Best Waterproof Breast Lift Tape for Swimming [2024 Review]

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Do you have a gorgeous swimsuit, yet it can’t seem to contain your cleavage or flatten side bulges? Boob tape can prevent your breasts from sagging while also avoiding nip slips. Explore this list of the best waterproof breast lift tape for swimming to give a stunning shape to your bust.

My Top Waterproof Breast Lift Tape for Swimming Reviews

After hours of testing different kinds of boob tape, I can confidently recommend the Busties Instant Breast Lift Tape as the best waterproof boob lifting tape when you want to swim. Its strong adhesion, moisture-wicking properties, and discreteness give a natural-looking lift to make your swimming outfit more stunning.

With boob tape, you don’t have to wear a pushup or padded bra underneath swimsuits. Aside from my top pick, I’m listing other options to meet different needs.

Best Waterproof Breast Lift Tape for Swimming Overall: Busties Instant Breast Lift Tape

If you want to ditch a bra yet ensure lift for your breasts while swimming, the Busties Instant Breast Lift Tape will be a gamechanger. You can smooth the tape along the curve of your body for a natural hold and shape, even in low-cut tops.

This waterproof tape can keep your breasts in a fixed position. This means you can either achieve a more pronounced cleavage to flaunt in your bikini or flatten side fats for swim workouts. It also has a smoother texture than the Comfordent Tape, so it won’t bulge through swimwear.

The Busties Tape has a similar composition to the Belle Allure Tape, primarily made of cotton with a mix of spandex. While the material is a bit thin, the package includes a pair of nipple covers for additional concealment. This is also ideal if you don’t like the feeling of tape directly touching the nipples.


  • Adhesion doesn’t leave a mark even when worn for 24 hours.
  • The spandex stretches to accommodate bust changes without losing its stickiness in water.


  • It may be a bit thin for larger breasts.
  • You may need lots of oil to remove.

Best Large Size Waterproof Breast Lift Tape for Swimming: Comfordent Breast Lift Body Tape

Don’t worry about lifting your large breasts while swimming with the help of the Comfordent Breast Lift Body Tape. Its wideness and water resistance make it a reliable tape for ladies with up to H cup sizes.

It is 3.15 inches wide, making it broader than the other tapes on my list. This feature helps prevent bulges, especially if you have prominent side fats. You only need up to four pieces to lift the breasts vertically and eliminate quad-boob.

The Comfordent Breast Lift Body Tape is the only one that uses pure cotton, so it feels more gentle on the skin. However, this also means that its adhesive is not as strong as the others.


  • The tape doesn’t make crackling noises and excessive friction when you move.
  • Waterproof material guarantees the tape won’t slide away as you swim.


  • The adhesive isn’t as strong as other tapes.
  • Peeling the tape off may leave some marks on the skin.

Best Waterproof Breast Lift Tape for Swimming and Sensitive Skin: Belle Allure Boob Tape

If you’re feeling anxious about trying out boob tape because of the adhesive, the Belle Allure Boob Tape will deliver your desired lift without bruising the skin. With 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this becomes a hypoallergenic tape for a softer touch on the skin.

The textured surface of the tape is waterproof, preventing it from falling off easily even after you swim for long hours. The texture is also quite similar to the Comfordent Tape, making it an excellent option for ladies who want a softer tape.

This has more color options than the Busties Tape. This can provide a natural-looking lift while keeping the tape invisible underneath tricky bikini tops. While it’s only ideal to use for eight hours, this should be more than enough for day swimming.


  • It provides an instant pushup to avoid sagging breasts.
  • The width is broad enough for A to E cup sizes.


  • Adhesiveness is only strong for up to eight hours.
  • Requires some oil when removing.

Features to Consider for Waterproof Breast Lift Tape for Swimming

The material, length, and softness influence the adhesiveness and lift the breast tape can provide. These are the features that will guide you in choosing the right boob lift tape when you want to swim.

Comparing the Features of Waterproof Breast Lift Tape for Swimming

Bra Length Adhesive Duration Latex-Free?
Busties Instant Breast Lift 16.5 feet long and 3 inches wideUp to 24 hoursYes
Comfordent Breast Lift 16.5 feet long and 3.15 inches wideUp to 13 hoursYes
Belle Allure 16.5 feet long and 3 inches wideUp to 8 hoursYes


A quality breast tape typically consists of spandex and medical-grade cotton. The materials affect how much the tape can hold and lift the breasts. Likewise, they can dictate how well the tape adapt to the breast shape and repel water when swimming.

The Comfordent Breast Lift Body Tape has 5% more cotton than the other tapes, making it softer on the skin. However, the Busties and Belle Allure tape is stretchier because of having more spandex in the composition.

It offers strong adhesive, is latex-free, and has a textured surface, which are the things you look for in a waterproof breast tape for swimming
  • Lift and hold: All tapes on this list are latex-free. Instead, they use hypoallergenic glue to ensure adhesiveness while preventing skin irritation. This is a strong adhesive to lift and hold the breast even when swimming in a pool or beach for long periods.
  • Fit: Tape should conform to the shape of your breasts while lifting them. It should also be strong enough to hold the bust, whether you have a small or large cup size.
  • Waterproof: Waterproof tape remains functional whether wet with pool water or sweat from your beach lounging. They should be able to stick to the breast for a long time and not get off easily.
  • Softness: It can be irritating if a rough patch of tape clings to the breasts. The tape on this list mainly use cotton, so they feel light and soft on the skin.

Length and Width

The length of the tape is essential, especially if you intend to use boob tape frequently. Also, it would be easy to cut longer strips if you need more to sculpt the breast.

  • All of the tapes on this list come in 16 feet lengths.
  • If you typically use 12 to 13 inches of tape, it would take around 190 strips before running out of tape.
  • In terms of width, the tapes on this list are at least three inches wide, larger than the standard two inches.


Breast lift tape should be easy to apply and remove. This way, you can quickly lift the breasts in your desired position and ensure a firm hold.

Because breast lift tape is made to be sweatproof and waterproof, they get stickier as they become wet, so they won’t slide off as you swim. Despite that, high-quality adhesion wouldn’t be messy or painful. Besides, body oil or lotion can help assist you in peeling off the tape.

Two waterproof breast lift tapes in brown and cream colors were placed on a purple background

Related Questions

Can I Use Duct Tape Instead of Breast Lift Tape When Swimming?

Yes, you can use duct tape instead of boob tape. However, it won’t provide as much substantial lift as breast tape. Besides, duct tape’s adhesiveness can be painful for sensitive skin.

Is Boob Lift Tape Better Than Nipple Covers for Swimming?

Breast tape is better than nipple covers if you need more lift to enhance cleavage. However, if you only need to cover protruding nipples underneath thin swimsuits, nipple covers would suffice for swimming.

Are Breast Lift Tapes Better Than a Fashion Tape for Swimming?

It’s better to use breast lift tape than fashion tape for swimming because it has a greater hold on the skin. Fashion tapes are more suitable for securing bra straps or the edges of clothes.

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Taping the breasts doesn’t have to be painful, nor do you have to worry about the tape losing its stickiness when wet. Waterproof boob tape can lift the breasts safely to define cleavage or prevent side bulgings. With these options, you can rock any style of swimsuit.


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