15 Outfit Ideas to Wear with Gray Leggings

There are only so many clothes you can wear with black leggings before you start repeating outfits. The best alternative? Gray leggings.

Aside from looking posh like black, gray leggings are also versatile in the pieces they go well with. So long as you’re good as far as basics go, you won’t worry about what to wear with gray leggings.

What to Wear with Gray Leggings

What goes with gray leggings is pretty much the same as what goes well with white or black leggings. They’re neutral enough to pair nicely with almost any other color of clothing. With color schemes out of the way, so these gray leggings are really a great piece to keep in your minimalist closet.

​These clothes are what you should pay attention to the next time you slide into a pair of your top rated gray leggings.

Woman standing in the middle of the road in a top, jacket, and leggings

Sports Bra

If you’re alternating gray leggings for the gym, colored sports bras make the look more experimental. No matching sets come in these combinations, so seize the standout workout outfit. Make sure they are the moisture-wicking ones that won’t show sweat marks through the fabric.

Tank Top

A neon tank top with any shade of gray yoga leggings is a suitable outfit for outdoor running. If you’ve got the body to flaunt, show off curves and toned arms in style with this pairing. You’ll probably feel the extra boost of energy from the cute yoga legging outfit as well.


On days you’re not up for the gym, make a compromise with a cozy hoodie and gray workout leggings with a bit of compression.

A hoodie is also one of the most perfect pieces to wear for a casual vibe.

Leg day or lazy day — this foolproof outfit gets you through it all.

Woman standing by a window in a purple jacket and a black top

White Cropped T-Shirt

The grainy or stroked appearance of heather gray leggings gives a visually nice texture to look at, which would then complement the simplicity of a white cropped t-shirt. The higher cut of the tee will put the focus on the high waisted leggings more.

Oversized T-Shirt

While you’ll see celebrities in their gray shirts and black cotton leggings on their day-off, turn it upside down and create a different look with a black oversized t-shirt and light gray leggings. With the colors reversed, this option makes for a softer model off-duty look. Finish it with your trusty Birkenstocks and cup of coffee.

Mock Neck Crop Top

Mock neck tops are basically turtlenecks without the sleeves. A gray mock neck crop top with gray leggings is an outfit that can be transformed into two different aesthetics. On one hand, it can be a matching workout set if the fabrics and materials are ideal for workout conditions.

On the other, it can also be a casual gray-on-gray going-out outfit if both the top and bottom are fitted smoothly to your body. Accessories like a bag and jewelry can also make this dressier. Truly a versatile look!

​White Button Down

Going into dressier outfits now, a white button down is a basic wardrobe piece that goes with everything. Charcoal gray leggings with a smooth fit will transform this into an office-appropriate attire.

For more casual styling, stretch out the neckline to your shoulders to imitate an off-shoulder top. Finish it off with a thick black belt for accessory and security.

Dressy Blouse

A white peplum top, a wrap blouse, puff sleeves, sequined tops — it won’t take much to salvage gray leggings. A standout detail on any top can make it, and the whole outfit, dressy. Give new life to a decent gray leggings and pair it smartly.

Leather Jacket

Try an edgy outfit that’s never or rarely been done before with a colored leather jacket and gray leggings.

When it comes to a gray leggings outfit, baddies might think it lesser than all-black outfits with black leggings.

You couldn’t be missing out more with gray leggings.

You could say it’s the new black now especially since the dark gray leggings are becoming more prominent among the fashion set.

Woman standing in a dark leather jacket


Don’t fully dismiss leggings in a different color than black. With dark gray leggings, work outfits can be achieved through long blazers that cover your crotch. No one has to know you’re wearing ​thick, non-see through leggings with the full-on professional look up top.

Knit Sweater

You probably wouldn’t expect gray moto leggings with those cozy, slouchy, super soft, light-colored knit sweaters. It’s all the more reason for you to pair the two! Like lace and leather combinations, this outfit switches up the notion of gray leggings as purely for loungewear, and is also great for expecting moms in need of a comfy outfit.

Light Wash Denim Jacket

Light wash denim jacket comes best oversized and paired with gray Lululemon camo leggings. Tomboy girls need not miss out on the coziness of leggings with their girly vibes. This combo is sporty and boyish with a hint of feminine charm.

Dark Flannel

Like you would with black leggings, wrap dark flannel shirts around your waist when wearing gray leggings, preferably light shaded ones.

You can either wear any t-shirt or just a lacy bralette.

Either way, the contrast of colors in your middle will take the full attention to your outfit.

Woman in a field wearing plaid and boots

Teddy Coat

Teddy coats, named after their teddy bear-like texture, with pastel dresses and gray leggings underneath is your perfect layered outfit for winter weathers. It’s inspired by Korean fashion that will​ make your ​affordable gray leggings look expensive.

Long Coat

If your situation demands a less dressy cold weather leggings outfit, a long coat with gray leggings will do for quick errands. To compromise for these dreadful obligations during lazy cold months, invest in a high-quality pastel long coat to make you look extra cute even with plain and basic gray leggings with pockets.

What Color Combinations Go with Gray

With all the kinds of clothes on the table, color combinations still matter and can make or break the look. For every clothes you choose from our list, take these color combinations to personalize your outfits with your own style.

With Light Gray:

  • ​Royal Blue
  • ​Red
  • ​Brown
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Black

With Dark Gray:

  • ​Neons
  • ​Pastels
  • ​Pink
  • ​Yellow
  • ​Orange
  • ​White
Close up of gray leggings with a blue top and boots


Gray leggings can be as versatile as black leggings. They’re worth an investment to complete your wardrobe basics. However, take into consideration the different colors and kinds of gray leggings there are. With our outfit ideas, you just have to work with the combinations for easy dressing up in the morning.

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