The Difference Between Leggings vs Jeans

Since the athleisure trend rose in the fashion world, leggings have been labeled as a great alternative to jeans. This is because they are far more superior in comfort. However, this is not to say that denim has been out …

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Unlined Bra vs Lined Bra: Should My Nipples Show?

A woman wearing a black underwire bra with a front clasp and blue denim jeans leans on a white kitchen top

Your latest online shopping splurge, a beautiful lace crop top, finally arrives at your house. Filled with excitement, you try it on. This shirt perfectly captures the boho vibe. The only problem is, that your neon orange T-shirt bra is …

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When to Wear an Underwire Bra vs No Underwire

Woman wearing a pink underwired bra with blue jacket

Variety in bra styles have evolved over time, with newer technologies replacing older bra designs. While both underwire and wireless bras have been a mainstay in lingerie appeal, there are times the question arises as to differences between an underwire …

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Bralette vs Bra: What is the Difference?

A woman wearing a pink v-neck bralette and black shorts is seated on a bed with a white bedsheet

In 2015, the lingerie industry in the US garnered $13.2 billion in​​ sales. That was a distant time when bralettes were just being introduced in the market. It wouldn’t be shocking if that figure has skyrocketed since then. Now that …

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Sports Bra vs No Bra

A woman wearing a black sports bra

Every styling option you pick is a statement. What you choose to wear should feel good, fit well, and look nice. Here, I’ve put together a thorough comparison of wearing a sports bra vs no bra. It’s not a simple …

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Sports Bra vs Normal Bra [Key Differences]

Two pieces of purple sports bras and two pieces of regular bras in red and brown color

Sports and normal bras are basic undergarments in a woman’s wardrobe. Despite that, they still have properties that make them outshine each other. I’m explaining the similarities and differences between sports bra vs normal bra, so you can better determine …

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​​Breast Size Comparison Side by Side

A white full-coverage strapless bra with underwire and denim shorts worn by a woman

Every woman’s body is unique, resulting in varying yet equally beautiful breast sizes. Breasts also come in various shapes, so I’m giving you a boob size comparison, side by side, to understand the classifications. From here, you can confidently find …

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Balconette Bra vs Plunge Bra: Key Differences

A pink balconette underwire bra with adjustable straps and lace

The world of bras may be confusing. The many names, styles, and types may rapidly confuse you. A balconette and a plunge bra are two examples of bra styles. Choosing the best bra to buy is also challenging. This article …

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Demi Bra vs Full Coverage Bra [Key Differences]

A black demi bra with lace and an underwire and a green full-coverage underwire bra

The type of bra you wear can have a dramatic effect on the look of your bust and your overall silhouette. A quality bra can support, provide structure, and enhance your breasts. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the correct …

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Bombshell Bra vs Push Up: Do You Need Both?

A woman wearing an underwired blue t-shirt bra and black leggings is seated on the stairs in an apartment

Bras can offer so much more than just support to your breasts. They can give you a particular shape, correct the orientation of your breasts, enhance your cleavage, and make your bust look a size or two bigger. The last …

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Third Love vs Torrid Bras

Woman wearing a peach bralette from Third Love

Third Love vs. Torrid Bras: what should you wear? Third Love is a company that specializes in bras and lingerie. Torrid is another company that focuses on clothing for curvy women. This blog post will compare Third Love and Torrid …

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