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How to Keep Bra Straps From Showing

A woman sports a black tank top that hides her black bra strap really well

There’s something cute and delicate about lace-edged bralettes that are intentionally shown beneath tops. Exposed bra straps, however, are unsightly and far from chic. You know it’s not supposed to be seen when it hangs from your t-shirt sleeve or rests a few inches away from the straps of your tank top. Sure, you can …

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What Bra to Wear with Halter Tops

Close up of a woman's chest wearing a nude halter bra

Do you have an adorably stylish halter top you just bought that you’ve been dying to wear? Stuck trying to figure out just how you’re going to wear said top without having your bra show off in a decidedly not cute fashion? Discovering what bra to wear with halter tops doesn’t have to be unnecessarily …

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