Best Leggings for Work in 2019

Being stuck in the office for 8 hours in uncomfortable clothing is one of the worst feelings. Don’t be swayed by people saying leggings are not appropriate in the workplace. These best leggings for work might just be the reason you can survive that overtime.

Top Leggings for Work Reviews

Leggings have evolved far and wide from just being comfy cotton loungewear. If they can be made supportive for workouts, they can be made professional-looking for the work setting.

As a go-to for women for any occasion, ​​leggings are suitable for the office if you pick the ​perfect pairs. Here are our 5 best picks of leggings that can either pull you through a boring work day or a nerve-racking presentation.

Woman in a nude tube top and leggings with a matching coat and sunglasses

Best Overall Leggings for Work: HUE Curvy Fit Jeans Leggings

Hue Women's Curvy Fit Jeans Leggings lets you pull up to work looking like the boss on her off-day. Hide the fact that you’d rather spend the day in pajamas and still get the feeling like you’re in comfy sweats. Pair it with a blazer and no one has to know.

The jeans-looking leggings is suitable for curvy women with a booty. The soft seamed construction provides enough space and stretch for ample hips and thighs to fill up without the feeling of suffocation. The high waistband, rivet fastening, and functional back pockets add the extra sleek quality.

HUE Women's Curvy Fit Denim Jean Leggings, Medium...

Best Leggings for Work for the Money: HUE Essential Denim Leggings

Unique gray denim construction makes you rethink the whole jean styling. HUE’s Essential Denim Leggings has perfected the equal balance between the jean look and the comfort of leggings. A faux fly allows easy pull-up wearing and results in an instant put-together look.

These are the best business casual leggings for its simple yet surprisingly streamlined aesthetics. These can be dressed up or down — sneakers for a casual day spent on your desk or heels if you’re giving a presentation. It doesn’t get more versatile than this.

HUE Women's Essential Denim Leggings, Bleached...

Best Cheap Leggings for Work: Daily Ritual Ponte Knit Legging

A double-knit ponte fabric for the price of Daily Ritual Women's Ponte Knit Legging is a total bargain. It’s as professional as jersey and has the comfort of linen. In the form of figure-hugging leggings, they look like a sleek and versatile dressy pants that can pass for skinny trousers.

These leggings come in short, regular, and long varieties with 25, 27, and 29-inch inseams respectively. They are options for every available size, which suits them to every height of woman no matter the body type.

Amazon Brand - Daily Ritual Women's Ponte Knit...

Best Professional Leggings for Work: VIKUCI Leggings Suede Pull on High Waist Style

Nothing is more professional than plaid trousers, which VIKUCI’s Leggings Suede Pull on High Waist Style could might as well be if they weren’t leggings. This doesn’t only adhere to office dress codes. You can really dress to impress with this one by pairing it with a matching gray plaid blazer.

A lady suit can really assert your boss lady attitude. These are as convenient as can be without a zipper nor buttons, just a quick pull-up. It’s also softly made with suede material that has a peach-like texture.

VIKUCI Leggings for Women Pull on High Waist Style...

Best Casual Leggings for Work: Bamans Yoga Dress Pants

When going to the office gets routinely, Bamans Yoga Dress Pants is the perfect casual bottom that can break the monotony. Break away from your monochrome B&W office outfits and dress in funky colors like sky blue or burgundy. This will give variation to your boring black slacks.

Even in those unconventional colors, this is a non-see-through yet breathable legging suited for the day-to-day. It’s constructed to fall mid-waist and ankle-length for just the right amount of coverage. As an added bonus,​ these leggings have real pockets and belt loops — two things that are a luxury in leggings.

Bamans Women's Ultra Soft Work Pull on Slim Skinny...


As evidenced by our best picks, leggings are not to be set aside just for the ​steamy yoga sessions or ​workouts and stretches​ at the gym. They can be worn in the office, in conferences, and even business events where you’re the speaker. Get ahead of the office fashion by looking sleek but feeling cozy at the same time.

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