Best Surf Bikinis in 2019: Reviews of Top Surfwear Options

If you’re looking to ride the ocean waves, wearing a typical bikini might not keep you covered and supported as waves crash into you. If surfing is your game, you’re in luck. You get to dress up in the best surf bikinis we’ve picked out. These are efficient for this fun water activity.

Top Surf Bikini Reviews

​Bikinis for surfing aren’t exactly the cutesy swimsuits you wear lazing around the beach or pool. They certainly can look like it. However, these bikinis need to be durable enough to support, cover up, and endure the movements and the waves. No need to surf the net, or wear a bra underneath for support. Choose your pick from our selection, and then get to the actual surfing.

Woman holding onto her surfboard walking into the sea

Best Overall Surf Bikini: Rip Curl Classic Surf Cross Back Top and Classic Surf Hipster Cheeky Bottom

​You’ll catch surfers covered up in rash guards all the time. But, you can still wear your classic triangle swimsuit while surfing if it’s the ​Rip Curl Classic Surf Cross Back Bikini Top and ​​Classic Surf Cheeky Bikini.

The top looks like it wouldn’t hold up against the pressure of big waves when you break into them. The cross-back straps and tie closure allows you to tighten it as much as you need to prevent it from loosening up.

The cheeky bottom also doesn’t have too much fabric to roll into the crease of your butt, which is actually more convenient.

Best Surf Bikini for the Money: Prana Lahari Halter Top and UNOW Sporty Adjustable Briefs

​The ​Parana Lahari Halter Top is much like the Rip Curl’s. Triangle cups don’t seem to cover much.

​With its halter style and tie back with thicker straps, you can adjust it to the tightness of your liking. Its band is also thicker, so it’s bound to really stay up on your chest the whole time, and support it regardless of the size.

The difference with this bikini pairing is the ​UNOW Sporty Adjustable Bikini Bottom Beach Briefs, which is alterable in length through the ties at the sides.

​It’s functional for any kind of water sports or activity, so it’s safe and will be secure for surfing. Other designs and plus sizes are also available, so it pairs well with the ​minimal style bikini top. It doesn’t get more worth it than that.

Best Cheap Surf Bikini: Zando Halter Set with Boyshorts

​Next to skimpy bikinis, boy shorts are the next best option for surfing swimsuits. However,  they’re not always the cutest. The ​Zando Two Piece Swimwear with Boyshorts is an exception. The simple colorblocked design is striking enough to be a more fashionable outfit choice for surfing. Plus, it costs less than what sets like this and of this quality usually are.

The top is a halter style front with a criss-crossed back. Both the top and the boy shorts are adjustable with ties. You can use these for maximum safety while doing hard tricks on your board or even just as you’re paddling to the waves.

Best Surf Bikini for Strap Support: COCOSHIP UPF 50+ Training Top and Black Solids Tone Bottom

​Are you a more serious and professional surfer looking for the best surf bikini for support? The ​COCOSHIP Black Solids UPF 50+ Training Sport Bra Bikini Top and ​​Black Solids Side Tie Bikini Bottom is a great pair to satisfy your needs for better support.

For the top, it does so through the thick adjustable cross back straps. Meanwhile, the bottom has ties at the sides for adjustability and security. The top even has sun protection with UPF50+, which is always handy for surfers.

Best Functional Sporty Surf Bikini: TYR Sport Durafast Diamondback Workout Suit

​Moving yet into more sporty pieces, the ​TYR Women's Solid Durafast Diamondback Workout Bikini is made specifically for athletic use. Its appearance alone already says it’s suitable for surfing, and all the other sports or activities you do by the beach or in the water.

​The high neck and strappy back of the top, and this type of full coverage bottom will surely not fail you in providing a comfortable wide range of movement and safe coverage throughout your surf session.


​Don’t be boxed into just one way of wearing these surfing bikinis. You can wear them underneath your wetsuit if that’s what you’re more comfortable with. They all function with the aim to support and cover. Either way, these suits are good to go on their own and can possibly give you more confidence in riding the waves to the shore.

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