Best Sheer Bras [2024 Review]

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Whether you want something sultry for date nights or eye-catching for poolside parties, there are a lot of sheer bra designs to match your taste. The challenge is finding a see-through bra that can balance support and aesthetics. I’m giving a list of the best sheer bras for your intimate and dress-up needs.

My Top Sheer Bras Reviews

After spending hours researching and comparing different bras, I rate the Simone Perele Women’s Delice Demi Cup Bra as the best sheer bra. Its feminine accents, demi-shape cups, and breathable fabric make it a chic yet comfortable bra.

Sheer bras can be equally functional and attractive as long as they have the necessary features. Aside from my top pick, I’m also recommending more must-have sheer bras that would suit different bodies, moods, and style preferences.

Best Sheer Bra Overall: Simone Perele Women’s Delice Demi Cup Bra

Perhaps you want semi-sheer cups to ooze sex appeal without sacrificing practicality. With smoothing materials and a wired band, the Simone Perele Women’s Delice Demi Cup Bra can serve as an everyday bra, undergarment for layering, or a top on its own.

You need to prioritize lift and shaping if you have asymmetrical or large, sagging breasts. In that case, you may be better off with this bra’s sturdy microfiber band instead of the Chantelle Lace Bra’s mesh band.

Similar to the Lilosy Sleepwear Bra, the Simone Perele Delice Cup uses unlined cups. This means there’s only a single layer of fabric across the cups, no paddings or foam. This lining is perfect if you don’t need to add volume to your chest.

The downside is that the color tends to fade quite easily. However, you can solve this by learning the proper ways to clean a bra, including using a mesh bra bag.


  • Features feminine accents, including semi-sheer mesh ups and embroidered straps.
  • Classic demi shape accommodates clothes with low necklines with straps positioned slightly wider.


  • It may look a bit pointy on ladies with smaller breast sizes.
  • Lace details on top of the cups can be a bit itchy.

Best Dress-Up Sheer Bra: Chantelle Women’s Tamaris Full Coverage Lace Bra

Can’t seem to find the perfect bra to pair with an oversized blazer or jumper dress? The Chantelle Women’s Tamaris Full Coverage Lace Bra is the ultimate layering piece that assures containment and bust support with its full-coverage cups and shaping material.

If the demi cups of the Simone Perele Bra seem small to you, you can take advantage of this bra’s total coverage cups. This cup style is suitable if you don’t need lifting, and your priority is to contain as much breast tissue as possible, especially if your bust is heavy at the top.

Unlike the Lilosy Sleepwear Bra, the Chantelle Tamaris Lace Bra is seamless. As a result, it uses molded cups to shape, guiding the breast tissue toward the center. However, this also means the seams may show through curve-hugging outfits.

Designing lingerie since 1876, Chantelle combines classic sheer design with functional modern technology in the bra’s mesh. This well-constructed bra uses spandex and polyamide to have flexible cups to accommodate B to E breast sizes. Additionally, the 100% polyester provides a wide power mesh yet see-through aesthetic.


  • It combines a mesh band and a U-shaped back for bust support.
  • Breathable lace cups ensure lift and sexy shaping.


  • The cup shape is visibly pointed.
  • It may require numerous washing before the lace loses stiffness.

Best Nightwear Sheer Bra: Lilosy Sexy Sheer Floral Lace Sleepwear Bra

Lilosy merges attracting lace detailing and practical mesh to create this stunning lacy bra lingerie. Whether relaxing at home or preparing lingerie for your honeymoon, the Lilosy Sexy Sheer Floral Lace Sleepwear Bra will make you comfortable showing off the skin while securing the breasts.

This is the only wireless bra on this list, which means you can wear the bra for longer hours. However, large, heavy breasts may point downwards quickly due to the lack of reinforcement.

Compared to the other bras, the Lilosy Sexy Sheer Sleepwear Bra features a longline band. Despite that, the material doesn’t look baggy nor form bulges on the sides and back. The seams also help in keeping breast tissues contained in the mesh cups.

While there’s no need to fidget with hook-and-eye closures, the pullover design also means you can’t adjust the fit. It makes up with its lace fabric that offers a slight stretch in case you’re in between sizes. As a bonus, the set includes matching underwear.


  • Features sexy scalloped lace trims and fully mesh cups.
  • Cheeky fit that accentuates the bust and waist.


  • Can’t use bra clips or extenders.
  • The size chart ranges from extra small to 3XL.

Features to Consider for the Best Sheer Bras

Despite being mainly see-through, sheer bras have features that make them function as traditional bras. Even if you want to prioritize the provocative design, you still need to consider the cup style, material, and band.

Graphic image with a drawing of a blue bra that informs that sheer bras are ideally crafted with sheer materials and mesh bands

Comparing Sheer Bra Features

Bra Sheerness Structure Cups
Simone Perele Delice Semi-sheerWiredUnlined demi cups
Chantelle Tamaris Lace Semi-sheerWiredDouble-lined, full coverage cups
Lilosy Sexy Floral Fully sheerWirelessUnlined, triangle cups


A sheer bra can support and cover the breast just like a regular bra. Due to its lightweight fabric and see-through structure, there could be little to no bulk added to the bust. However, its peek-a-boob effect depends on the sheerness level.

  • Full-on sheer: Do you want completely sheer cups with lacey adornment? The likes of the Lilosy Sheer Sleepwear Bra are ideal if you like the most sexual and erotic bra for your outfits.
  • Modesty sheer: Perhaps you want some opacity to create an illusion of less coverage. The Simone Perele and Chantelle bras have semi-sheer cups to give a seductive see-through effect while maintaining ample coverage, especially for the nipples.
A woman in a black t-shirt and denim jeans holds a white underwired sheer bra


Most bras contain lining to serve as an extra layer for coverage and shaping. Since I’m focusing on sheer bras, these don’t have paddings or foams.

The Chantelle Tamaris Bra has a double lining, so this is a good choice if you prefer more modesty to conceal the nipples. On the other hand, the Simone Perele and Lilosy Sleepwear bras are entirely unlined, providing better sheerness.

Cup Style

Including sheer fabric can make bras versatile. However, I still want you to have several options, so I’m giving different cup styles to suit your breast shape and size.

  • Demi: A demi cup covers half the breast. Designed for an enticing fit, the Simone Perele Delice Bra uses demi cups with a mesh exterior to lift the bust for a fuller look.
  • Full Coverage: This cup style encapsulates the whole breast tissue. If you have bigger breasts, the sheer cups of the Chantelle Women’s Tamaris Lace Bra can still provide a secure fit.
  • Triangle: True to its name, this bra style uses triangle-shaped cups for a captivating look. This provides the Lilosy Sexy Sheer Sleepwear Bra with thin straps and less bust coverage.


Despite sheerness being the main feature of the bra, you still need to consider the band, as this part provides much of the bust support.

The Simone Perele Delice Bra boasts a microfiber band to wick moisture away from the body. This is a valuable feature if you’re going to wear the bra outdoors and the mesh can’t fully encourage sweat to evaporate.

The Chantelle Tamaris Lace Bra only uses a mesh band, yet the band is also double-lined to lift the breasts. Meanwhile, the Lilosy Sleepwear Bra features a longline band that can extend down to the hip and waist to smoothen fats.

A purple underwired sheer bra placed on a white mannequin


The material significantly influences the sheerness of a bra. Despite the lightweight fabric, the best sheer bras contain high amounts of synthetic fibers to retain form to shape your bust.

The Simone Perele Delice Bra mainly blends polyester and elastane to make the cups flexible yet slightly see-through. The Chantelle Tamaris Bra has higher nylon content, which is why it has more transparent-like cups.

Opt for the Lilosy Sleepwear Bra, which uses 100% lace on the cups and band, if you prefer a complete sheer feel on the skin. However, be cautious as the lace and thin fabric can have a stiff net feeling.

Related Questions

What Are Thin Bras Called?

Thin bras can be called bralettes or sheer bras, depending on the features and materials. Bralettes typically combine lace and natural fibers, whereas sheer bras mix lace and mesh.

Which Bra Is Best to Wear All Day?

While the best bra to wear all day can be any style that satisfies your needs, ideal types include a wireless, t-shirt, and sheer bras. As long as it provides the necessary coverage, lift, and shaping, that can be the best bra for all-day wear.

How Can I Hide My Nipples When Wearing Sheer Bras?

You can use nipple covers, breast tape, or chicken cutlet inserts to conceal your nipples underneath a sheer bra. There are times when you may only want to show parts of your breasts while hiding the nipples. Besides, covers and tapes can reduce friction against lace and mesh materials.

What Is a Sheer Bra? (Do You Need One?}


Wearing sheer bras doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll show your breasts for the world to see. This style can have mesh cups or detailing that can be versatile for formal wear, parties, and intimate apparel. With these sheer bra options, you’ll have another bra to spice up your wardrobe choices.


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