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Best Cotton Leggings in 2020

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In the ranking of the most comfortable leggings, the cotton variety almost always lands at the top. We love how technology has changed the game. It helps that brands such as Lululemon put their unique touch on these leggings over the years. Amidst all the oversaturated cotton legging market, we’ve found the best cotton leggings worth your attention.

Top Cotton Leggings Reviews

With every cotton legging promising comfort and style, it’s a usually hit or miss with most. It’s either just one or the other, never the two in the same garment. It’s getting harder and harder to pick out which has the highest quality.

These are the best picks in the cotton category that can prove durability and provide some extra appealing features. They stand out for a basic cotton legging that you might want to choose over the nylon or polyester alternatives usually seen in ​tight-fitting yoga pants.

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Best Overall Cotton Leggings: Lyssé Cotton-Blend Capri Legging

Lyssé’s “Fabric First” motto is what makes their Cotton-Blend Capri Legging so special. Its custom cotton-blend fabric is simultaneously worked with excellent tailoring to make it feel soft with a sleek silhouette. No matter what shape or size you have, it’s designed and constructed to flatter.

Their 5-inch interior waistband is awaiting patent for its smoothening function that thins out your waist all around like some top notch compression leggings on the market. These leggings are particularly stitched with LysséFit soft stretch lining that fits various women. It’s also cut short in a capri style — a bold design in leggings — for a weekender vibe.

Lyssé Women's Cotton-Blend Capri Legging, Black,...

Best Cotton Leggings for the Money: AEKO Thick Yoga Soft Cotton Blend High Waist

AEKO Women’s Thick Yoga Soft Cotton Blend High Waist Workout Leggings is made with the brand’s premium fabric blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. Boasting of the highest quality, they’re meant to remove moisture without showing unappealing sweat stains. It’s thick enough to provide you full coverage while hiding excessive sweating, even in hot yoga.

The leggings are suitable for tall women with its lengthy high-rise waistband and ankle-length end. It’s streamlined to look the best on women, especially those with active lifestyles who spend day after day in leggings.

AEKO Women's Thick Yoga Soft Cotton Blend High...

Best Cheap Cotton Leggings: EttelLut Cotton Spandex Leggings

EttelLut Cotton Spanex Basic Leggings is stronger than you think. It’s designed to hold itself up amid your endless and frequent cycles of wear, wash, and repeat. For a cheap ​legging alternative, it’s tested to last in your gym outfit rotation with an impressive cotton-spandex blend.

Cheap cotton leggings is not the best combination of words. They paint a picture of sloppy, see-through, and overall poor quality. The EttelLut leggings, however, is neither of those. Sturdy fabric blend combined with fashionable length and supportive fit makes it versatile in various outfit opportunities.

Cotton Spandex Basic Knit Jersey Regular and Plus...

Best Thermal Cotton Leggings: HUE Temp Control Cotton Leggings

Considered a part of Hue’s denim legging variety, the Temp Control Cotton Leggings is beyond an inner layer under winter clothes. It could be a standalone skinny pant of its own during seasonal transition periods for its warming function, courtesy of its smart temp technology, keeping optimal temperature for your legs.

Still a thermal garment, it’s a secret to achieving IG-worthy OOTDs in the dead of winter. It allows you to survive in low temperatures even with as minimal layers as you can endure. It’s an easy pull-on legging with the ability to streamline your outfits. Simply put, it’s a basic wardrobe must-have.

HUE Temp Control Cotton Leggings Black S

Best Plus Size Cotton Leggings: Zerdocean Plus Size 100% Cotton Leggings

Lined with soft fleece and embedded with thermal functionality, the Zerdocean Plus Size 100% Cotton Full Length Leggings is the perfect heavyweight yet comfortable leggings for plus size women. It can actually cover you up, keep you warm, and last for years.

Because these are 100% cotton and are prone to shrinking, it’s recommended that you hand wash them and let them air dry. The sizes range from 1X Plus – 4X Plus and have an elastic waistband for additional comfort.

Women's Plus Size 100% Cotton Fleece Lining...


If before we suffered to dress nicely, today no one has time nor patience to endure extravagant yet uncomfortable clothes. These cotton leggings balance out enough amount of style into our go-to loungewear, making them appropriate and good-looking for almost every work function or leisurely occasion. No more compromising comfort for fashion.