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26 Tips for How to Look Good in a Bikini This Summer

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For many, the thought of trading in their traditional one piece swimsuit for a bikini seems ludicrous. And, for others, there is no other way to go to the beach on a sunny summer day. Either way, whether it’s your first foray into the lovely land of two pieces, or you’re a cheeky suit pro, you always want to look your best.

We’ve compiled a lengthy list of tips for how to look good in a bikini, ranging from quick diet adjustments to upping your fashion game to body posture and sitting technique. At its core, we provide some thoughts on how to make sure you’re picking the best bikini for your body.

How to Look Good in a Bikini

Woman in a bikini on the beach holding an orange blanket

1. Cut Down on Carbs

​Carbohydrates get a bad rap these days, but they are one of the (many) things you can eat that cause you to bloat. Cut back on these, starting several days before you’re set to hit the beach or pool in your bikini.

2. Limit Salty Foods

Similar to carbs, salty foods cause you to retain water and bloat up. Skip the potato chips when you’re getting ready to put your bikini on, and opt for something that doesn’t contain all the salt.

Processed foods are perhaps the biggest culprit here. Try cooking your own food, and you’ll instantly cut back on what eating out or frozen meals offer in terms of salt. Summertime is a perfect time to cook food on the grill, and this can be a way to cut down on the grease and salt.

3. Try Coconut Oil

​Coconut oil has been shown to increase your rate of burning calories. While you’re probably not going to drop a bunch of pounds overnight, adding coconut oil to your diet as you lead up to summer is a great idea.

4. Reduce Bloat Through Diet

Don’t stop at just reducing the bad foods, but also add in the good ones. Vegetables like cooked broccoli, asparagus, celery, and spinach are diuretics and reduce bloat. In addition, they help to fill you up, keeping your mind off of other options that can do some damage to your bikini body.

5. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water has quite a few benefits, some of which include helping your skin to shine and preventing water retention. Both of these elements for setting your figure to look its best.

Woman in a bikini drinks water from a glass

Water will also serve you well while you’re out in the sun, keeping you hydrated and able to stay outside for a longer period of time.

6. Exfoliate

​As much as week before you don your two piece, get your skin ready for shaving by exfoliating. Doing this before you shave helps to keep your skin healthy by removing the dead portions before you get to work on your trim. It’s a simple as using a loofah with body wash in the shower.

7. Shave Your Bikini Line

​Putting on a bikini requires more than your average leg shave job, at least for most ladies. The bikini line isn’t necessarily easy going either, but it’s a necessary part of wearing this style of suit.

Close up of a woman's bikini bottom in the ocean

Make sure you shave this area several days beforehand to give the area time to settle down from the process. Take your time – there is no need to rush it. Don’t use a cheap razor for this – its worth investing in a ​nice female shaver to get the job done right.

8. Soak Your Feet

​Your feet are a bigger part of looking your best on the beach than you think. Several days before hitting the sand, soak your feet in equal parts warm milk and water. The milk has lactic acid that help to break down the dead skin on your feet.

9. Spray Tan

​Sure, you don’t have to do this, and there are a lot of reasons not to. But, a spray tan will give you an even look throughout your body that really helps amplify how great your look in a bikini. This style of swimsuit leaves a lot of skin showing, and a spray tan helps to even things out.

You don’t have to darken yourself to the likes a Brazilian at the end of summer. Your focus should just be to have an even and consistent look across your whole body.

10. Pick the Right Suit

This topic deserves an entire article, but suffice to say, picking the right style of two piece will go a long way in looking your best. Larger busted women should pick a bikini that provides ample support up top, while a smaller chested woman can go with a sportier bikini.

Curvier women might do well to pick up a trendy high waisted bikini, while skinnier ladies might want to go for something strappy. If you don’t have any natural curves, look for bikinis that have high leg cuts and lots of color in the design.

Woman is on the beach in a black bikini

If you want a little bit of oomph, there are a lot of great two pieces that push up your breasts a bit. And, on the other side of the spectrum, don’t think you have to avoid the bikini if you’re a new mother!

Don’t settle for anything less that what you look best in. Nowadays, there are a variety of cheap bikinis to fit women in all shapes and sizes.

11. Work Your Arms

Believe it or not, working out your arms is one great way to look good in a bikini. The goal here is not to get buff, but just provide some toning, especially leading up to summer time. Tone arms help to accentuate your look in a bikini.

Push ups are easy to do, don’t require any equipment, and provide pretty instant results. You don’t need to make any trips to the gym or carve out hours with a personal trainer – just drop down and bust out a set.

Alternatively, if you have a set of dumbbells, you can easily do some arm curls and other related workouts.

12. Work Your Abs

A young woman lifts a kettlebell to get her body in shape for a bikini

Similar to push ups, sit ups are similar but work on your abs. And let’s be honest ladies, the stomach is probably the most sensitive area on our bodies, and it’s what is front and center when we adorn ourselves in the infamous two piece.

Sit ups, or their modified cousin the crunch, help to work your ab muscles and provide some tone and definition. Similar to push ups, it only takes a minute to crank a set out.

13. Eat Small Portions

Day of, you’ll benefit from cutting back on your portion sizes. Eat a healthy breakfast, but don’t overeat. Focus on foods that are high in protein and lean in fat. You don’t want to starve yourself at all, but think portion control.

The stomach has to stretch when we put too much in it, and that is exactly the opposite of what we want happening on beach day., ​regardless of the type of bikini bottoms you’re wearing.

14. Wear the Right Makeup

​Often forgotten when talking about developing your best bikini body, makeup compliments perhaps your most beautiful feature: your face.

Keep in mind your not going out for a night on the town – you’re headed outdoors for a day of sweating in the sun.

Understated makeup is best, but focus on adding definition around your eyes.

If you’ll be frolicking in the waves in your suit or practicing cannon balls off the diving board, make sure you use waterproof makeup!

Portrait shot of a woman in a black bikini by the oceab

15. Add Bra Inserts

Whether you’ve picked the right suit or not, sometimes your pair need a boost. From bra inserts to pasties, there are a lot of options that you can use to add a little bit more size and shape to your bikini boobs.

If you think you’ll be doing this frequently, there are bathing suits that have inserts built into them. This is one of the simplest techniques to make your boobs look a little bigger.

16. Wear a Cover Up

​If you’re nervous about donning a two piece this summer, this is a great go-between. A cover up is generally a thinner, breathable material, or even opaque, and sits over top of your chest area. It can cover more than that, but those are the basics.

Adding a cover up allows you to lean into those moments when you have some self-doubt sitting on the beach. Don’t let those times stop you – a cover up might be just the way for you to ease into rocking the bikini.

17. Wear a Sarong

Similar to a cover up, a sarong does the same thing but sits over your waist. In essence, follow the same logic here as you would for a cover up.

How to apply these two pieces of clothing? Find the area of your body that is mentally blocking you from enjoying a bikini, and pair it with one of these.

Sarongs can also be good for a bikini that is made from certain materials. Sometimes, a two piece can look great until you start to sweat, for example. Just like men have to be concerned with their underwear in hot weather, a sarong can be a great cover up for a bikini that shows just a bit too much as the day wears on.

18. Wear Stacked Sandals

​Stacked sandals work great for lounging by the pool, and they do double duty by upping your fashion. In addition, they help accentuate your legs and elongate your body, which bolsters your bikini look.

You might not be able to pull these off in deep sand at the beach, but these sandals are the perfect compliment to a two piece outfit.

19. Tape Your Boobs

Depending on the type of boobs you have, adding some tape might be the perfect solution to giving your breasts the added perk and support they need.

If you’ve ever considered wearing a bra with your bikini, tape is a great alternative that will help keep your boobs in place. Active summer-goers will appreciate this technique, and you can worry (a little less) about a boob or two popping out of your bikini.

The technique for taping your breasts isn’t that hard. Just make sure you use waterproof tape if you plan on getting in the water.

Big or small chested, boob tape works wonders to give you a little more lift and shape to your breasts.

Close up of a woman wearing a blue floral bikini

20. Use Good Lotion

Bikinis show a lot of skin, so it’s good form to make sure that skin is look its best! Don’t cheap out on the lotion before you head out to the beach – the sun, sand, and salt water combine to make a rough combination for your skin.

Instead, lotion up in the days leading up to heading out in your two piece. Bonus points for using a lotion that includes a bronzer, which will give you a little boost of added color and warmth.

Woman applying lotion on her hand

21. Accessorize

​One great way to stand out in your bikini is to add some accessories. A necklace, earrings, bracelet – frankly speaking, any type of jewelry will do the trick.

Another few ideas: jean shorts, headbands, or a kimono. At a ritzier, pool-side party, you might even be able to pull up high heels.

A lot of women forget to accessorize their bikini outfits, and this can be a great way to look your best.

22. Add a Straw Hat

Cute and fun, a straw hat functions as a way to keep the sun out of your eyes and hair out of your face. In reality, though, it adds a nice fashionable touch that says “hey I’m approachable, laidback, and cute.” And let’s face it – that’s a great vibe to put off when you’re on a beach!

​Hats in general are a great asset on the beach, as they can help you deal with all the hair problems that come with salty water and air.

23. Stand Tall

​Enough with the outfit help – how about some good old fashioned posture technique? Yes, its true, standing up straight will naturally accentuate your body for the better.

No matter what body type you have, you’ll benefit from consciously focusing on standing up straight and tall throughout the day.

Standing straight and tall pulls everything up. While the results aren’t dramatic, this can be a great way to get a little more lift out of smaller breasts.

Woman stands tall in a yellow bikini

24. Sit With Knees Up

Ladies, this one position might change your mind about wearing a bikini this summer. Whenever you sit, bend your knees up toward your chest, making a V with your legs. Whether you want to lean forward and put your hands around your knees, or lean back with your hands on the ground – either is fine.

This position is fantastic for a number of reasons. For starters, it slims out your legs and minimizes any leg fat you might have. It also adds some gorgeous curves to your figure. Finally, it draws the eyes toward your upper body.

Careful, you might draw the looks of some passing gentlemen with this relaxing beach pose.

25. Dig Into the Sand

​Use the soft sand to your advantage – when you sit down, dig your booty into the sand a bit and let it absorb a little bit of your butt. You’ll instantly look smaller and loose a few pounds in the trunk.

26. Act How You Want to Look

Finally, act how you want to look. While this might sound like nothing more than a psychological trick, it works.

Instead of focusing on the negatives, spend your mental energy thinking about all of the positives in your body. Each girl is created unique and different, and a bikini can be as much of a confident booster as it can be a buzzkill.

Woman wears a white long slseeved button down in the water

Remind yourself how beautiful you are. And, if you need to, act that out, even at times you don’t feel that way.


Rock that bikini, and if you ever have any doubts about if you should have put it on, double down and rock it harder! Chances are, you’ll gain a new form of confidence, and you’ll be better able to push through the doubt.