Best Underwear to Prevent Chafing [2024 Review]

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Chafing is painful and very uncomfortable. Staying dry and wearing friction-free clothing can prevent chafing from happening. In the article below, I review the top five best underwear that can help prevent chafing.

My Top Anti-Chafing Underwear Reviews

The best way to prevent chafing is to wear friction-free panties that can prevent your skin from rubbing and can wick away any moisture caused by sweat. If you’re looking for the best underwear that does both, the Jockey Ladies Slip Short tops my list.

Jockey Ladies Slip Short

The Jockey Ladies Slip Short is made with 85% nylon, 12% spandex, and 3% cotton, a fabric blend designed specifically to prevent chafing — especially in the thigh area.

Chafing is caused by friction and moisture. Nylon and spandex do a great job in keeping you dry as these materials wick away sweat and are dry quickly. This chafe-free undergarment is super breathable. These underwear also feature a microfiber stretch similar to the Fruit of the Loom Underwear that allows air to circulate freely.

These underwear don’t roll down or ride up when you wear them. The seamless fabric feels soft and lightweight on your skin. The only downside of these panties is that the panty lines are visible under tight clothing.


  • Made of nylon and spandex that keeps you dry
  • Microfiber stretch that allows you to move freely
  • Lightweight soft fabric


  • Doesn’t work with tight clothing because the panty line shows
  • The length of the underwear is too long for shorts

Under Armour Thong Underwear 

The next underwear to prevent chafing on my list is the Under Armour Thong Underwear. This underwear consists of 68% nylon and 32% spandex. This material is moisture-wicking which keeps you dry and cool to prevent chafing. A highlight of this panty is its ability to prevent odor through its anti-odor technology. The 4-way stretch construction of the underwear also gives you more freedom of movement. 

Out of all the underwear on my list, this friction-free panty is by far the best in terms of support for vigorous activities such as long-distance running. 

The Under Armour Thong goes well with any clothes because of its laser-cut edges that are invisible under clothing for a flattering, smoother look. Unfortunately, the waistband on this underwear may ride up and get very tight around the waist. It is recommended to go up a size to prevent this.


  • Moisture-wicking materials that allow you to stay dry and cool
  • 4-way stretch construction good for long-distance running
  • Laser-cut edges that are invisible under clothing
  • Anti-odor technology that prevents unpleasant smells


  • The waistband rides up and becomes very tight

Reebok Seamless Hipster Panties

The Reebok Seamless Hipster Panty is made with 92% nylon and 8% spandex. This fabric blend makes the underwear moisture-wicking, keeping you dry and cool. The seamless and tagless design of these underwear also prevent friction.

Moisture and friction cause chafing. This underwear prevents thigh and groin chafing with breathable material that keeps you cool. These underwear don’t slide down as the waistband stays in place, and they are available in a wide range of sizes to ensure you get the right fit. 

Just like the Under Armour Thong Underwear, you can use the Reebok Seamless Hipster for running. It has better booty coverage than any other underwear on my list. The full booty coverage gives your butt a nice shape. However, these anti-chafing hipster briefs do show up under tight clothing.


  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry
  • Tagless and seamless construction prevents friction
  • Stays in place and doesn’t ride up
  • Booty coverage gives shape to your butt


  • These underwear are visible under tight clothing

Caramel Cantina Short Panties

If you are plus-size, don’t worry. I got you. The best underwear to prevent chafing for plus-size women is the Caramel Cantina Plus-Size Panties. 

The nylon and spandex material not only keeps the moisture away, it’s very soft and stretchy and is able accommodate every movement you make. This plus-size anti-chafing short panty is tagless and seamless allowing you to wear it under any clothing without friction and without showing.

This underwear has similarities with Fruit of the Loom Underwear as it also accommodates plus-size women. These two underwear styles also share the same material components with 92% nylon and 8% spandex.

The only thing that made the Caramel Cantina Plus-Size Panty more expensive is the quantity per packaging. This set of friction-free short panties comes in a six pair set, while the Fruit of the Loom Underwear comes in a four pair package. 


  • Moisture-wicking materials that keep you dry
  • Soft and stretchy fabric that doesn’t restrict your movements
  • A great choice for plus-size women
  • Package comes with six pairs


  • Once the underwear stretches, the material gets very thin
  • At some point, the thigh area rides up

Fruit of the Loom Underwear

If you’re looking for the best breathable underwear, check out the Fruit of the Loom Underwear. This underwear combines moisture-wicking material made a of 92% nylon and 8% percent spandex blend which helps you stay dry and cool. 

As mentioned earlier, this underwear has many similarities to the Caramel Cantina Plus-Size Panties, such as the material it is made with and the body types it can accommodate. This underwear suits body types with pear, oval, curvy, or hourglass figures.

Like most of my list, the Fruit of the Loom is seamless and lightweight. It won’t restrict your movements, and features a waistband that doesn’t roll, dig or bind. 

If you don’t like high-waisted underwear, the Fruit of the Loom Underwear is not for you. This short-style chafe-free panty sits higher above your tummy area than the average underwear does. If you have a skinnier body type, you may want to choose a smaller size because it might be too loose for your body type.


  • Stretchy microfiber material that makes the underwear breathable
  • Wicks moisture that causes chafing
  • Great for plus-size women
  • Waistband that stays in place and doesn’t roll


  • High-waisted underwear that may not suit your taste or style
  • Thinner women need to size down to make sure they get the right fit

Features to Consider for Underwear to Prevent Chafing

To avoid chafing, certain types of underwear are more effective than others. So, what features of underwear should I look for to prevent chafing?

Graphic image of a blue underwear that explains that the best anti-chafing underwear should be made from synthetic material, and has moisture wicking fabric

Comparing Underwear to Prevent Chafing Features

Underwear Style Seamless Material Thickness
Jockey Ladies’ Skimmies Mid-length shortsYesThin
Under Armour Pure Stretch ThongYesThin
Reebok Women’s Hipster briefsYesAverage
Caramel Cantina Hipster boy shortsYesThin
Fruit Of The Loom Fit for Me Slip shortsYesThin


Synthetic materials offer better moisture control than cotton underwear. Nylon and spandex materials provide moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties. Unlike cotton, they return to their natural shape after washing — which is ideal. All underwear in my review list features synthetic materials. 

Woman adjusting her underwear

Avoid underwear made of 100% cotton, especially if you want to do certain activities such as running. Since cotton has no moisture-wicking properties, it will hold moisture, which is the number one cause of chafing. If you want anti-chafing underwear for running, try the Under Armour Thong Underwear.


Choose panties with ventilation. This means choosing underwear that will keep your skin cool and dry. As mentioned earlier, pick underwear with synthetic fabrics. This allows the skin to breathe by allowing the air to circulate in the area. 

Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and cool. All the underwear in my review is made with moisture-wicking fabric.


Pick seamless and tagless undergarments. This means there’s no extra fabric at the edges that adds bulk to the area and can cause irritation. One perfect example of seamless underwear is the Jockey Ladies Slip Short.


Underwear to prevent chafing comes in different varieties depending on your preference. Slip shorts, boyshorts are mostly worn under dresses, shorts, and skirts. These styles protects your inner thighs from rubbing against each other. Jockey Ladies Slip Short and Fruit of the Loom Underwear are two examples of slip short underwear, while the Caramel Cantina Short Panties is an example of boyshorts.

Another style that can help prevent chafing is thongs. Thongs feature special cut-edges that give a smoother silhouette that you can wear under any clothing. The Under Armour Thing Underwear is an example on my list.

Hipster underwear is another style of underwear that can prevent chafing due to it’s length. Hipster underwear has good booty coverage. An example is the Reebok Seamless Hipster Panties.


The best underwear to prevent chafing will be stretchy. They should hug your curves, but not be too tight.

Three women in different types of undergarments

If your underwear are too tight or too loose, this can lead to chafing. The Fruit of the Loom Underwear is a great example as it offers a smooth fit.


It is important to choose lightweight underwear to prevent chafing. Lightweight underwear doesn’t restrict your movement. Most underwear with a microfiber material feel very lightweight. The Jockey Ladies Slip Short is great example of lightweight underwear that prevents chafing.

Expert Tips: Preventing Chafing

Chafing can be inevitable sometimes. As much as possible, take the following preventative measures to reduce chafing:

  • Wear the Proper Clothes: While doing a workout, wear well-fitting and fast-drying fabrics. Fast-drying fabrics include spandex, nylon, or polyester. Wear gym clothes or activewear when you exercise. Wear slip shorts or boyshorts to avoid chafing.
  • Check Weather Update: If you want to do outdoor activities, do it in the morning or in the late evening. Avoid rigorous activities during the hottest times of the day.
  • Wash after Sweating: When sweat dries on you skin, it leaves layers of salt behind. This can cause friction. Make sure you wash after sweating.
  • Stay Dry: Any moisture left on the skin can cause chafing. Apply antiperspirants, anti-chafe gels, or powders in areas prone to chafing. Once your clothes absorb moisture and get soaked, change right away.
  • Use Lubrication: Apply lubricants such as lotion, oil, or petroleum jelly in areas where your skin rubs against each other. For example, apply petroleum jelly to your inner thighs to lessen the friction that can lead to chafing.

In cases where you have chafing already, wash the area using a mild soap and gently pat dry. The best thing to apply to the affected area is aloe vera gel, which helps heal the irritated skin and gives you some relief. To protect the chafed area from further damage, wear clothing such as spandex or nylon shorts to cover the area while it is healing.

Related Questions

What Can I Put On My Inner Thighs to Prevent Chafing?

You can put petroleum jelly or deodorant on your inner thighs to prevent chafing. You can also put chafing cream and balms like Body Glide. It can protect your inner thighs from friction caused by your clothing.

How Do I Stop My Thighs From Rubbing When I Walk?

To protect your inner thighs from rubbing when you walk, you can wear special underwear with spandex material and a longer thigh length. You can try the Jockey Ladies Slip Short or Caramel Cantina Short Panties in from my list. These underwear choices feature a longer thigh-length to protect your inner thighs from rubbing.

Why Is My Underwear Making Me Chafe?

Tight underwear with bulky seams and uncomfortable fabrics can cause chafing. Every time you move, the rubbing causes more sweat to produce a minor rash.

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The best underwear to prevent chafing should help in keeping you dry and avoid friction. The underwear should have the proper ventilation, be made out of synthetic materials, be flexible, seamless, and fit your style.


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