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Best Bras for Back Pain [2022 Review]

Woman sits on the bed in a white bra and panty

One of our favorite feelings is the relief right when the bra gets taken off after a long day. It’s almost always followed by a back stretch and when the backbone pops, it feels like all is right again. For like 2 minutes, that is, or until the lingering back pain from wearing a restricting …

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Best Bra for Shoulder Pain [2022 Review]

Woman in a white bra kneels on the bed

Wearing bras is not always the most pleasant experience, which most women already know. Yet we don’t think about our shoulders as much as our backs. Straps can dig into our shoulders if not adjusted properly. The band can restrict the upper back around the shoulders. Don’t disregard shoulder pain when shopping for bras again. …

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Best Shapewear for Muffin Top and Love Handles [2022 Review]

Nude body shaper

​Love handles, muffin tops, or a little extra padding along your hips is natural for women to have. Whether you’re petite or plus size, having love handles can be common, and shapewear is a great undergarment to help with this for all body types. So what is the best shapewear for love handles or muffin …

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Best Nursing Bras for Large Busts [2022 Review]

Girl holds her nursing bra soft cup

As pregnant women know, your body goes through a lot of changes throughout the duration of pregnancy. One area you will likely see significant changes to are your breasts. After giving birth, these changes can continue to happen. Reviews of the Top Nursing Bras for Large Busts ​We researched and reviewed the best nursing bras …

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The Best Support Bra for Full Figured Women [2022 Review]

Woman wearing a black lacey bra

When it comes to breast sizes, some women got way more than others. It should feel like a blessing – after all, big, full busts mean sexy, right? – but in certain situations like bra shopping, it can feel like a curse. If you’ve got curves and are looking for the best support bras for …

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The Best Bralettes for D Cup and Bigger Busts [2022 Review]

Woman in a blue lace bralette

​When bralettes first came out, they were designed mostly for women with small chests. If you were blessed in the breast department with a set of larger assets, getting to partake in the bralette craze was not very easy. Luckily, that’s now changed! These days, plus size bralettes are made with bigger cups and sizes …

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The Best Front Clasping Sports Bra [2022 Review]

Catalog photo of a woman wearing a nude sports bra

There’s something about workout clothes that wakes up your senses. Other than that energized feeling, it’s a dreadful task putting them on in the morning. Front clasping sports bras were made for easy wearing and removing them, so it wouldn’t be as tedious. But, exactly what entails a good front-clasping sports bra? Top 3 Front …

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3 Best Sports Bra with Hooks in Back [2022 Review]

Woman stands with her back to the camera wearing a colorful sports bra and black leggings

When we talk sports bras, it’s typically the t-shirt style you pull over your head that automatically comes to mind. Those are not always easy to slide into though. Top 3 Sports Bras with Back Hooks ​There’s no promise that sports bras with back hooks are going to solve every problem, especially for  women with …

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The Best Sports Bras with Zipper Fronts [2022 Review]

Lady pulling on her zipper sports bra to open it

Sports bras are generally great until you have to put them on and take them off, especially after a sweaty workout session. Most bras require you to slip your head and arms through designated holes. The tight spandex material leaves little breathing room, causing you to easily twist and turn trying to pry it off. …

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