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How to Wear a High Neck Bralette Every Day

Bralettes have become a staple in most women’s wardrobes. The delicate lace designs add beauty to outfits. One popular style of a bralette is the high neck, which provides cover for the neckline and chest area for women with different bust sizes. 

You can mix and match high neck bralettes with shirts, blazers, and shorts — there’s a lot of possibilities! Today, we’re going through some ways on how to wear a high neck bralette, and you’ll see that a simple piece of clothing can give you different outfits every single day.

How to Wear a High Neck Bralette

Wearing a high neck bralette requires some styling techniques so it doesn’t look awkward. Since it covers the chest, the upper body may look busty if you wear it incorrectly. To make sure you’ll look the best, we’re going to detail multiple ways to wear a high neck bralette.

Perforated High Neck Bralette with Sleeveless V-Neck Blouse

When wearing a V-neck blouse, women usually pair it with layered necklaces, which sometimes end in entanglement or an over-the-top look. Meanwhile, some women opt for a strapless bra, keeping the outfit too plain at times. Give these old styling tricks a rest and use a strappy high neck bralette instead.  

White high neck bralette with gray sleeveless blouse

The intertwined straps of a high neck bralette can replace necklaces, giving off the same effect of accessorizing. Pendants and chains can cause skin irritation, especially during hot days. With high neck bralettes, you can still showcase patterns and cut-outs without the need for accessories. 

You can wear a white perforated high neck bralette under a V-neck sleeveless blouse. Make sure that the top has a low neckline so there’s enough space for the bralette to pop up. If you choose the colors carefully, it might even look like the bralette is part of the shirt. 

Semi-Sheer Lace High Neck Bralette with Shorts and Choker

If you want to try a Boho-inspired look, try matching a dark-colored accessory and dark jean shorts with a high neck bralette. Earlier, we mentioned that the straps are alternatives to necklaces. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add other kinds of accessories like chokers. 

Woman in a white bralette with blue shorts

Most high neck bralettes end a few inches below the choker, and the subtle detail adds flair to the entire outfit. Since you won’t wear a shirt or cardigan, you can choose one with an open back or intricate strap designs. Fortunately, it offers coverage and support for all bust sizes.

A semi-sheer bralette plus shorts may look a bit daring if you wear them outdoors, so you can first try them at the comfort of your home. Eventually, you’ll find semi-sheer bralettes refreshing and convenient. In fact, it’s one of the most fuss-free summer tops. 

High Neck Bralette with High Waisted Bottoms 

A high neckline makes a bralette look like a crop top, which means you can wear it on its own. Having said that, you can pair a high neck bralette with almost anything you want. The best way to start is by matching it with high-waisted jeans. 

High neck bralette with high waist jeans

Think of it as your new shirt-and-jeans combo but with a little more skin. Since the pants will cover the belly button, abdomen, and most of your stomach, the high neck bralette balances the ensemble by showing some skin. Finish the look with your favorite heels or flats. 

If you’re staying indoors, you can use this outfit as a substitute for your usual look with a heavy-duty bra. If you’re going outdoors, you can also try high-waisted shorts, trousers, or a skirt. From dinner parties to weekend night outs, this outfit is simpler yet fancier than your normal loungewear.

Semi-Sheer High Neck Bralette with Kimono, Shorts, and Choker

Maybe you’ve been wearing high neck bralettes for quite some time, and you notice that pairing them with a black choker seems repetitive. If you only have one white lace high neck bralette and a black choker, there are various ways for you to achieve several boho-inspired outfits:

Floral kimono with white bralette and jean shorts
  • Match white semi-sheer high neck bralette paired with bright floral kimono, dark jean shorts, and choker
  • You can combine white semi-sheer high neck bralette matched with pink floral kimono and choker 
  • Try using white semi-sheer high neck bralette, white short-sleeved kimono, black shorts, and choker 
  • Go with a white semi-sheer high neck bralette with long-sleeved kimono plus white shorts and choker

The combination of bralette, kimono, and the choker is a timeless trend. The laidback details and natural look make it a go-to outfit for different occasions. If you want to go out on a fine spring day, a kimono can always break the monotony of white semi-sheer high neck bralette. 

Wide Neck Bralette with Black Athleisure Pants

While some bralettes get narrow towards the neck, there are wide neck ones that cover up the chest more, which provides better upper body support. Because of this, you can pair wide neck bralettes with athleisure pants for light yoga and exercise

Teal bralette with highwaist pants

It’s also the ideal everyday wear, especially if you spend most of your time lounging indoors. When you need to do some errands, there’s no need to change clothes because the outfit is also acceptable outdoors. What’s more, they both have breathable materials that provide a comfortable second-skin feel. 

Aside from that, the relaxed fit of both the bralette and pants guarantee unrestricted movement, letting you stretch, walk, and run with ease. Some athleisure pants are water-resistant, which means you can go on with daily chores without worrying about how water and perspiration can mess with your clothes. 

High Neck Mesh and Lace Longline Bralette and High-Waisted Jeans

If you’re looking for a way to wear a bralette while ensuring maximum support for the bust, then a high neck mesh and lace longline bralette are perfect for you. The high neck mesh serves as extra fabric on the chest to help lift and cover the breasts.

White longline bralette with high waist jeans

The longline band reinforces the design, which acts as an underwire to provide support from under the breasts. Some women worry about leaning over and flashing their breasts to everyone. Even if the lace looks playful and sexy, the bralette ensures containment. 

When paired with casual pants, you can pull off a simple top and jeans look. To switch up your neckline game with a bralette, look for lace mesh fabrics for breathability and lightly lined cups for shaping. You may also consider adjustable neck and back straps for snug fit and stability.

High Neck Knit Bralette with Black and Plaid Shirt and Jeans

Another way of wearing a high neck bralette is by taking advantage of layering. If you have flannels or plaid shirts, you don’t always have to wear them with closed buttons. Depending on how casual, edgy, or boho you want to look, using a plaid shirt gives you extra coverage. 

Mustard bralette with plaid polo

Use knit bralettes if you want to take a break from using lace and sheer ones. Especially during fall, knit and plaids are the season’s must-haves, so the combination becomes the ultimate outfit. The colors of flannels and plaid shirts are a great contrast to the monochrome tones of knit bralettes. 

In general, you can wear a plaid shirt to cover your arms and back. Other times, you can tie it around your hips. Have fun with several high neck bralettes and open-button plaids combinations such as:

  • Mustard knit bralette under a black and white plaid shirt and denim pants 
  • Pink high neck bralette with ripped jeans and tied red flannel around the hips
  • Gray high neck bralette under a red and black flannel shirt and white pants
  • Yellow knit bralette plus a gray plaid shirt and black pants  
  • White high neck bralette and a black flannel shirt and high waisted jeans

Longline and High Neck Bralette with Oversized Blazer

Have you always wanted to wear a bralette in the office without breaking the dress code? While it’s common to pair up blazers with drab collar shirts, the outfit can be boring sometimes. Using longline and high neck bralettes is a discreet way of making your office clothes more interesting. 

Dark longline bralette with blazer

To level up your corporate fashion, switch up your go-to tee with a longline and high neck bralette for a fun yet professional look. Since blazers have buttons, you can hide your midriff during office hours. In addition, the longline and high neck design of the bralette adequately covers your chest. 

After your day job, just remove the blazer, and you can head straight to your night out or dinner dates. You can look effortlessly chic and flirty for events like debuts and weddings if you combine:

  • Black high neck bralette, trousers, and high heels
  • Leather longline and high neck bralette with blazers, pantsuit, and pumps 
  • White high neck bralette, blazers, high waisted black pants, and flats

High Neck Bralette with Wide Neck Shirt 

If you prefer wearing shirts, opting for wide neck ones are better in this case. Because the neckline is lower than usual, you can still flaunt the patterns and designs of a high neck bralette. Likewise, you can wear accessories like chokers to add an interesting dainty element. 

White cut out bralette under gray shirt

Even if the neckline is wide, your chest area will get ample coverage. The decorative front both serves as a cover and a design. Meanwhile, adjustable straps keep the bralette in place while also adding texture to a plain wide neck shirt.

Let the bralette be loud and get the attention it deserves, making people forget you wear the same shirt several times. There are a number of combinations you can play with using bralettes and wide neck shirts:

  • White high neck knit bralette with gray wide neck t-shirt and a black choker 
  • Black high neck bralette with geometric cut-outs and white low neck shirt
  • Pastel-colored high neck bralette with dark-colored scoop neck shirt 
  • White lace high neck bralette with black rayon tee and choker

Why You Should Wear a High Neck Bralette

A bralette is a piece of clothing most women wear like an undergarment. Although as fashion evolves, it has become acceptable for women to wear a bralette as it is. From different styles, cuts, colors, and patterns, there are many reasons why this hot and sassy piece of clothing remains popular:

  • Style: The public has grown to see bralettes and lingerie as part of day-to-day outfits. Bralettes can be intentionally visible from underneath a top or worn by itself. By coordinating it well with other pieces of clothing, bralettes can stand out and make the outfit more fashionable. 
  • Coverage: If a typical bra shows, it’s sometimes perceived as impolite. With high neck bralettes, you get more coverage compared to other styles of bralettes, even if it’s popping out of a shirt. If you have a revealing or a very low cut top, you can hide your cleavage under the pretty lace details.  
  • Comfort: Since bralettes are usually free of wires and paddings, they feel “airy”. For women, one of the joys in life is investing in clothes that are breathable. Aside from that, the absence of hooks and wires pinching or digging into the skin makes the experience comfortable.   
  • Versatility: No matter what outfit you decide to try from this list, there are many ways for you to mix and match. You can adjust the straps to modify the style or the fit on your chest. Likewise, a bralette double as innerwear and outerwear, so it’s going to be your next wash-and-wear clothing.   
  • Adornment: Whether the designs of the high neck bralette are simple or complex, the goal is to show it off as a decorative piece of clothing. If you want to accessorize without the need for necklaces or choker, you can rely on the cut-out designs and straps to further beautify your outfit.

Wrapping Up 

When buying clothes, women consider style, comfort, and convenience. With high neck bralette, you can combine these aspects, making it a versatile piece of clothing. 

As you’ve seen from our list, there are several ways to wear a high neck bralette, from wearing them on their own to pairing it with other types of clothing; you just have to try and see what looks well on you.