Best Support Bra for Implants [2024 Review]

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After undergoing breast surgery for implants, you need a bra to minimize movement, reduce bruising, and comfort sutures. The right post-surgery bra will aid in your recovery. This guide will help you find the best support bra for implants so you’ll become equally comfortable and confident.

My Top Support Bra for Implants Reviews

After considering different factors, I found that the M&D 0018 Surgical Breast Augmentation Bra is the best support bra for implants. With its supportive cups, adjustable closures, and soft fabric, this bra will offer extra support for your larger breasts while protecting against infections and pain.

Soreness and swelling are likely to happen days after a breast implant surgery. Support bras can help position the breasts properly and protect against incisions. I’m giving more options as you heal and achieve the best bust augmentation results.

Best Support Bra for Implants Overall: M&D 0018 Surgical Breast Augmentation Bra

After surgery, your breasts will become swollen and tender. You need a medical compression bra like the M&D 0018 Surgical Breast Augmentation Bra to support the breasts while letting the tissues recover. Its wire-free structure and soft cups can keep wound dressing in place to promote holistic healing.

This is the only bra on this list that includes an overbust stabilizer strap to press down from above to guide the implants toward the final position quickly. However, you may feel some tightness during the first few days, although you can adjust how much you want to fasten it. 

There are also adjustable straps and two-level hook-and-eye front closure to customize the fit.

With the assistance of a wide underbust base, you can restrict the movement of the implants, whether it be saline or silicone gel. The M&D Surgical Bra can help position the implants for two weeks, faster than the average three-week waiting period. 

This bra mainly uses nylon like the Wacoal Women’s Awareness Soft Cup Bra. In effect, you get a lightweight bra that has a smooth feel on the skin. Additionally, the bra can keep the chest cool to prevent sweating and irritation.


  • The cups and stabilizer strap balance compression and comfort to keep the breasts in your desired position.
  • It uses a firm stretch mesh for compression to improve blood circulation and speed up recovery.


  • Sizing only ranges from small to extra large.
  • Thinner straps compared to other support bras.

Best Transition Support Bra for Implants: Macom Signature Post-Surgical Bra

The post-surgical bras from clinics can be too bulky and visually appalling. You can wear a transition bra like the Macom Signature Post-Surgical Bra for up to three weeks without cringing at the style. Its seamless cups and wireless band facilitate recovery so you can go back to your normal activities.

The cups fully expand to mold to your new breast size. This customizes compression and stability to help your implants heal. It has two sets of eye hooks, although you may have to wrestle with the tiny fastening devices.

Unlike the others, the Macom bra has a longline structure because the cups directly connect to the wider band. It enables the bra to apply light compression while adapting to the breast increase.

This is the only bra that mainly consists of polyamide, a durable synthetic fabric that can easily conform to bust shapes. With the material comfortably adhering to your new breast shape, you can experience faster and stronger healing.

What’s more, the material and lack of seams ensure wearing the bra 24/7 won’t make you feel itchy or too warm.


  • It has a deep back for superior support for larger breast implants.
  • It uses fully expandable cups and adjustable shoulder straps for a comfortable transition.


  • It may be challenging to find the correct band size.
  • The polyamide is slightly sheer, so you may need to eventually pair it with nipple covers.

Best Long-Term Support Bra for Implants: Wacoal Women’s Awareness Soft Cup Bra

It usually takes up to three months after surgery before you can return to wearing a regular bra. This makes the Wacoal Women’s Awareness Soft Cup Bra the best support bra for implants if you want to balance aesthetics and protection.

Some women compromise their breast augmentation results by rushing back to underwired bras before the wounds have healed. The incision site would feel less than normal tissue, so you may not notice site irritation right away.

You can prevent this altogether by having soft bra cups. Compared to the others, the Wacoal Soft Cup Bra uses two-ply cups, which provide two layers of fabric for the ultimate comfort.

This is also the only bra on this list that uses spacer fabric to have lightweight foam pads. The cups push the implants upward to settle to the chest properly.

This support bra will serve as a capsule around the implants to hold them in place, ensuring they won’t go to the sides or fall too far down. However, this uses back clasps since it is a regular bra, so you’ll have to extend your arms longer to ensure they are fully clasped.


  • Full-coverage bra for great lift, support, and shape.
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric to protect the incision area.


  • It has a back-clasp design instead of front closure.
  • Straps can be too long for petite body frames, even when adjusted.

Best Posture and Back Support Bra for Implants: Burvogue Women Post-Surgery Sports Brassiere

You may experience back and shoulder pain after breast implant surgery. With the back support of the Burvogue Women Post-Surgery Sports Brassiere, you can stop the weight of the implants from pulling down your body frame.

Implants can increase the effects of gravity on your boobs. This is the only bra on this list with three adjustable and removable shoulder straps. Aside from giving you a more custom fit, the straps distribute weight to avoid back and shoulder pain.

The zipper version can feel a bit restricting, so it would be better to choose the three-hook front closure for more allowance for the size increase.

Compared to the other support bras, this bra includes a sponge pad near the band to push the breast upward. This feature prevents the implants from dropping too low, so your bust can retain the perfectly perky shape you want.

While it’s non-padded, the bra uses cotton lining to make it feel like a gentle wrap on the chest. This won’t leave painful marks even if you need to wear the bra for a whole day.

Since this is also a sports bra, this can serve as your regular bra as you return to doing high-impact activities. The wide elastic band prevents vibrations and pressure as you exercise.


  • Spacer fabric reduces material friction to prevent incision irritation.
  • Adjustable criss-cross straps and wide elastic band for better back support.


  • You may need to go one size up.
  • The Lycra fabric can make the front clasp a bit slippery.

Features to Consider for a Support Bra for Implants

You always want to wear a bra immediately following breast augmentation surgery. But, once recovered, there are features that you will still in a bra.

Graphic image of a blue bra that states that the best bras for implants have soft fabric and supportive band

A support bra can help achieve the most natural results of your implants. The fabric, support, and adjustability are among the essential features to look for in support bras for breast implants. However, these would come from different parts.

Comparing the Features of Support Bra for Implants

Bra Cup Support Adjustability Structure
M&D 0018 Surgical Molded cups2-hook front closureWireless
Macom Signature Fully expandable cups2-hook front closureWireless
Wacoal Awareness Seamless cups3-hook back closureWireless
Burvogue Brassiere Non-padded cups3-hook front closureWireless

Soft Fabric

The softer the fabric, the more you’ll feel comfortable with the bra. Choosing the right bra can prevent breast implants from having an awkward shape or position.

You need a highly elastic and breathable material to lessen pressure until the surgery’s swelling goes down. Such a blend of fabric can keep the bust dry to avoid rashes and irritation.

  • Nylon and polyamide: These materials let the M&D Breast Augmentation and Macom Post-Surgical bras balance elasticity, smoothness, and being lightweight to achieve the perfect cleavage. They can also repel oils, especially those from sweat, to prevent the bust from getting rashes.
  • Spacer: Wacoal Awareness Bra uses spacer fabric that provides a supportive hold of the implants without adding volume to the chest. This fabric also maximizes air circulation in the cups to ensure a cooler temperature.
  • Lycra: This fabric has high breathability, elasticity, and moisture-wicking properties, allowing the Burvogue Post-Surgery Brassiere to be easily adjustable. Lycra also helps the cups retain shape even if the bra lacks paddings.

Supportive Band

Your cup size will increase after the surgery, so the bra’s band should depend on your new bust size. However, most post-surgery bras range from small to double extra-large sizes, so you’ll need to check the band circumference of each bra.

A white post-breast augmentation bra with front clasps and breast bands

Molded Cups

The best post breast augmentation bra needs to have supportive cups to keep the breasts in place without too much pressure. Likewise, you need medical-strength compression to stop the breasts from jiggling.

Furthermore, breast augmentation can make the nipple more erect, so you need something thicker to prevent them from showing through. Despite that, the bra shouldn’t feel too bulky to the point that the body would feel too warm.

The M&D Bra uses molded cups, whereas the Macom Post-Surgical Bra incorporates fully expandable cups. The Wacoal Awareness Bra uses two-ply cups, while the Burvogue Post-Surgery Brassiere includes non-padded cups.


It’s not ideal to wear wired bras because the wire may irritate the incisions under the breast crease. Since implants are firmer than the natural breast tissue, the wire may dig into the skin, and you won’t notice it right away due to numbness.

You can suffer from infection if the wire opens the incision. This is why I only included wireless bras to expedite the healing process.

Adjustable Straps

It helps to have adjustable straps so you won’t have to twist or stretch too much when customizing the fit. This is also why all of the bras I reviewed have adjustable straps.

However, the M&D 0018 Surgical Breast Augmentation Bra stands out because of its overbust stabilizer strap that controls the movement of the bust’s top part. This creates a capsule-like vessel to ensure the implants follow your desired shape and position.

On the other hand, the Burvogue Post-Surgery Brassiere has three removable straps you can adjust to alleviate back pain.

A black wireless post-breast augmentation bra with front clasps

Front Closure

Opt for a front closure design that would minimize chest and shoulder movement, especially during the first few days after the procedure. A front closure would be easier to wear and remove. 

If you have A to DDD breasts, the back closure of the Wacoal Awareness Bra can still work for you. In contrast, the front-clasp design of the other bras would be better if you have a bigger cup size.

Flexible Band

Getting breast implants means you need a wider band to support your bigger breasts. However, you should also consider comfort, so your bust won’t feel too restrictive.

The M&D, Macom, and Burvogue bras have bands that are broader than usual. They will do most of the lifting without straining the bust. Wacoal has a narrower band, although it’s still strong enough to support the implants.

Related Questions

How Do I Keep My Breast Implants Perky?

The best way to maintain the perkiness of breast implants is to wear properly fitted bras. Support bras can preserve the shape of your implants while helping correct posture. You must also maintain a healthy lifestyle and take good care of your skin.

How Long Should You Wear a Support Bra for Implants?

It’s recommendable to wear a post-surgical bra around three to six weeks after the surgery. The breasts would remain swollen after surgery, so you may also need to wear one while sleeping to avoid bleeding or bruising.

How Long Is the Recovery for Breast Augmentation?

The recovery period for breast augmentation takes about four to six weeks on average. Your breasts are highly sensitive during this period, so you need to wear a support bra to control movement.

Wired vs Wireless Bra: When To Have and Wear Each Type of Bra


Your doctor will recommend a recovery plan for your breasts after surgery. One of them is wearing the right support bra to protect incisions and help the bust settle in its new shape. With any of these bras, your chest can safely recover as you maintain your breast enlargement results.


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