Best Waterproof Nipple Covers for Swimming [2024 Review]

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Are you planning to hit the beach or a swimming pool soon? If swimsuits make your nipples protrude, itchy, or painful, nipple pasties can conceal and protect them. Here is a list of the best waterproof nipple covers for swimming in different sizes and textures.

My Top Waterproof Nipple Covers for Swimming Reviews

Out of all the covers I tested, I found that the Nippies Skin Ultimate Adhesive Pasties are the best waterproof nipple covers when you want to swim. Its skin-friendly silicone, ultra-thin tapered edges, and large sizes make it a versatile nipple cover for ladies who want to spend a lot of time in the water.

While you usually don’t need to wear a different bra underneath a swimsuit, there are times when your chosen outfit can scream fashion emergency. There are different kinds of nipple pasties, and I’m giving you more options to suit various types of swimwear.

Best Waterproof Nipple Covers for Swimming Overall: Nippies Skin Ultimate Adhesive Pasties

The Nippies Skin Ultimate Adhesive Pasties are a lifesaver when you want to soak in pools, yet your pierced nipples get irritated with freshwater or chlorinated pools. You can wear them with backless, strapless, halter, or deep plunge bikini tops.

Similar to Go Nipless, this cover utilizes a high-quality silicone with a matte finish, making it virtually invisible underneath swimwear. This prevents bulk that can ruin the silhouette of your bikini tops.

Save yourself from the humiliation of seeing nipple covers slipping to the ground. The self-adhesive covers can conceal nipples and part of the chest muscles for up to 14 hours. However, the non-sticky version may not hold up in humid weather or heavy sweating.

Unlike other covers, Nippies Skin offers large sizes for plus-size women. They come in two sizes, small and large, which are perfect for ladies up to D cups. Regardless of your size, the covers adapt to the breast curve as if you’re not wearing anything.


  • Thin edges that seamlessly blend with the skin to prevent bulges.
  • Uses flexible, lightweight, and reusable silicone.


  • The non-adhesive version may ripple around the edges.
  • May lose adhesiveness when exposed to hot water.

Best Disposable Waterproof Nipple Covers for Swimming: Braza Petal Top Nipple Covers

If you prefer a more lightweight material to wear all day, the Braza Petal Top Nipple Covers can stick to the nipples for long hours without making you feel irritated. It’s also easy to peel off and immediately dispose of it.

Unlike the others, the Braza Petal Covers use soft hypoallergenic polyester. Its glue is strong enough to withstand water and works very well in hot conditions without falling off. Even if you’re sensitive to most forms of adhesive, the adhesive of these covers is gentle on the skin.

Despite that, it can also stretch and conform to the breast shape, much like the silicone covers. However, the material’s knitted fabric may form some wrinkles when not appropriately placed.

Each pack contains 15 pairs, which means you have more than enough even if you take a well-deserved vacation on the beach for two weeks.


  • Use non-sensitizing adhesive and a soft absorbent center for adhesiveness.
  • It can cling to the skin for a whole day, even when wet.


  • It doesn’t lay perfectly flat, so it may be visible through some tops.
  • You can’t reposition the covers once placed.

Best Lifting Waterproof Nipple Covers for Swimming: MSLO Breast and Nipple Covers

The challenge with some covers and swimsuits is that they only provide coverage and not much lift. With the MSLO Breast and Nipple Covers, you can pull the bunny-shaped lift design to enhance the cleavage.

Medical-grade silicone gel with a matte finish ensures covers won’t show through thin tops, even under the camera flash. Unlike the Braza Petal Top, MSLO incorporates tapered edges to blend seamlessly with your swimwear, removing any bulk or edging.

Despite that, these are about two ounces lighter than the Nippies Skin Covers. This makes them a reliable cover for extreme water activities, including surfing and diving. Even better, pair them with a good surf bikini or swimsuit.

Since the covers have bunny ears, this style won’t be ideal for tube tops or bandeau. However, they make great cleavage enhancers for halters and bralettes. Besides, you can cut the clear tab to modify the length of the bunny ears.


  • Pull wings provide a custom lift and secure fit all-day-long.
  • Lightweight yet thick material for ultimate concealment.


  • The bunny ears for the lift may show through some swimming tops.
  • It may get loose at the bottom part of the breast if you have a small cup size.

Features to Consider for Waterproof Nipple Covers for Swimming

When choosing nipple pasties, you need to consider some features, including the material, size, shape, adhesiveness, and reusability. These aspects ensure they will get the job done when you’re swimming.

Comparing the Features of Waterproof Nipple Covers for Swimming

Nipple Cover Shape Size Reusability
Nippies Skin Ultimate Adhesive Round3 to 6 inches for A to D cupsWashable
Braza Petal Top Petal2.5 inches for A to C cupsDisposable
MSLO Breast and Nipple Round2.6 to 5.1 inches for A to D cupsWashable


The material is the primary feature you need to check. It affects breathability, flexibility, durability, and reusability. Silicone and polyester are two materials that don’t irritate the skin, which is why they are also common among medical adhesives.

It is made from silicone; it is washable and flexible, which are the things you look for in waterproof nipple covers for swimming
  • Comfort: The covers from Nippies Skin and MSLO use silicone, whereas the Braza Petal Top is made of polyester. As you swim laps or do a breaststroke, your swimsuit will scratch against the breasts as you move. These materials can withstand such conditions, protecting the nipples even as you swim for long periods.
  • Adhesiveness: Water is a powerful force that can affect adhesiveness. It’s vital that the covers cling to your chest for as long as possible. While the covers all use self-adhesiveness to improve grip, make sure that your skin is dry and clean of any residue before wearing them.
  • Reusability: The soft fabric and peel-and-stick adhesiveness of Braza means you need to dispose of it after swimming. Meanwhile, you can wash Nippies Skin and MSLO because of their reusable silicone.


Size is another essential factor as each body is unique. The Nippies Skin Pasties offer the largest at six inches for ladies with D cups.

However, you also have to consider if the size is ideal for your swimsuit type. For instance, larger ones may peek through triangle tops. In contrast, smaller ones may not be enough to help cover nipples underneath loincloth bikinis.


The shape is the next thing you need to consider when choosing a nipple shield. Nippies Skin and MSLO covers have a rounded shape that can cover part of the chest muscles. On the other hand, Braza‘s petal shape may only conceal the nipples and the areola.


The covers in this list use skin-toned colors, ranging from nude to brown. Aside from color, the visibility depends on how seamless it would look under your bikini top.

Two pairs of silicone nipple covers were placed on a small black box

The silicone from Nippies Skin and MSLO have sleeker edges. Meanwhile, the texture from Braza‘s polyester may form a slightly textured bulge.

Related Questions

How Do You Keep the Nipples Covered While Swimming?

Aside from wearing a well-fitting swimsuit, using nipple covers can keep your nipples covered while swimming. Washable ones like the Nippies Skin Adhesive Pasties are excellent options because the matte silicone material can conceal the nipples.

How Can I Prevent Nipple Fissures When Swimming?

Wearing a nipple cover is the best way to prevent nipple fissures when swimming. Some swimwear materials, especially tight-fitting ones, can cause friction in the nipples. A nipple cover serves as an extra layer of protection.

How Can I Clean Nipple Covers After Swimming?

To clean covers after swimming, wipe them down with soap and water. After that, make sure to air-dry the covers before storing them in a safe, dry container.

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Using a nipple cover can prevent the nipples from showing through your swimwear. With these options, you won’t have to worry about nip slips, letting you enjoy swimming time. Pay attention to the features to ensure they can satisfy your needs.


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