Close Set Breasts Overview: What to Know

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Just as it is imperative to know your breast size, it is equally important to know your breast shape. Hence, this article talks about close-set breasts, what they look like, and if you have them. I will also discuss ideal bras and clothing styles for this shape.

What Are Close-Set Breasts?

Close-set breasts refer to breasts that are placed close to each other, without much space between them. Occasionally, the boobs are so close together that they meet in the middle of the chest, creating a uni-boob appearance. Mostly, women with larger busts have this breast shape.

Graphic illustration of various types of breasts and their corresponding names

To determine if you have this bust shape, stand straight without wearing a bra and place your finger flat against your sternum, between the two breasts. If your finger is in contact with both boobs at the same time, you have narrow-set breasts. Moreover, if you can easily create a cleavage line, that is another indication.

Cultural Perceptions of Close-Set Breasts

Breasts are often regarded as potent symbols of beauty, femininity, and fertility. Unfortunately, almost 50% of women are unhappy with their breasts, either wanting a bigger or a smaller breast size than their current dimension. This leads to low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, which directly affects mental health.

If I talk about close-positioned boobs, in particular, they are usually bigger, with prominent cleavage. They appear quite voluptuous, and the cleavage line is almost always visible unless your neckline is near the base of your throat.

Showing off your decolletage, consciously or unconsciously, in a workplace is generally frowned upon. Thus, the common issue faced by women with a narrow-set bust is hiding the cleavage, especially in a professional setting. Therefore, check out my tips below to dress your unique breast shape.

Best Clothing for Close-Set Breasts

Just as every occasion or location has an appropriate dress code, it is equally important to wear the right clothes for your individual shape. This allows you to highlight your most attractive features while camouflaging the others. Following are the best dressing styles for closely placed breasts.

Straighter Necklines

Breasts that are positioned close together form a noticeable, natural cleavage. While you can flaunt your curves and their by-products, sometimes you do not want to, or it may not be appropriate. In that case, you can wear a softer, straighter neckline that does not overemphasize the cleavage.

Apart from being demure, the neckline is very elegant and suits most body shapes. It also keeps your boobs in place, unlike other deeper necklines like the V-neck. The deeper necks are particularly cumbersome since you might constantly worry about your breasts “falling out.”

A woman wearing a white push-up bra with underwire and adjustable straps standing near a staircase

Halter Necks

Another neckline option is the halter neck, which is one of the most stylish necklines. It cuts up at the shoulders to reveal your shoulders and arms.

The best part about halter necks is that they are perennially in fashion and work throughout the year. You can show off your tanned arms in summer and layer the halter neck top with a warm coat in winter.


Off-shoulder tops and dresses come in varying depths of the neckline. However, most of them have a higher neckline, drawing more focus towards the shoulders. The style also looks very graceful, regardless if you wear a top or a dress. Just make sure to wear it with a quality strapless, underwire bra.

Bra Fit Problems for Close-Set Breasts

The primary issue of close-set boobs when it comes to bra fittings is concentrated around the cleavage area. Since there is hardly any space between the breasts, it can be a challenge to find a bra with a thinner gore (the cloth panel between the cups) that lays flat against the chest.

Another issue is that you need a bra that separates the two breasts to create some distinction. Otherwise, the narrow-set nature of the boobs will give you a “shelf-bust appearance.” Therefore, you need bras that alleviate these problems.

Best Bras for Close-Set Breasts

Apart from the bra fit problems, another side effect of having narrow-set boobs is the chafing caused by excessive sweating and rubbing of the breasts together. Hence, the following bras can:

Black push-up bra with lace design and leggings are worn by a woman seated and holding a cup of coffee

Underwire Bra

If you are looking to create a separation between the two breasts, go for an underwire bra. The wires will hold your boobs inside separate cups, guide them slightly to the sides, and hold them in place. Wires are also helpful in supporting your bust, especially if you have bigger breasts.

While wearing the right size of bra is imperative under any circumstance, it is extremely crucial for underwire bras. Hence, make sure that the wire lies right under your breast tissues instead of over them, and it is not pinching you.

Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is the second option for narrow-set breasts since it has a very low-set center panel or gore. The wires in the plunge bra are also J-shaped instead of a U, so they do not come up very high in the middle.

The shape of the wires is especially ideal for women with very closely placed breasts. If the wires are wedged between the breasts, they can cause discomfort and pain. Moreover, the plunge bra is a great way to flaunt your natural cleavage without the need to push the boobs together.

Balconette Bra

A balconette bra has horizontal, low-cut, distinguishable cups that hold the two breasts apart. It is a popular bra type, creating a rounded look and upward lift. The straps are also set wider apart, connecting from the outer edges of the cups. Consequently, the features make the bra perfect for close-set boobs.

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Close-set breasts are positioned very close to each other, with hardly any space between them. These types of boobs have the tendency to appear as a uni-boob, so you need bras that can separate the breasts and orient them away from each other. The breast shape is a common feature of fuller, bigger breasts.


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