What Bra Size Is Hilarie Burton?

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Hilarie Burton is an American actress, producer, and entrepreneur. While she’s best known as Peyton Sawyer in One Tree Hill, she ventured to producing and hosting after the series ended.

She spent her teenage years as an actress and has changed bra sizes and styles since then. I’m going to discuss Hilarie Burton’s bra size and how it influences her bra options.

What Bra Size Is Hilarie Burton?

The bra size of Hilarie Burton is 32B. She wears B cups to cover her 33- to 34-inch bust. Her band may range from 28 to 30 inches.

Graphic image of Hilarie Burton with 32B bra size wearing a red one-shoulder mini dress

She has an archetypal breast shape, making her 32B breasts round and full with small points as nipples. Like her One Tree Hill co-star Shantel VanSanten, who also wears a 32B bra, and, Natalie Dormer who also wears a 32B bra, Burton can benefit from padded bras that lift breast tissue to make the bust fuller.

Hilarie Burton can size down to 30C if she needs more cup space. On the other hand, she can size up to 34A if the band feels quite tight. This means she shares nearly similar bust proportions as fellow actress Ali Larter, who has a 34A bra size.

Hilarie Burton Measurements

Hilarie Burton is average in height, measuring in at 5 feet 7 inches (5′ 7”). It’s estimated that her body measurements are 34-24-33 inches, which translates to a bust size of 34″, a waist size of 24″, and a hip size of 33”. She weighs roughly 132 pounds.

Benefits of Small Boobs

Can Wear Unlined Bras

There is no padding or foam in an unlined bra because the cups simply have one piece of fabric across them. Unlined bras typically do not provide much support, so they are perfect for A-B cups. If padded bras bother you, especially on humid days, wearing unlined bras will help your breasts cool off quickly.

Can Easily Wear Low Cut Shirts

Women with smaller boobs can get away with wearing low cut tops and dresses without them looking too risque. Even if you are dancing or jumping around, your breasts won’t show through a wrap dress, a scoop-neck tank top, or a V-neck camisole.

Can Easily Sleep On Your Stomach

Another advantage of having small breasts is that you can comfortably sleep on your stomach without it being painful on your chest. There’s no need to toss and turn at night to prevent squashing your breasts. It’s also fairly easy to choose sleep clothes.

Drawbacks of Small Boobs

Don’t Have Much Cleavage

A to B cup sizes don’t have prominent cleavage like larger breast sizes, even when wearing a plunging V-neck dress. In order to make it look like you have cleavage, you need to wear padded or push-up bras to make your bust look bigger.

Might Feel Self Conscious

It’s normal to feel self-conscious about having small breasts, particularly if you truly want to have large boobs. This can sometimes make you focus on looking for bras that can volumize your breasts regardless of the fit. However, small breasts can be as sexy as other breast sizes.

Have a Less of a Figure

Small breasts can give your physique a straight, slim appearance. If your shoulders and hips are the same width, having a flat chest can also make you feel shapeless. Because of this, you might find yourself gravitating towards wearing push up bras most of the time.

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Hilarie Burton has a 32B bra size. Her breasts appear more pronounced due to her tiny band size. If you have this bra size, it would be helpful to wear spacer bras, bandeau tops, or bralettes under shirts.


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