Anita Momentum Sports Bra Review

Woman wearing a gray sports bra and black leggings exercising outside the house

It can be tricky scoring a wire-free bra with great shape, yet this sports bra from Anita offers optimum support, breathable fit, and moisture-wicking properties. For this Anita Momentum Sports Bra review, I take a closer look at one of …

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b.tempt’d’d Push-up Bra Review

Woman wearing a b.tempt'd'd push-up bra

A lot of ladies are impressed with this Wacoal creation mostly for the same reasons: great fit, comfort, and lift. If you are thinking about getting the same bra for yourself, you might want to read this b.tempt’d’d Push-up …

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Best Longline Strapless Bra [2023 Review]

A woman wearing a pink longline bra

Nothing is frustrating like having to pull up or tug a slipping strapless bra. The best longline strapless bra should be stable and give you support with minimal adjustments. In this review, we are going to look at the best …

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ThirdLove Racerback Review

Woman showing off the back of her Muse Racerback Sports Bra

Racerback bras have grown in popularity over the years primarily because of the comfort they offer, how they give the body support, and breasts an excellent lift. All women should have at least one in their drawer. My ThirdLove Racerback …

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Best Bodycon Dresses [2023 Review]

A white high-neck sleeveless bodycon dress placed on a blue background

Although the bodycon dress peaked in the 1990s, it is still quite trendy today. It’s one of the sexiest items in a woman’s wardrobe, allowing you to highlight curves in the right places. I provide choices for the best bodycon …

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Best Bra for Intertrigo [2023 Review]

A woman wearing a blue lace bralette and denim shorts standing in the living room

Whatever the season, some bodies are prone to inflammatory skin conditions. Wearing the wrong kind of bra can intensify skin-to-skin friction due to sweating in your skin folds. For this reason, I’m giving options for the best bra for intertrigo …

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Best Underwear Under Bodycon Dress [2023 Review]

A white half-sleeve bodycon dress with a floral lace design placed on a blue background

A bodycon dress is a form-fitting garment that accentuates a woman’s curves. However, wearing a fitted dress can make it challenging to avoid creases and noticeable panty lines. For this reason, I’m giving the best underwear under a bodycon dress …

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Third Love Bras Reviews

Woman wearing a full coverage bra from Third Love

Need a new bra? Not sure what size you need or what brand you want to buy? I review the lingerie company Third Love’s bras in my article below. Let me help you find your perfect bra! Third Love Bras …

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East West Breasts Overview: What to Know

A green racerback underwire bra with a front clasp and adjustable straps worn by a woman holding a blue mug

If you feel your bra does not fit well despite wearing the correct size, you should determine your breast shape. There are many different types of boobs, and one of them is the east west breast shape. This article is …

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