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How to Wash Lululemon Leggings

Woman doing yoga poses while wearing leggings

Lululemon leggings are popular for their quality and versatility. However, they tend to have a high price tag, so the last thing you want is to ruin the leggings while washing them. Fortunately, there are simple yet effective ways on how to wash Lululemon leggings that can keep them functional, clean, and stylish. How to …

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How to Hem Leggings

Close up of a woman with leggings in need of hemming

Leggings can become a bit stretched over time due to friction, laundry, and body changes. Even with minimal sewing experience, you can hem leggings and give them the perfect fit and polished look again. With a few basic tools and step-by-step instructions, you can learn how to hem leggings in minutes.  How to Hem Leggings …

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What to Wear With Velvet Leggings

Woman walking in a snow covered ground wearing printed velvet leggings

Velvet is a vibrant, luxurious fabric that gives any garment a sense of drama and extravagance. Some people think it’s hard to find clothes to pair with velvet leggings, let alone style various outfits. If that’s your case, here’s the ultimate guide on what to wear with velvet leggings that will make you look fresh …

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How to Wear Plus Size Leggings

Plus size woman showing off how to wear her orange leggings in a park

Are you curvy and self-conscious about wearing leggings? Leggings can be one of the most flattering and versatile pieces of clothing as long as you know how to style them. Learning how to wear leggings plus size involves some key ideas on creating a slimming effect or drawing attention to your curves. How to Wear …

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How to Fold Leggings

Printed leggings using a basic fold method

If you wear leggings all the time, whether for work or exercise, you probably have lots of leggings stuffed somewhere in your closet. Learning how to fold leggings can help you store them properly and get a pair from the closet without messing up other clothes. How to Fold Leggings Folding leggings involves folding the …

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How to Fix a Hole in Leggings

Woman trying to fix a hole in her black leggings

Leggings are comfortable, useful, and practical, yet they’re also prone to fraying and tearing due to friction or prolonged use. Once you learn how to fix a hole in leggings, there’s no need to throw your favorite pair right away. How to Fix a Hole in Leggings The best way to fix a hole in …

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How to Wear Printed Leggings

Woman wearing matching printed top and leggings with black jacket

You’ve decided to give into the leggings trend. Now what? You probably saw these leggings with cute patterns while you were walking in the mall and decided to buy them. Now, you’re looking for ways you can style this unique, colorful, and versatile pair of leggings with ease and fun. How to Wear Printed Leggings …

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What to Wear with Leather Leggings

Woman wearing leather leggings with a leather top and a bucket hat

Leggings are already loved by many because of how comfortable and versatile they are. But, leather leggings? They take the game to a whole new level. Most women love dressing up in some faux leather leggings whether going to the mall or heading for work. That’s the thing with this type of leggings. They’re chic …

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How Much do Leggings Weigh?

Folded black leggings placed on a weighing scale

Leggings are usually thought of for comfort and versatility. Some women love including various styles or colors of leggings in their packing list when they are traveling. Some plan on shipping them.  If you are one of them, you may be concerned with the weight of your leggings. How will they affect your weight or …

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