The Difference Between Leggings vs Jeans

Group of people wearing jeans while in a meeting

Since the athleisure trend rose in the fashion world, leggings have been labeled as a great alternative to jeans. This is because they are far more superior in comfort. However, this is not to say that denim has been out of the spotlight. Both are still known for their style and versatility. Is there really …

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Unlined Bra vs Lined Bra: Should My Nipples Show?

Woman wears a blue bralette and is lying down on the bed raeading a ook

Your latest online shopping splurge, a beautiful lace crop top, finally arrives at your house. Filled with excitement, you try it on. This shirt perfectly captures the boho vibe. The only problem is, that your neon orange T-shirt bra is definitely not. Thankfully, a quick internet search can help you find a better bra for …

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What is Considered Full Figured vs Curvy

Woman wearing a textured dress

If you’re curvy, it can be confusing to know if bras that are meant for full figured or plus sized women will also work for you. What is considered full figured is not necessarily the same as what’s considered curvy. You might be thinking, how do you even begin to distinguish the differences between being …

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