How to Keep Shapewear From Rolling Down

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Shapewear was invented to help women feel trim and sexy. With shapewear, you can effortlessly slay in any outfit without worry.

However, one common problem associated with shapewear is the fitting. That’s why one of the common questions around wearing shapewear is how do you keep shapewear from rolling down? 

How to Keep Shapewear From Rolling Down

Finding the right size of shapewear is quite a chore for most women. This is because one would have to deal with constantly having to adjust the shapewear to fit.

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If you have ever wondered about how to solve this, keep reading to learn the tips and tricks to keep your shapewear in place. 

Techniques to Keep Shapewear From Rolling Down

Technique 1Clip shapewear hook-me-ups
Technique 2Invest in shapewear with bra clasps
Technique 3Wear the right shapewear size
Technique 4Choose shapewear with silicone strips or hems
Technique 5Use shapewear with straps
Technique 6Apply hairspray on your skin

Use Shapewear Hook-Me-Ups

There are small straps to connect your shapewear to your bra strap. These fixings are especially beneficial for ensuring that your high-waisted shapewear stays in place. To use these hooks, just clip them to the top seam of your shapewear and loop the straps around the sides of your bra.

Alternatively, you can tuck the waistband beneath your bra as a quick fix to keep it in place. This will, however, only work if your waistband is quite high. Once this is done, your shapewear will stay in place for as long as you want without rolling down.

Try Shapewear With Bra Clasps

To keep your shapewear fit and in place, you can try purchasing one with hooks or clasps. You can easily hook up the shapewear to the bra with its fasteners. Once it’s hooked up to the bra it stays in place for as long as you want it to.

You don’t have to worry about its fit or overall outlook. These models are designed to lay perfectly in place as you have on single underwear.

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Get the Right Size 

When shopping for shapewear, get real with yourself and do not size down. The problem is not solved by wearing a smaller size. In fact, if the shapewear is too small, it will roll down even more. It will inevitably cause bumps in the incorrect locations, and worse, draw all attention to those spots.

As a result, getting correctly measured and obtaining the perfect size is critical for a superb fit. Measure yourself, either in a lingerie store or at home using tailor’s tape. Use a piece of string to measure yourself. Consult the sizing guide for the manufacturer you are buying from once you have determined your size.

This is because not all sizes are equivalent. An XL in one brand may differ significantly from an XL in another. Also, keep in mind that ordering a size smaller than your actual size will not increase shapewear compression. It will merely cause the shapewear to roll down or up, resulting in ugly bulges in your belly.

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Pick Shapewear With Silicone Hems or Strips

Most high-waisted shapewear has a silicone grip or strips around the waistline to hold it up in place. These strips are mainly used as aids to keep your shapewear firmly in place without the use of straps or extensions. 

They are placed in between the waist seam of the shapewear and won’t leave imprints or marks on the skin. These silicone additions have been tested and should not have any negative or allergic reactions on the skin. 

Buy Shapewear With Straps

Another simple method to explore would be buying shapewear with straps. Strapped shapewear will stay in place without shifting. You can wear this under your dresses or rompers without worrying about it shifting or changing shape.

Use Hairspray

Although this does not sound like an immediate go-to option, it works. Spraying your stomach with some hairspray before dressing can do the trick. Hairspray will make your skin sticky enough to help keep your shapewear in place. Although, this trick would only last a few hours and should not be considered a long-term fix.

Make sure to pick a safe brand that won’t be harmful to your body. Popular brands to explore include the Amika Headstrong Intense Hold Hairspray. This hairspray brand has a fast-drying formula which means you can spray them on just before putting on your shapewear. It is also vegan-friendly and does not contain sulfates or other harmful chemicals.

Why Does Shapewear Roll Down?

There are a number of reasons why your shapewear rolls down. These reasons are common:

Wearing the Wrong Size 

Wearing smaller-size shapewear will not cause your figure to pop better than you think. It will only make you uncomfortable and show off your underwear lines. 

Wearing bigger shapewear too will cause fitting problems. Your shapewear might feel loose for several reasons, including weight loss. If you are in this situation you should look towards changing it, not wearing it. 

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Using a Washing Machine

It is better to hand wash and air dry your shapewear. This is because it is made from different fabrics and mostly requires gentle washing. Also, most brands recommend not washing it after every use, since this can reduce the longevity of the shapewear.

Shapewear made from lycra fabric can lose its stretchy feature once it undergoes frequent washing. Tumble drying or frequent heat exposure can also cause the shapewear to shrink.

Getting Poor Quality Shapewear

You should look for quality shapewear made from good and quality materials. Wear and tear can cause your shapewear to lose its shape.

What Are the Best Materials to Keep Shapewear Up? 

Shapewear is made from different materials. The following are good materials that help keep this undergarment up:

  • Spandex: Shapewear made from this synthetic material is durable and breathable. They are mostly used in making slimming shapewear. 
  • Nylon: They are commonly used to make girdles and corsets. They are also best for cold weather because they can help retain body temperature. 
  • Cotton: While this is not as common as the first two, it is used to make some types of shapewear. They absorb body sweat and are suitable options for warm weather. 
  • Microfiber: Microfiber is a seamless and thin material. It helps in odor control and absorbing sweat too. 

Related Questions

How Do You Know if Shapewear Is Too Small?

You’ll know your shapewear is too small if it is hard to breathe and move. Excessively tight shapewear may also put marks on the skin, causing rashes and irritation.

Is There a Right Way to Wear Shapewear?

To prevent your shapewear from rolling down, don’t rush to pull up the shapewear. Be sure to roll out creases or rolls that may cause the fabric to roll down.

Can I Use Fashion Tape to Keep Shapewear in Place?

Yes, you can stick fashion tape inside the shapewear’s waistband to improve grip. However, the adhesiveness may decrease when you need to readjust the shapewear from time to time.

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Regardless of your primary intention of buying shapewear, a common issue most women experience is it rolling down. There are several methods to keep shapewear from rolling down to ease this problem. If none of these methods work, you might need to buy better-quality shapewear.


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