Best Shapewear for Muffin Top and Love Handles [2024 Review]

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​Love handles, muffin tops, or a little extra padding along your hips and waistline is natural for ladies to have. The hips are quite a tricky part to hide or shape. Whether you’re petite or plus size, you need to wear the best shapewear for love handles for any body type and various clothing styles.

In the end, my #1 vote goes to the YIANNA Latex Girdle. This dramatic shapewear slims you out with a natural, hourglass body shaping form, which ultimately slims out your love handles and gives you some really attractive curves!

My Top Shapewear for Love Handles Reviews

In the end, it was difficult to pick my favorite out of the shapewear reviewed. Following shapewear rules that help hide or shape the hips, my ultimate vote goes to the YIANNA Women’s Underbust Girdle as the top best shapewear for the stomach, hips, and waistline. One of the primary reasons is that this shapewear helps to slim your body shape, extra firm control to hide the hips, and cinch the waist as you wear any kind of clothing.

YIANNA Underbust Latex Girdle

​Out of the numerous types of shapewear I reviewed, I found the YIANNA Women’s Underbust Latex Sport Girdle to be the best overall shapewear for any type of body and clothing because it mainly targets the waistline. When you wear it over the waist and hips, the shapewear instantly gives you an hourglass figure, regardless of if you naturally are in that shape or not.

This is also the best shapewear in terms of construction. Its durability is not questionable, with layers of different materials designed for high compression and soft plastic boning to help smooth or shape the hips. It’s so soft that you can wear this shapewear for yoga while manipulating excess skin fat, giving you a more defined waistline while providing strong control on bulgy hips, regardless of the outfit.

As underbust girdle shapewear, you’ll need to wear your own bra with it, unlike when you wear knicker leg shapewear. The girdle shapewear will sit right under your favorite bra, propping up your breasts to give you a gentle lift while giving your body a better shape along the waist and lower hips.

The hips are quite a tricky part to smooth out or hide. Compared to typical underwear, I’d say the latex material of Yianna’s underbust girdle makes it attractive and sexy on its own, creating a smooth waistline under any kind of clothing.


  • Even without a bra, this smooth shapewear works well for bodies of all sizes, and it’s especially useful for plus-sized body looking to achieve an hourglass look to help hide or shape the hips when wearing clothes.
  • With sizes up to six times large, this shapewear redistributes your curves so the only shape visible will be like that of an hourglass – love handles and stomach rolls eliminated as it can also hide the thighs on most outfits.

Bali Shapewear Brief

Bali Shapewear Brief with Lace Firm Control is another option for the best shapewear for any body type that gives new life and beauty to what most people would disregard as ugly granny panties. I admit the brief style shapewear isn’t the sexiest of women’s undergarments to wear, but this Bali brief manages to make it look rich and sophisticated while reducing waistline inches and controlling bulgy hips under most outfits.

Unlike standard underwear, you can attribute this high-waisted shapewear to the sleek, lump-free panty silhouette and the lace on the sides of the waist and lower hips. As clothes just glide over the smooth fabric of clothing, including dresses and pants, that would normally reveal lumps and bumps on the body would just fall right into place without any effort to squeeze the thighs into the best shapewear.


  • The materials of this shapewear effortlessly disguise the function they perform to smoothen around the hips and waist, which you might have a lot of insecurities about. There’s actually a hidden panel that targets your waistline, ensuring a smooth stomach and thighs where necessary.
  • Since it has no bra, this shapewear is suitable for everyday wear. Despite the full coverage, this panty is more flattering than you might expect, ensuring a smooth look and better shape for the hips.

Maidenform’s Hi-Waist Fajas Shapewear

Popular for “taming the tummy,” Maidenform’s Hi-Waist Fajas Shapewear is the best shapewear to hide or shape the whole stomach area, waistline, and lower hips. ​In contrast to traditional underwear, this panty shapewear looks and fits best on a petite body that can still find a reason to wear shapewear under a smooth-looking outfit.

Overall, this is a pretty conservative piece of clothing shapewear that ensures extra firm control on the hips and waistline while wearing any outfit. When you wear it, it does have more of a full coverage aspect compared to Bali’s Lace Firm Control brief, yet this shapewear one sits right at your natural waist, making it feel like your own skin. This smooth shapewear can help shape or hide the hips, waistline, and rear, areas where the flab tends to form in the body under any kind of clothing.


  • Maidenform’s panty opens up the perfect opportunity for petite bodies to flaunt their tummies, hips, and thighs in sensually cute little outfits for night outs with friends or date nights with their significant other.
  • This shapewear decorates those parts in floral jacquard, aided by the smooth and breathable double-ply mesh lining that also has a shaping function. ​It might be hard to see the advantage of being petite, but this panty does the work of enhancing what could be your best assets in an outfit, making it a top contender for the best hips shapewear.

Spanx’s Everyday Seamless Boyshort

Many types of shapewear can promise smoothening, flattening, and slimming the waistline, yet few can do these shapewear functions quite like a good pair of Spanx outfit that can shape or hide the hips. In comparison to common underwear, the best shapewear has the ability to alter body looks, but it usually disregards comfort in the lower hips and waist in the process.

If you want to wear knicker leg shapewear, Spanx’s Everyday Seamless Boyshort can be likened to granny panties for their unappealing names. If you wear this body shaper, the boyshorts don’t exactly spell sexy along the waist or shape the hips, yet this clothing shapewear isn’t here to impress. What it promises more than anything else is comfort to the body, which a lot of Spanx shapewear lack.


  • The shapewear is not super high on the belly and waistline but still covers more than your average panty to shape or hide the hips. Support through the full coverage brief and hidden smooth-shaping waistband can still do enough without you feeling squished in outfits, which a lot of Spanx shapewear tends to do.
  • As a plus, it has a flat leg opening that prevents wedgies from happening, which is a huge discomfort that is typically inevitable and not immediately solvable in public. ​If it ever plans to seduce, however, it will do so from underneath smooth clothes.

Maidenform Women’s Sleek Smoothers Shorty Shapewear

Good news for ladies who actually need the help of shapewear, Maidenform Women’s Sleek Smoothers Shorty Shapewear is not just for under clothes anymore. A solid contender as the best shapewear, this body shaper has the perfect length that ends just in the middle of your thighs. These shapewear shorts are now considered attractive for most body types and clothing, helping you hide the hips to achieve a smooth silhouette.

Unlike typical underwear, you can wear this body shapewear as actual outfit bottoms that can be paired with just shirts – no need to actually cover them up with a pair of jeans! I encourage you to wear knicker leg shapewear if you feel self-conscious about the smooth shape of their waist and thighs. This shapewear gives the illusion of thinner hips, waistline, and thighs without irritating the skin under clothing.


  • Never mind the lack of a thigh gap, this one resolves thigh chafing, which is a shared dilemma among plus-size and skinny women alike.
  • Smooth, seamless, and elastic-free in the leg construction, this shapewear doesn’t leave any outlines if you ever decide to wear any outfit over it, which you’d do during the cold months. Despite the length, the material is thin, so there’s no problem with overheating in these smooth shorts.

Flexees’ Fat-Free Dressing Boyshort

​This boyshort shapewear is nothing like the one I’ve seen so far from Spanx. Flexees’ Fat Free Dressing Hi-Waist Boyshort is another contender for the best shapewear because it’s not just a plain pair of spandex shorts. This body shapewear also has a long top that reaches up to the bottom edge of your bra without squishing the hips or waistline skin too much underneath clothes.

When you wear this body shapewear, it can hide your bloated stomach flat and love handles, and your curves on the waist and hips are more pronounced accordingly underneath clothes. In contrast to normal underwear, short ladies likely know the struggle of shapewear like this rolling down from the top, especially if you’re short in the torso.


  • Sleek from top to bottom, this smooth shapewear for the hips also covers up your stomach until the tops of your legs. Since it’s right where your favorite bra ends, it can hide a muffin top that won’t bulge out from in between the two undergarments.
  • For women who reach or are near the 6-foot mark, this boyshort will be neither too long nor too short to avoid cutting to your thighs or hips. Plus, since this shapewear is not a panty, there’s no chance of a wedgie annoying you in public where you can’t fix your outfits.

Can Shapewear Help Hide Love Handles?

​When you wear waist shapewear products, they help hide love handles while slimming the waistline and hips in a variety of ways under any style of clothing. Compared to wearing normal underwear, the right shapewear can help smooth out your body and help make your stomach’s silhouette more proportional.

  • Shapewear is an underwear designed to help hide fat in certain areas of a woman’s body, focusing on areas to hide love handles, bulgy hips, and muffin tops
  • Body shapewear can distribute excess skin, helping with slimming your whole waist, hips, and tummy
  • Reinforcing traditional underwear, shapewear helps your favorite bra smooth out the silhouette of a woman’s body.

Shapewear rules are pretty flexible. However, many ladies have some form of love handles, back fat, or muffin top, so it’s totally normal to search for these shapewear underwear to wear to hide bulging hips. The best shapewear can even help you with form-fitting bodycon dresses, so you get the best of both worlds.

Black bodysuit shapewear hangs on a brown hanger placed on a blue background

Qualities to Look for in the Best Shapewear for Love Handles

While it’s important to know the different shapewear you can wear and invest in, it’s also vital to understand the qualities to look for as you search for the best shapewear for your hips and body waistline. These shapewear qualities can help hide those love handles, as well as smooth your overall silhouette, regardless of your clothes.

For shapewear for love handles, they must be made with adjustable strong material that offers tummy control

Comparing Shapewear for Love Handles Features

Shapewear Style Material Slimming Features
YIANNA Women’s Shapewear Girdle corsetCompressive rubberHigh underbust with spiral Felix boning
Bali Women’s Shapewear High-waist briefNylon, SpandexTwo-ply panel waistband
Maidenform Fajas ShapewearHigh-waist boyshortsNylon, elastaneTargeted tummy control
Spanx Shapewear Mid-rise boyshortsNylon, SpandexWide-shaping waistband
Maidenform Sleek Shapewear BoyshortsNylon, elastaneTargeted tummy control
Flexees Dressing Shapewear High-waist boyshortsNylon, elastaneTargeted tummy control

Type of Shapewear

Like underwear, there are a variety of types of body shapewear that hide muffin tops and love handles while creating a more defined waistline. The best shapewear mainly depends on the type of shaper you choose.

​These different shapewear designs are ideal to wear in multiple situations (along with different outfits), and I detail just when, why, and how you can wear these multiple forms of shapewear.

A front view of white high-waisted shapewear on a blue background
  • Control tights: ​Control tights are considered one of the best shapewear for your tummy and waist, as this kind of shapewear helps smooth out your whole lower stomach area. Thus, this shapewear style ensures your fat around the hips isn’t pushed anywhere unwanted.
  • Control camis: ​Chances are, when you’ve thought of smooth shapewear, you’ve thought of control camis that target the hips. They’re among the best shapewear designs to wear, and many ladies swear by them. Like normal underwear, you can wear this waist shapewear style under a lot of different outfits, as they help smooth out your ​back fat, hide the tummy,​ and improve the overall waistline silhouette.
  • Body shapers: ​While some control camis can be found covering all of your torso, some cannot provide a smooth silhouette while having the ability to hide the hips. If you’re looking for this amount of coverage in underwear or shapewear, you should look toward body shapers. This is the best shapewear style that helps define your whole torso and waistline, from your breasts to your lower waist.
  • Corsets: Corsets may be a bit more uncomfortable to wear than other shapewear designs, especially since the hips are quite a tricky part to shape and hide. However, they can be the best shapewear with a built-in bra for those who need stronger compression to hide excess fats. You can wear smooth bra corsets over your underwear but under your clothes for the best silhouette.
  • Control pants: Wear shapewear control pants to smooth your waist, thighs, and bum without adding any extra layers to these areas. Therefore, body shaper underwear won’t make your lower half look bigger than it is. Control pants are fan favorites and are considered the best shapewear to hide tummy and waist pooches because they do much what control tights do.
  • ​Brief panty: For most body types, the brief panty shapewear can hide ​the waist and butt areas and can range from high to low waist, depending on the ​design. This shapewear underwear for the hips also ​ends with a smoothing bikini cut, so you can wear shapewear with any form-fitting clothes, just like a regular panty.
  • Singlets: ​Smooth singlets are very similar to body shapers, though this shapewear style differs in a few areas. For one, you can wear your own bra under them, which is something that you can’t do with waistline body shapers. This is the best shapewear if you can’t find a body shaper that fits your breast size accurately and you want to hide prominent hips.

Degree of Correction

For shapewear rules, the degree of correction along the waistline and hips directly influences how the best shapewear can sculpt your body and hide excess skin fats.

A white corset top shapewear on a blue background
  • Weak: Wear a weak correction if you only need the minimal effect to hide the love handles. It’s a good starting point when wearing shapewear to sculpt the waistline and hips for most body types.
  • Medium: It’s ideal to wear a medium degree of correction in shapewear if you want better control in smoothening the back and stomach.
  • Strong: A strong control in shapewear or underwear is the best to wear for a smoother figure and hide love handles or bulgy hips.

Boning Constriction

When choosing waist shapewear or smooth underwear to wear, focus on a light boning system that helps cinch your waistline and hips while also keeping your shapewear in place so that it doesn’t shift around during the day.

A smooth boning system in shapewear may not be for you (which is totally fine), yet really is one of the best ways to hide or cinch your waist accurately and achieve extra firm control on the thighs and hips.

A black cheeky curves waist cincher shapewear on a blue background

Adjustable Straps

The best shapewear can also have adjustable straps, which provide superior comfort when you want to wear something like a full-body shapewear design.

According to smooth shapewear rules, if the straps in your waist shapewear aren’t adjustable, you may notice some upper back fat or underarm fat being squeezed at the top of your torso because of the shapewear you are wearing.

Related Questions

What Are Love Handles When Wearing Shapewear or Underwear?

Love handles when wearing shapewear or underwear is excess fats that stick above the hips, which is quite a tricky part to hide. When you don’t wear knicker leg shapewear or a bra, the pockets of fat can extend to the sides of the hips, especially depending on your underwear and clothes.

What Should I Wear If I Want to Hide Love Handles?

Try to wear square-neck dresses, wrap-around tops, and A-line skirts if you want to hide love handles. Along with the right bra and shapewear, these silhouettes can conceal a flabby waistline and hip area. Consider using shapewear if you want to wear a tight-fitting outfit while being able to hide or shape the hips.

How Can I Remove Love Handles?

Unless you make modifications to your food, workout program, and lifestyle practices, it might be difficult to remove or hide love handles. Knowing how to wear the appropriate shapewear, bra, or underwear is a way to get extra firm control in the hips and thighs.

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​It’s not hard to find the best shapewear for love handles that can also hide or shape the hips, as long as you know just what you’re looking for. Through these shapewear styling guidelines and tips, you should be able to find the best shapewear that fits your own body comfortably.

Remember, just make sure that you’re comfortable and that you’re buying the right shapewear size or appropriate bra size before anything else!


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