The Best Sports Bra for Big Chests in 2018

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If you have big breasts, you know the struggle that can come when working out. Without proper minimization and control, your boobs can be such a pain both literally and figuratively. At the gym where you subject your whole body to a wide range of movements, they're also prone to move and jiggle every which way.

From the specific set of qualities and functionalities to our best recommendations, this article will give you insight into the best sports bra for big chests.

Our Reviews for the Top 3 Sports Bra for Big Chests

​Sports bras for women with big breasts are not really hard to find in general. You want to make sure you're looking for one that offers maximum support and comfort.

The following bras from Syrokan, Glamorise, and Anita are what we've found to be as versatile as big breasted sports bras could get. This makes them work for most women with larger assets.

Our Top Recommendation

If you want our final vote (without all the reading), the ​Glamorise Full Figure Adjustable Wire-free Sports Bra wins for Overall Best ​Sports Bra for Big Chests.

SYROKAN Women's High Impact Support Bounce Control Workout Sports Bra

​Coming in at the cheapest price of the three bras reviewed, the SYROKAN Women's High Impact Support Bounce Control Plus Size Workout Sports boasts of extreme control when it comes to breast movement.

Even without padding and wiring for support, the under band offers strong stability. The wider shoulder straps help in spreading out the overall weight carried on your shoulders, which reduces fatigue.

This bra has two shaped cups that hold each breast separately and securely. You'll see them framed by an outline in an opposite color, so right off the bat it checks off encapsulation.

This is an important element for sport bras meant for bigger chests, because it provides more support than a bandeau-like style.

This bra is made entirely of polyester, which can only be stretchy to some extent. So, despite allowing some extension of the fabric, it's still firm in holding your whole bust area in place.

  • ​V-neck design
  • 32 - 44 band, B - F cup
  • ​Hook and eye closure
  • ​Molded cups for encapsulation
  • ​Unlined, wirefree
  • ​Adjustable shoulder straps

The hook-and-eye back closure make it easy to take this bra on and off. This bra ranges in band sizes from 32-44 and cup sizes from B-F.

If you want a sports bra that goes for all kinds of activities from walking to HIIT, this Syrokan bra checks off almost all the mentioned features for sports bras for big chests.

Why Buy?

Sturdy band, thick straps, and molded cups, are elements of this bra that give you great support.

​Glamorise Women's Full Figure Adjustable Wirefree Sports Bra

Glamorise, a well known name in the intimates department, does not disappoint with their Glamorise Women's Plus Size Full Figure Adjustable Wirefree Sport Bra.

With just under 3,000 reviews, this sports bra is a fan favorite among women with larger breasts.

With a selection of band and cup sizes that extend to the larger extremes (32-46 for bands, B-I for cups), this bra is made with a patented design that really elevates it from the others.

Unlike the other sports bras which just have adjustable straps in the back, the Glamorise also has an adjustable front panel to help control bounce.

Additionally, underneath the first layer of quick drying fabric, there are inner cups which are seamless and mean to wick away moisture.

  • ​Rounded edge straight cut design
  • ​32 - 46 band, B - I cup
  • ​Hook and eye closure
  • Seamless cups
  • ​Adjustable front panel
  • Quick drying fabric

This bra makes the Syrokan sports bra seem basic in comparison. Though, for the price, the Syrokan is hard to beat!.

The Glamorise bra provides more of a full coverage than the other two. In the back, there are 4 hook-and-eye clasps, which is more than the other bras provide as well. When it comes to coverage and support, this sports bra shines.

Why Buy?

Customized bounce reduction according to your needs.​

​Anita Women's Momentum Sports Bra

For its aesthetic alone, the Anita Active Momentum Wire Free Sports Bra is well worth the good reviews. It features contrasting trims that make up the thick low band and wide adjustable straps.

The straps are cushioned, which makes them comfortable and less likely to slide off your shoulders.

Similar to the Glamorise athletic garment, Anita's sport bra is designed to withstand high-impact workouts and activities.

It may seem like a bandeau-like bra but there's a tonal stitch in the middle that goes down towards the undersides of your breasts. That gives this bra the additional feature of separated cups. Each of your breasts have a place to stay throughout your workout.

Like the other bras, this one also has a hook-and-eye closure in the back. With large breasts, this type of opening makes it convenient to slip in and out of.

  • ​Scoop neck with tonal stitching
  • 30 - 46 band,  A - H cup 
  • ​Hook and eye closure
  • ​Wide adjustable cushioned straps
  • ​Moisture wicking fabric
  • ​All around mesh panels

The materials are a mix of firm fabrics and elastane, giving it the right amount of stretch and stability.

The band sizes range from 30-46, and the cups from A-H. If you have a large chest, this bra gives the illusion of a smaller one with its structured cups that are meant to be in proportion with your body.

Why Buy?

Firm, seamless, and breathable, it works for any sport or activity.

Our Vote for the Best Large Chested Sports Bra

In the end, our vote is for the Glamorise Full Figure Adjustable Wirefree Sport Bra. When it comes to designing a bra with big busted women in mind, Glamorise went above and beyond with their double layered bra and adjustable front panel.


Our Rating


SYROKAN High Impact Bounce Control Sports Bra
Glamorise Full Figure Adjustable Wirefree Sports Bra
Anita Momentum Sports Bra

Sports Bra Features to Consider for Women with Big Busts 

As with regular bras, you might not always wear or have the right sports bra. It could be the size that's wrong or there are certain features that aren't for your body type. You'll know it's not for you if you don't feel supported midway through your workout or if it causes irritation or pain after a session.

If you have a large chest, these are some things you might want to check off with your bras.

Catalog photo of a woman wearing a black Nike sports bra

​Minimal Stretch

Almost all sports bras will have some kind of elastane mixed into the fabric or incorporated into one part of the bra. It's necessary for your bra to give you ample amount of freedom to move without going loose.

A minimal stretch means the bra is moving and stretching itself controllably according to your movements. This should be found in key areas of the bra such as the cups, the band, or the straps. They're the parts you mainly rely on for support.

This is important for women with larger boobs because less stretch means less movement. Since you carry more weight in your chest, you need a bra that's a little less stretchy to keep your assets secure and free from bouncing.


Most sports bras go the traditional way and will be made like a bandeau with straight necklines and bands that create a single entity out of your two boobs. Instead of packing them together into one thick band, encapsulation, or having separate cups support each of your breasts, is much better and secure for larger boobs.

The reason for this is each cup can work separately to keep your boobs in place, which will result in more support for each breast. When you're bigger in the chest region, finding ways to spread out the overall weight is key.

​Full Coverage

​Full coverage in the lingerie industry usually means a bra that covers the entire breasts from the bottom to the sides and also reaches up high on your chest. In activewear, its meaning is more all-encompassing, unlike 

Full coverage, in this case for women with big chests, means bras provide full protection and athletic support that can endure high impact activities, which can also be found in top rated push up bras for large breasts.

This could mean anything from the traditional high neckline to wide straps and thick bands, almost like a longline bra but shorter.

Woman wearing an Anita sports bra running with a pink jacket on



​There may be two possible problems to face when you have a large chest. You won't be able to find a sports bra that's supportive enough for your size or body, or you'll be stuck with something that is comparable to granny panties for the bottoms.

Finding the 3 features we've listed are first steps to the process, but if you're looking for an instant fix, our top picks are versatile enough to cater to women with different kinds of large chests.

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