Best Underwear for Pear Shape Bodies [2024 Review]

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There are a variety of underwear styles available for different body types, including pear shaped bodies. A person with a pear shaped body will have a bigger butt, with larger hips and thighs than their waist. I’m discussing the best underwear for a pear body shape.

My Top Pear Shaped Bodies Underwear Reviews

With so many styles and brands of underwear available to choose from, finding the best underwear for your body can be difficult. My reviews below can help you find your perfect panty.

Best Underwear for Pear Shaped Bodies Overall: Asimoon Women’s Full Coverage Cotton Underwear

The Asimoon Women’s Full Coverage Cotton Underwear has high-waisted coverage with a wider leg opening and flat seams that help sculpt your body. With soft fabric, a double-layered waistband, and flat seams, these underwear are flexible enough to move with your body and yet snug enough to contour your curves. 

Compared to the 100% cotton content of Fruit of the Loom and Hanes, the Asimoon Underwear adds 5% Spandex to help the underwear retain shape after several washes. Even if you gain weight, there’s enough elasticity to help the underwear expand and recover.

Cotton is a great breathable fabric that improves airflow and prevents sweat buildup. The cotton also aids the wide-cut leg openings on these panties. In effect, you avoid friction and chafing as you walk or exercise.

This underwear is the only one on my list that offers a double-layer waistband. This makes it a great transition panty for postpartum. The double-layer waistband also solves the issue that most high-waisted panties have with the top rolling down. Fair warning, the waistband may show if you wear low-cut jeans since these panties are high-waisted. 


  • The fine seams on this underwear keep panty lines from showing up under curve-hugging clothes.
  • The elastic waistband prevents the panty from rolling up or down even when you sit or bend.


  • The underwear may lose its original shape when exposed to excessive temperatures. 
  • The high cotton content makes this panty heavier than the others.

Best Plus Size Underwear for a Pear Body Shape: Fruit of the Loom Women’s Tag-Free Panties

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Cotton Panties has a thin elastic waistband that hugs your waistline and keeps the top of the underwear from rolling down while you move.  Out of the styles available, the hipsters and hi-cut bikinis seem to work best for pear bodies.

Unlike the Asimoon Underwear, which partly uses Spandex, the Fruit of the Loom Panties are 100% cotton. This means you will want to use cool water and gentle laundry detergent when washing them and need to air dry them to prevent the fabric from shrinking. 

The brief style offers more fabric to cover your assets, with wider leg openings for plus-size ladies. These high-waisted briefs also provide a good amount of coverage without any excess material on the sides of your thighs. This style is perfect if there’s more distance between your crotch and waist. 

Compared to the Areke Underwear, the Fruit of the Loom Panties could be more seamless. However, the seams on this underwear are flat and do not irritate your skin. 


  • The 100% cotton fabric of this underwear is more accommodating to body changes.
  • These underwear have wide leg holes, which allow more room for bigger thighs.


  • The underwear is not seamless.
  • The waistband on this underwear is not cotton covered.
  • The 100% cotton fabric may shrink if washed in hot water.

Best Rear Coverage Underwear for a Pear Body Shape: Hanes Women’s Cotton Brief Panties

The high-waist style of the Hanes Women’s Cotton Brief Panties works best for pear bodies because of its full coverage on your backside and a flattering high-cut leg opening. 

The breathable 100% cotton fabric provides complete coverage for most body shapes. The panties expand to accommodate the weight distribution even if you bend or squat.

Like the first two panties on my list, the Hanes Panties have moisture-wicking and odor-preventing abilities due to the natural cotton fibers. The cotton fabric frees your skin from irritation and sweating, helping you to feel light and fresh all day.

The high leg cut allows your thighs more room to move without being restricted. While the leg holes are wider than the Areke Underwear, this full-coverage underwear better suits those with excess fats around the hips and thighs, like those with an apple shape.


  • The waistband on these underwear fits snugly on your body and is tight enough to stay up, but not too tight. 
  • The breathable cotton fabric of these underwear combats heat and moisture.


  • These underwear are not seamless and the seams may be visible under tight-fitting clothing.
  • The sizing on this underwear runs small, so you may need to size up.

Best Hipster Panties for a Pear Body Shape: Areke Women’s Seamless Hipster Brief Underwear

If you want to avoid wearing thongs, the hipster style of Areke Women’s Seamless Hipster Brief Underwear lets you find the balance between bikinis and shorts. This hipster brief has a lower-rise design that stops at the natural waistline, giving you a slimmer look while ensuring back support.

In contrast to the other high-waisted briefs on this list, this underwear’s band doesn’t cover the navel. While there’s lesser coverage, it features a thicker waistband to keep the underwear in place. The wide elastic waistband moves with your body and won’t roll down. 

Unfortunately, the gusset, which sits in the crotch of the panty, doesn’t have any lining. It makes up by having a high leg cut that gives off a more feminine silhouette.

Compared to the other underwear, Areke mainly combines nylon and Spandex, keeping the underwear flexible yet soft. As the only seamless panty on my list, there are no visible panty lines under form-fitting clothing. The lack of seams lets the panties hug the body without digging in.


  • The high nylon fabric blend gives the underwear a firm yet flexible structure
  • The low-rise bikini design of the underwear helps everything stay in place, preventing the underwear from riding up


  • The underwear can become mid-rise when you have a shorter torso
  • The thicker waistband may leave a mark on the skin

Best Girdle Underwear for Pear Body Shapes: Barbra’s Womens Light Tummy-Control Girdle Panties

The Barbra’s Women’s High-Waist Light Tummy-Control Girdle Panties are full coverage and add light tummy control with their high waist. They are perfect for helping control your love handles while smoothing out your silhouette.

If you want a high-leg cut and compressive support to control the muffin top, you’ll love this girdle panty, which looks like the boy shorts that volleyball players wear.

Despite having more coverage than the Areke Hipster Brief, it provides a silky and super stretchy fit because of its elastane and polyester blend. However, there’s less coverage for the buttocks because of the high leg opening.

Similar to the Asimoon Underwear, this panty’s high-rise fit flatters the lower part of your body. Order a size up for a looser, more comfortable fit. For a more controlled fit, purchase them in your normal size.


  • Features a high-waisted girdle for slight compression and tummy control
  • It has wide leg holes to accommodate bigger thighs


  • The elastic in the leg holes are a little too strong and can form a panty line if worn too long
  • Threads on the sewn-on waistband may come apart if the underwear is washed incorrectly

I’d also like to mention the Modern Mesh High Brief from Third Love. These underwear feature silky smooth geometric mesh and striped detailing. This sheer high-brief style hits you in all the right places and their simple styling focuses on incredible fit and sensual fabrics.

Features to Consider in Underwear for Pear Shaped Bodies

Underwear for pear shaped women are not “one size fits all”. You must find the brand, style, and size that works best for your body when shopping online. These features will help you find underwear for your pear body shape.

Comparing the Features of Underwear for Pear Shape Bodies

UnderwearCoverageLeg OpeningStyle
Asimoon Full Coverage FullWideHigh-rise ladies underwear
Fruit of the Loom Women’s Tag-Free FullWideHigh-rise cotton briefs
Hanes Women’s FullWideHigh-rise cotton briefs
Areke Women’s FullWideLow-rise seamless hipster briefs
Barbra’s Tummy-Control FullWideHigh-rise girdle panties
Graphic image with a drawing of a blue underwear which informs that underwear with elastic waistbands and wide leg openings are best for pear shaped bodies

Materials Used

It is crucial to consider the material used in your underwear before you purchase a pair. The fabric your underwear is made of will determine how comfortable you are and how long the underwear last.

Cotton panties are comfortable and breathable. Cotton spandex blends are soft to the touch and durable, with more flexibility than cotton alone. Polyester is an excellent moisture-wicking material that can draw sweat away from the body and allow it to evaporate much more quickly.

Woman sitting on a chair wearing a gray bra and underwear

Nylon is lightweight, strong, stretchy, and durable. Elastane is lightweight and comfortable to wear, resistant to perspiration, has excellent elasticity, and is durable.

Leg Openings

Having a pear shaped body means you have thicker legs. Underwear that will be the most comfortable for you can have wider or low-leg openings. 

Having bigger leg openings will save you from irritation or pinching from the holes being too tight. Make sure to measure your hips and waist to determine the correct size.

Coverage Level

Another factor you should consider when choosing underwear for your pear shaped body is the coverage the underwear can give you. 

Ladies with pear body shapes have more fat in the abdomen. Meanwhile, those with an apple shape have excess fats in the hips, thighs, and buttocks. The most comfortable styles of underwear for these body types have a high level of coverage.

High-waisted briefs such as the Asimoon and Barbra panties offer the broadest coverage for a pear body shape. High-waisted briefs also support the stomach area while slimming and smoothing your figure. 

Underwear Style

Adjusting and holding a black underwear

Each body is unique and has its own needs, which you must consider before choosing your next pair of panties.

High-waisted briefs, hipsters, and boyshort offer full coverage, a wider leg opening, and comfort.

Elastic Waistband

The best panty for your pear body must have a firm but elastic waistband. A firm elastic waistband will stay put all day long without hurting your waist. 

A wider, fabric-covered, firm elastic waistband is even better, keeping you from getting irritated from the elastic and not rolling down when you move.

Related Questions

What Clothes Should Pear-Shaped Bodies Not Wear?

Ladies with pear-shaped bodies should avoid wearing skinny-fit or high-waisted jeans, mini skirts, or bodycon dresses that can make the hips appear even wider. Opt for clothes that balance your large hips so they won’t be wider than the bust and shoulders.

How Can I Flatter My Pear Shape Body?

Wear bright colors on the upper body and darker colors on the bottom half to flatter pear-shaped bodies. You can also choose tops with ruffles, statement sleeves, or embellishments, which can make your upper body appear closer to the size of your lower body.

What’s the Right Kind of Bra for a Pear-Shaped Body?

For a pear-shaped body, I recommend push-up bras, balconettes or demi-cup bras, or padded bras because this body type has narrow shoulders and breasts, as well as wide hips and butt. These bra styles provide a great lift and coverage that will create an illusion of a bigger bust, making it look balanced with your lower body.

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Prioritize comfort and coverage when you buy underwear for your pear figure. Hipster and high-waisted briefs can offer good support and full coverage for your body. Make sure the underwear you choose has a firm elastic waistband and a wide leg opening to avoid irritation and itchiness.


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