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16 Simple Bra Storage Hacks

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Storing your bras is not as simple as tossing them into your drawer. Folding them in the middle can mess with the wiring and their overall bra shape. That’s why we’ve put together 16 simple bra storage tricks and hacks for easy storage ideas!

​16 Bra Storage Hacks

There are different brilliant ways to store your bras. Below are some space-saving ideas to inspire you.

1. Line Up in an Underwear Drawer

Ensure the cups lean inside one another. If you have multiple bras,  fit or stack them together into one closet. However, these drawers aren’t as good as hanging drawers that allow you to separate your bras plus underwear and organize them nicely.

2. Buy Customizable Drawer Dividers

These space-saving underwear drawer dividers allow you to store bras and underwear in a rectangular way in your drawer and still have more room to organize and store other lingerie pieces.

Rack full of bras

3. Use a Shoebox as Drawer Organizers

You can also fit a small shoebox in the drawers if you don’t have enough drawer space to organize and store your underwear. Similar to hanging storage organizers, shoeboxes can create compartments to separate and organize your bras and underwear.

4. Suspend on Racks

If you want to organize and store your bras perfectly, attach racks at the back of your bedroom or closet door. Slip one cup through the center, and let the middle of the bra suspend from the bottom.

5. Install Small Rods in Your Closet

Attach one on your bedroom or closet door and organize your favorite underwire bras on them. Suspend from the middle of the bra and then line them up.

6. Create a Bra Hanger Display

​Use wooden racks with hooks and then suspend the hangers vertically. Organize your underwire push up bras​ and underwear properly to have a beautiful DIY bra display.

7. Use a Coat Hanger

​Put your padded bras straps on any coat hook and fasten the clasps to prevent your straps from falling down the sides.

Top view of a row of bras in a rack

8. Suspend on Tie and Belt Organizers

​These organizers are long, parallel hooks that allow you to suspend your bras from their straps or from the middle of the band when clasped.

9. Organize in Pockets of Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers are made of soft fabric and can be hung on your closet door. To maximize the length of the pocket space, line your underwear sideways. 

10. Dedicate a Clothes Rack for Bras

Another great organization hack is to look for hangers and then dedicate a whole rack for your bras. If you travel often, you can use a bra lingerie case to keep your underwear better organized while you travel.

Bikini tops lined up with hangers

11. Attach Shelf Organizers on Your Door

You can also attach shelf organizers at the back of your bedroom or shower door to organize and store your bras. These organizers save space when organizing undergarments.

12. Get a Bra Lingerie Case

Every woman needs bra cases because they don’t misshape bras. This organizer also has a carrying handle so you can bring along when traveling.   

13. Use a Storage Box

Unlike a tie and belt organizer that allows you to hang your bra from its strap, you can put your bra inside a small storage box and keep it in your closet, or your bedroom corner.

Bras stored in a drawer organizer

14. Use Clothespin Bags

These small bags are ideal when you’ve little space in your bedroom to store your bras, underwear and socks. Separate the bags by clothing type for easy organization. 

15. Arrange Inside PVC Pipes

PVC pipes can help DIY enthusiasts have an organized bra closet or underwear drawer. Cut a few pipes into the same size and use them to store your undergarments.

16. Save Space With Sock Dispensers

Hang your sock dispenser in your closet or bedroom and then organize on it clean rolled socks or pants. It’s a great pick if you want a space-saving organizer or if you can’t match socks in the morning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Diagonal view of  red lacy bra on a rack

What If I Don’t Have Space Left In My Closet?

If you’re running short of storage space, you can use storage boxes with lids as additional storage outside your closet. They’re better than boxes without covers as the lids keep dust away. Use them to store socks, bras, and underwear. You can also fold your bra and other undergarments to maximize space in the compartments.

How Can You Maximize Your Closet Space?

You can maximize your closet by using vertical space effectively. For example, you can use hanging drawers or hanging closet organizers. They’re better at separating your underwear, bra, or socks so that you don’t lose any items and make the most out of your closet.


​Most of these bra storage ideas are simple and doable with things you already have. Try them out to enjoy organizing your undergarments.

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