Rating


Jockey Zip Front Seam Free Bra
Glamorise Full Figure High Impact Zipper Sport Bra
Under Armour Eclipse High Impact Zip Sports Bra

Finding Good Zip Front Sports Bras

You may be familiar with the regular bra trick of fastening the back hooks on your stomach first before turning it around, cupping the pads on your breasts, and wearing the straps as per normal.

With zipped-front sports bras, it's not a trick. There are no extra steps after zipping it up at the center. Once the zipper is secure, your breasts are held on to your chest for good.

However, to enjoy this quick and easy way of putting on a sports bra, there are factors you might want to consider when looking to buy this bra.

Features to Consider for Zippered Sports Bras

The convenience of the zip-up feature might be the obvious reason for why you'd want to get this kind of bra. But, it also includes other features that are just as coveted in sports bras.

The separate cups and snug fit enabled by the unique fastening equips the bra with unique encapsulation qualities.

Encapsulation bras separate and support each breast individually, which is what happens with a zipper sports bra. This also compresses your boobs more than a standard sports bra. They won't move around as much which tends to cause irritation or pain.

When looking for a sports bra with a zipper in the front, there are certain features to look for, which we outline below.

Lady pulling on her zipper sports bra to open it

​Zipper Quality

​The main concept of zip-up sports bras is for you to easily be able to put it on and take it off like you would a jacket. If you've ever encountered jeans with fake pockets that are sewn shut, this can sadly happen with this kind of bra too.

Some have zippers ​purely for the fashion element. The bra doesn’t actually fully open and separate the cups. Make sure to check for this, especially if you are planning to buy one specifically for the ease of taking it on and off.

Since the zip fastening is front and center, make sure it's a quality zipper! There's very little room for failure. That would mean an embarrassing nip slip moment for you. This is not what you want during a workout!

The right zipper closure should be easy to zip up and down. It should still need some force to zip down to ensure it stays secure.


​The material used for sports bras matters depending on your intended use for it. Because sports bras with zippers are more so intended for high intensity workouts, spandex is going to be a common material for these bras, as ​commonly seen in top rated workout leggings.

That being said though, they are available in other materials, such as cotton. While cotton might not be as moisture wicking, it works well for LISS activities, pilates, or yoga. Think of your favorite cotton leggings' feel on your chest.

Once you identify your purpose for wearing this type of sports bras, breathability should be a determining factor for the kind of material you choose.

Maybe cotton is enough. If not, mesh offers more ventilation for your breasts. A moisture-wicking technology is beneficial, especially if you know you're going to sweat a lot!


​Durability plays a part in the longevity of your sports bra. A zip-up one may be fun to use for a time but it won't be when the zipper suddenly has problems after a few laundry cycles.

If not that, maybe the cups cause the front part of the bra to droop and the band to loosen up from being on a hanger for too long. Maybe the non-adjustable straps go loose and begin to fall off your shoulders.

​The sturdiness of each of the aforementioned features will determine where and how you can use it. Some might only take you as far as light movements and activities while others can assist in active sports.

The lasting quality of your bra should be as much of a deciding factor as its individual features.

Woman wearing workout gloves is also wearing a black zip front sports bra

Who a Front Zippered Sports Bra is Meant For

While any sized woman can wear this type of bra, it’s designed for women with larger boobs, where support and comfort is an issue. Zippered sports bras are a total game changer for busty women and those who ​typically wear quality push up bras for d cups.

This type of bra not only compresses everything up top, but it also securely holds them in place as you work out. If the bra is padded, this also adds to the compression, just like your stretchy yoga pants.

Does this mean that smaller boobed women can’t wear this bra? Not at all! They can also benefit from the feeling of being extra secure up top as they workout. Yes you read that right! Even women who wear highly rated push up bras for A and B cups can wear these. 


​There's a certain allure to sports bras that wasn't there before. With this type of bra, most people are sold on the convenience of the zipped front. Anything that makes working out – in this case getting in and out of the workout clothes – is a good idea in our book.

If not for that, the cute athletic vibe they give to an outfit will make you say yes. Sports bras are becoming as much of a fashion item as they are a piece of activewear nowadays. (Without a doubt, this sports bra would look cute with those gray leggings.) Zipped front ones just happen to win on both design concept and functionality.

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