Best Shapewear for Muffin Top and Love Handles [2023 Review]

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​Love handles, muffin tops, or a little extra padding along your hips is natural for women to have. Whether you’re petite or plus size, having love handles can be common, and shapewear is a great undergarment to help with this for all body types.

In the end, my #1 vote goes to the YIANNA Latex Girdle. This dramatic shapewear slims you out with a natural, hourglass body shaping form, which ultimately slims out your love handles and gives you some really attractive curves!

My Top Shapewear for Love Handles Reviews

​I researched and reviewed the best shapewear for muffin tops and love handles and created a list of the top rated ones. Below, the table highlights each piece of shapewear and some of its features worth noting.

In the end, it was difficult to pick my favorite out of the shapewear reviewed. My ultimate vote goes to the YIANNA Women’s Underbust Girdle as the top best shapewear for tummies and waists. One of the primary reasons is that this waist trainer helps to slim and trim you as you wear it.

Not only can you wear it under your black leggings and other tight outfits, but you can also put this on while working out to help slim you. Made from high compression durable latex, this waist trainer from YIANNA is soft, breathable, and focuses on tummy control.

YIANNA Underbust Latex Girdle

​Out of the numerous types of shapewear I reviewed, I found the YIANNA Women’s Underbust Latex Sport Girdle to be the best overall. When you put it on, it instantly gives you an hourglass figure, regardless of if you naturally are in that shape or not.

YIANNA Waist Trainer for Women Latex Underbust...

It works well for women of all sizes, and it’s especially useful for plus sized women looking to achieve an hourglass look.

With sizes up to six times large, this redistributes your curves so the only shape visible will be like that of an hourglass – love handles and stomach rolls eliminated as it covers up the entire area where they usually appear.

Its durability is not questionable with layers of different materials designed for high compression and soft plastic boning for support and posture correction. It’s so soft, that it can even be used for yoga.

As an underbust girdle, you’ll need to wear your own bra with it. The girdle will sit right under your bra, propping up your breasts to give you a gentle lift. I’d say, the latex material of Yianna’s underbust girdle makes it attractive and sexy on its own.

You might be able to wear this as it is without any cover, especially while working out!

​Product Specs
  • Corset type
  • Covers ​the torso
  • XS – 6XL sizes
  • ​100% Natural Latex
  • ​Hook and eye closure
  • ​​Reduces 3 – 5 inches from waist
YIANNA Waist Trainer for Women Latex Underbust...
  • ►Warning: Part of the products is made of latex rubber, which may cause allergic reactions. If you...
  • ►Latex Waist Trainer Shapewear: Big and wide 3 columns hook-and-eye closure classic design, allow...
  • ►Upgraded 2 layers fabric: Our bustier shapewear is natural Latex rubber, it is smooth and high...

Bali Shapewear Brief

Bali Shapewear Brief with Lace Firm Control gives new life and beauty to what most people would disregard as ugly granny panties. I admit the brief style isn’t the sexiest of women’s undergarments, but this Bali brief manages to make it look rich and sophisticated.

Bali Women's Shapewear Brief with Lace Firm...

You can attribute it to the sleek, lump-free panty silhouette and the lace on the sides. As clothes just glide over the smooth fabric, dresses, and pants that would normally reveal lumps and bumps would just fall right into place without any effort to squeeze into them.

It prevents clothes from having the clinging effect that can only be tolerable at best but is eventually fully irritating.

The materials effortlessly disguise the function they perform to smoothen around the hips which you might have a lot of insecurities about. There’s actually a hidden panel that targets your tummy and flattens where necessary.

This shapewear is suitable for everyday wear. Despite the full coverage, this panty is more flattering than you might expect. You might be convinced to get this panty for its function as shapewear, but the next time you repurchase may be for the looks as well!

​Product Specs
  • Brief panty type
  • Covers ​lower abdomen
  • XS – 6XL sizes
  • ​85% Nylon, 15% Spandex​
  • Stretch microfiber fit
  • ​Full coverage for even smoothing
Bali Women's Shapewear Brief with Lace Firm...
  • Hidden tummy panel flattens for a smooth look
  • Smooth stretch microfiber with cotton panel
  • Full coverage helps to smooth and shape your derriere

Maidenform’s Hi-Waist Fajas Shapewear

Popular for “taming the tummy,” Maidenform's Hi-Waist Fajas Shapewear is fully functional in covering and flattening the whole stomach area. ​This panty looks and fits best on petite women who can still find a reason to wear shapewear.

Maidenform Women's Minimizing Hi-Waist Fajas...

Some might think it’s pretty ironic for petite women to want to wear shapewear, but their cute size doesn’t exempt them from the occasional food bump or love handles that show, especially at that time of the month.

Overall, this is a pretty conservative piece of shapewear. It does have a more of a full coverage aspect compared to Bali’s Lace Firm Control brief, but this one sits right at your natural waist. It conceals the tummy and rear, two areas where flab tends to form.

It decorates those parts in floral jacquard, aided by the breathable double ply mesh lining that also has a shaping function. ​It might be hard to see the advantage of being petite but this panty does the work of enhancing what could be your best assets, making it a top contender for the best tummy shapewear.

Maidenform’s panty opens up the perfect opportunity for petite women to flaunt their tummies in sensually cute little black dresses for night outs with friends or date nights with their significant other.

​Product Specs
  • Brief panty type
  • ​Covers lower abdomen
  • XS – XXL sizes
  • ​70% Nylon, ​21% ​Elastane​
  • All-around shaping
  • ​Double-ply panels for smoothing
Maidenform Women's Minimizing Hi-Waist Fajas...
  • Targeted firm control flattens tummy and defines waist
  • Flexible fit with boyshort leg moves with your body
  • Hi-waist design creates a sleek line from above your waist to upper thighs

Spanx’s Everyday Seamless Boyshort

Many types of shapewear can promise smoothening, flattening, and slimming, but few can do these shapewear functions quite like a good pair of spanx. It has the ability to alter looks, but it usually disregards comfort in the process.

SPANX Shapewear For Women Everyday Shaping Tummy...

Spanx’s Everyday Seamless Boyshort can be likened to granny panties for their unappealing names. Boyshorts doesn’t exactly spell sexy, but this one isn’t here to impress. What it promises more than anything else is comfort, which a lot of spanx shapewear lack.

It’s not super high on the belly but still covers more than your average panty. Support through the full coverage brief and hidden shaping waistband can still do enough without you feeling squished, which a lot of spanx shapewear tend to do.

As a plus, it has a flat leg opening that prevents wedgies from happening, which is a huge discomfort that is typically inevitable and not immediately solvable in public. ​If it ever plans to seduce, however, it will do so from underneath clothes.

It clears out any rolls that you’d rather people not see so that clothes will look their best on you in almost the same flattering way that they do on models and mannequins.

​Product Specs
  • Control pants type
  • ​Covers lower abdomen
  • S- XL sizes​​
  • Nylon, ​​Spandex
  • Comfortable, light fabric
  • ​​Full coverage for even smoothing
SPANX Shapewear For Women Everyday Shaping Tummy...
  • Style Number: SS0915.
  • We read your mind...comfy shaping for your tummy and behind! Everyday Shaping Panties provide just...

Maidenform Women’s Sleek Smoothers Shorty Shapewear

​If you’re aware of the latest street style trends, you’d know bike shorts have already made their way into women’s everyday wear closets, mainly those within the fashion set.

Maidenform Women's Sleek Smoothers Shorty...

Good news for women who actually need the help of shapewear, Maidenform Women's Sleek Smoothers Shorty Shapewear is not just for under clothes anymore.

With the perfect length that ends just in the middle of your thighs, these shorts are now considered attractive. They are accepted as actual outfit bottoms that can be paired with just shirts – no need to actually cover them up with a pair of jeans!

These are for women who feel self-conscious about their thighs. This gives the illusion of thinner thighs. Never mind the lack of a thigh gap, this one resolves thigh chafing which is a shared dilemma among plus size and skinny women alike.

When wearing dresses, you no longer have to worry about that annoying feeling of your thighs brushing against each other, or flashing your panties when the wind suddenly blows your flowy mini dresses a bit too high.

Smooth, seamless, and elastic-free in the leg construction, this doesn’t leave any outlines if you ever decide to wear something over it, which you’d do during the cold months. Despite the length, the material is thin so there’s no problem with overheating in these shorts.

​Product Specs
  • Control pants type
  • Covers lower abdomen, upper thigh
  • S – 2XL Plus sizes
  • ​68% Nylon, ​32% ​Elastane​
  • Elastic free leg construction
  • ​Comfort stretch material
Maidenform Women's Sleek Smoothers Shorty...
  • Elastic-free leg construction offers a completely smooth look under clothes
  • Comfort-stretch material
  • Nylon-spandex blend creates a lightweight, smooth feel

Flexees’ Fat Free Dressing Boyshort

​This boyshort is nothing like the one I’ve seen so far from Spanx. Flexees’ Fat Free Dressing Hi-Waist Boyshort is not just a plain pair of spandex shorts. It also has a long top that reaches up to the bottom edge of your bra.

Maidenform Women's Minimizing Hi-Waist Fajas...

Sleek from top to bottom, it covers up your stomach until the tops of your legs. Since it’s right where your bra ends, it doesn’t allow any muffin top to bulge out from in between the two undergarments.

It keeps a bloated stomach flat and love handles in check, and your curves on the waist and hips are more pronounced accordingly. Short women likely know the struggle of shapewear like this rolling down from the top, especially if you’re short in the torso.

This shapewear from Flexees does that if you don’t have a long torso, so this is better reserved for women with a little more length to work with in the midsection.

For women who reach or are near the 6 foot mark, this boyshort will be neither too long nor too short to avoid cutting to your thighs or showing panty lines. Plus, since it’s not a panty, there’s no chance of a wedgie annoying you in public where you can’t fix it.

​Product Specs
  • Control pants type
  • ​Covers the torso
  • S – XXL sizes
  • ​70% Nylon, ​30% ​Elastane​
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • ​Waist defining and controlling
Maidenform Women's Minimizing Hi-Waist Fajas...
  • Targeted firm control flattens tummy and defines waist
  • Flexible fit with boyshort leg moves with your body
  • Hi-waist design creates a sleek line from above your waist to upper thighs

Pop Fashion’s Panties Bodysuit

​Pop Fashion may be a less familiar name compared to others in this list, but this body shaper could compete against others’ products. It looks a lot like the Flexees boyshort, but in the form of panty briefs.

Petite girls who might have been disappointed in the previous shapewear’s incompatibility with short heights will find a good alternative in Pop Fashion's Shapewear Panties Bodysuit. Its high-waist bodysuit reaches up near the bra and ends where your legs start in a panty cut.

ROBERT MATTHEW Radiance Women's Shapewear...

This would suit your height better because the extra show of skin will give the illusion of elongated legs. As for preventing love handles, it covers the stomach up to the hips, so you won’t have a problem with stomach rolls appearing, even while sitting down and no matter how much you slouch.

The design is built to make your tummy look tighter and toned, putting the extra skin and fat where they wouldn’t create a bulge. The full coverage in the back lifts and tightens your butt, making it look like you do a hundred squats a day even if you don’t.

​It includes light boning for structure, which helps to also give you shape. Even though there is boning, this bodysuit is considered very comfortable!

​Product Specs
  • Singlet type
  • Covers ​the torso
  • S – XXXL sizes
  • ​Spandex, Nylon
  • ​Also lifts the buttocks
  • ​Firm tummy control
ROBERT MATTHEW Radiance Women's Shapewear...
  • HOW TO WEAR HIGH WAISTED SHAPEWEAR BOYSHORTS - These high waist shorts panties feature a lightweight...
  • HIGH FOCUS ON CURVES - Sculpture targeting uses compression design focused to shape where you want...

Camellia’s Seamless Firm Control Bodysuit

​Shapewear can sometimes bend my efforts towards body positivity, especially when some focus on completely slimming you out. If you’re looking for shapewear that embraces your curves (especially for plus sized women!) and naturally slims you, Camellia’s Seamless Firm Control Faja Open Bust Bodysuit is a great option.

SHAPERX Camellias Women's Seamless Firm Body...

It has compression built around your midsection. While wearing it, it focuses on accentuating your best assets, packing and distributing the extra flabs on areas where they’re needed more. It doesn’t try to hide or alter, it just highlights your natural shape.

It even assists your standing and sitting position to better your posture. This one is also great and safe for postpartum wear because it offers the right amount of compression in the stomach to get back to how it looked like before pregnancy. 

​This is slimming in the best way possible, but only if you put in the work too.

​Product Specs
  • Control cami type
  • ​Covers ​the torso
  • ​S – XXXL sizes
  • ​86% Nylon, 14% Spandex
  • ​Adds push-up to the breasts
  • ​Reduces look of unwanted fat
SHAPERX Camellias Women's Seamless Firm Body...
  • SMOOTHING FABRICS : The shapewear have three slimming layers, Middle layer latex lining for...
  • SEXY LOOK AND COMFORT : Available in Thong styles; removable & adjustable straps, open bust design...
  • U-SHAPE OPEN BUST BODYSUITS : Special front U-type anti-droop open bust design makes your chest more...

ShaperQueen 102A Thong Bodysuit    

Lace, jacquard, latex – I can see how some brands would attempt to make shapewear sexier than they are. What I haven’t seen yet is shapewear that comes as a thong at the same time. ShaperQueen 102A Thong Bodysuit changes that.

ShaperQueen 102A Best Womens Waist Cincher Body...

One of the benefits of this shapewear is that it caters to a wide range of body types and shapes, especially on the larger side. This is because its sizes range from extra small to four times extra large.

This bodysuit has the same high waist, thin shoulder straps, and panty cut – only higher and is a thong at the back. If you’re looking for a bodysuit that will not show any panty lines, finding a thong style like this one is going to be your best bet.

One of the reasons this bodysuit from ShaperQueen is great for plus-size women is that it includes light compression that doesn’t squeeze all air out of you to where you feel as if you are suffocating. This works to lessen love handles and amp up your natural curves.

​Like Flexees’ boyshorts, this might end up too high on the stomach for petite plus-size women who don’t have a long enough torso. Otherwise, this is most likely going to be flattering for longer and bigger bodies, especially ones that are naturally bigger in the breasts and hips.

​Product Specs
  • Control cami type
  • Covers ​the torso
  • XS – 4XL sizes
  • ​Polyester, Spandex
  • ​Pushes up the breasts
  • ​Tight and firm stomach
ShaperQueen 102A Best Womens Waist Cincher Body...
  • ✔ANTI-SLIP + TUMMY TUCK + SEXY DESIGN - Exclusive anti-slip bones prevent garment from rolling or...
  • ✔POSTPARTUM & POST PREGNANCY – Offers great ab support and compression to help you to recover....

Sunzel Body Briefer Smooth Wear

​Yet another variation of the high-waisted bodysuit, the Sunzel Body Briefer Smooth Wear, has a rounded top edge going towards the straps. Instead of the straight edge that the previous bodysuits I reviewed, the round cut frames the breasts better as the side support it provides adjusts to the natural shape of your breasts.

Sunzel Body Shaper, Women's Body Briefer Smooth...

It also assists the bra in lifting them up, so this would be good for women with sagging breasts who need the extra gravity-defying push. The back copies the U shape of the front.

As with leotards and bras of the same cut, it carries the purpose of preventing back fat from bulging out and showing through your clothes. Going down, it covers the rest of your torso, including love handles and stomach rolls, which are the most common dilemmas of women.

Even lower, the full coverage briefs cover the derriere, smoothen and shape it so it looks rounder, firmer, and tighter, which is what almost every woman secretly wants. ​From top to bottom, this bodysuit tends to your most vulnerable body insecurities to give you more confidence.

The flexibility and control that it offers make for one sexy combination, as it contours your entire torso, was needed to give you an hourglass figure.

​Product Specs
  • Control cami type
  • ​Covers ​the torso
  • ​XS – XXL sizes
  • ​80% Nylon, 20% Elastane​
  • Pushes up the breasts
  • ​Firm control trimming waist
Sunzel Body Shaper, Women's Body Briefer Smooth...
  • Firm control and high compression shapewear for women offers you more confident body figure without...
  • Soft Fabric: Sunzel shapewear for women adopt 80% nylon and 20% elastane, soft and comfortable for...
  • Wide and Adjustable Straps and Hook: The wide, removable adjustable straps ensure it stay right in...

Bali’s Comfort Revolution Panty

​One of the keys to finding your perfect shapewear is to know what you like to highlight about your body and find something that accentuates it. If you have long, lean legs you want to flaunt, Bali’s Comfort Revolution High-Cut Panty will help to flatter and accentuate them.

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Seamless Hi Cut,...

It focuses on the lower backside of your body and keeps the attention away from a muffin top you might be trying to hide. Because of this, this panty shapewear is also considered the best shapewear for muffin tops.

The thing with skimpy underwear is that even though they look good as they are, they don’t do much for your overall figure!

At some point, near the time you start thinking about wearing shapewear, granny panties might become an option. Though its name alone doesn’t sound appealing, this is probably the time you’d rather prioritize comfort over style.

From Bali’s collection of Comfort Revolution undergarments, this panty adopts the high cut of granny panties but reaches only up near the belly button. It makes up for it in the bikini-like cut on the bottom edge that bares your entire legs.

In this way, you’re getting the comfort of granny panties without actually wearing one. You’re only saying goodbye to your younger years, but not your youth. Bali’s panty, in its simplicity, lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.

​Product Specs
  • Brief panty type
  • Covers ​​lower abdomen
  • 5 – 13 (S – 6XL) sizes
  • ​100% Nylon​
  • Focus on the lower backside
  • ​Flat elastic waistband for support
Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Seamless Hi Cut,...
  • QUALITY FABRIC - Bali women’s hi-cut panty is crafted from silky-smooth premium nylon microfiber...
  • MOISTURE-WICKING - Cool Comfort fabric helps wick moisture and keep you cool and comfortable all-day...
  • TAG-FREE - This women’s hi-cut panty won’t rub or chafe thanks to its Tagless interior and...

Wingslove’s Comfort Soft Panties

To some, Wingslove’s Comfort Soft Cotton High-Cut Brief Panties may be considered heaven-sent panties.

Wingslove 3 Pack Plus Size Underwear for Women,...

What exactly do you get with this? Maximum comfort and total concealment of love handles. The fully cotton composition of this panty, even around the elastic, hits most of the right qualities that women look for in something that covers their most intimate parts.

Sitting right at the waist at the same level as the belly button, with love handles safely tucked in, this one covers more than your normal panty, but it doesn’t leave marks that last for longer than the time you actually wear it.

It’s safe to say that these panties deliver more than what you’d expect from the underwear of its kind. It could be considered a knockoff of other higher-level underwear from Jockey, but charge lower yet stands as an equal.

​It’s easy to disregard these kinds of products from a brand like Wingslove. You can say some negatives about this panty not being plus-sized or being just another typical cotton panty, but overall, it’s a high-quality item for an affordable value.

​Product Specs
  • Brief panty type
  • Covers ​​lower abdomen
  • 5 – ​11 (M – 5XL) sizes
  • ​100% ​Cotton​
  • Maximum stay-up power from the band
  • ​Slimfit for enhanced natural shape
Wingslove 3 Pack Plus Size Underwear for Women,...
  • Full Coverage Panties -- Comfy full coverage brief panties, suitable for postpartum c-section and...
  • 100% Premium Cotton Underwear -- High waist women underwear briefs use premium cotton for comfort...
  • Plus Size Panties -- Our panties are available in sizes from M-6XL, to suit women of all shapes and...

ShaperQueen 1020 Belly Trainer Corset

ShaperQueen 1020 Belly Trainer Corset Body Shapewear is the most reminiscent of age-old corsets used by royals and the elite centuries ago. It reminds me of how corsets exuded elegance from the woman they shaped.

ShaperQueen-1020 Women Best Waist Cincher Girdle...

At a time when my universal concept of prim and proper is changing, ShaperQueen’s corset exudes the same elegance but with a different purpose for modern women. With a boning system, its power-cinching ability slims your tummy and waist by a couple of inches.

Support for the midsection and back relieves back pain and enforces the right posture. It’s perfect for mommas who may have been carrying babies whether in their womb or in their arms for too long to know how to stand in the correct posture.

Some would say even after three or four kids, this corset instantly makes you feel and look good in your regular clothes without them molding to back rolls and lumps. If you’re a momma who has excess skin in that area, or there’s just so much skin you’d rather not show, this corset is both breathable and comfortable.

There’s virtually no feeling of being squeezed too tight and unnaturally, which is important, especially after having a baby! ShaperQueen is breaking prejudices about girdles and corsets being too limiting and restrictive of women’s bodies as this girdle is the exact opposite.

It has an additional function as well that end in desirable results. One of them is helping you get back in shape after a grueling and weight-gaining experience, whether pregnancy or other.

​Product Specs
  • Corset type
  • Covers ​​the torso
  • ​XS – XXXL sizes​
  • Polyester, Spandex​
  • High quality breathable fabric
  • ​Great support and compression
ShaperQueen-1020 Women Best Waist Cincher Girdle...
  • ✔TODAY ENJOY 13% OFF! ✔THE ORIGINAL SHAPERQUEEN1020 - Premium Women High Waist Cincher Girdle...
  • ✔ FIRM TUMMY CONTROL - High waist design with targeted firm control supports and help to reduce...
  • ✔CROTCH OPENING: Crotch opening design with 3 hooks makes it easy to use the restroom....

Squeem’s Women’s Open Bust Vest

​When the other bodysuits would include the panty portion, Squeem’s Women’s ‘Seductive’ Open Bust Vest allows you to wear your own separate bra and panty and yet still have that pin-up model or Betty Boop sass and seductive aura.

Squeem - Perfectly Curvy, Women's Firm Control...

This combines the best aspects of the previous waist trainer and the bodysuits mentioned early on in this list. It may not have the same U shape of Sunzel’s Body Briefer that rounds your breasts, but it has a curved corner where the straps and the girdle meets, which still frames your breasts as appealingly as the other bodysuits do.

With sizes reaching up to five times large and adjustable boning, this vest will suit skinny and plus sized women alike. It also loosens up over time as you wear it, so it gets more comfortable as time passes without giving out on contouring your body.

Cutting down an inch of your waist, the changes it reinforces will be noticed by people immediately. You might be surprised how quickly people’s compliments will come when you start wearing this open bust vest.

​Product Specs
  • Co​ntrol cami type
  • Covers ​​the torso
  • ​XS – XXXL sizes​
  • 75% Natural Rubber, 25% Cotton​
  • Adjustable straps for comfort
  • ​Excellent ​posture correction
Squeem - Perfectly Curvy, Women's Firm Control...
  • CONTROL OVER YOUR CURVES: Enhance your body curves with a vest that offers adjustable compression on...
  • FULL SUPPORT AND EXCELLENT POSTURE: Stand up straight with the help of wide, adjustable straps that...
  • PERFECT HOURGLASS SILHOUETTE: The curve-creating cut highlights curves on your waist, creating a...

Gotoly High Waist Slim Panty Trainer

​Going back to my first shapewear, Gotoly Women's High Waist Slim Panty Trainer resembles Bali’s Lace Firm Control Brief. The only thing is this one is sleeker, has more lace, is high-waisted, and can be used as activewear.

Gotoly Butt Lifter Panty Enhancing Body Shaper for...

One of the unique qualities this one holds over other shapewear is its permeability. It has a moisture-wicking material that never irritates or collects bacteria, thus harming your skin, even as you sweat a lot in it.

It’s a waist trainer and boyshort in one, making it one of the best tummy control shapewear options I reviewed. Aside from the activewear possibilities, this also targets the tummy, derriere, and thighs all at once.

Reducing the appearance of lumps and love handles, lifting the butt, and providing illusory contour to your upper thighs. Anything with lace makes something as simple as this instantly more attractive than plain shapewear.

Instead of feeling like you have to wear it to alter your body, it’s just another undergarment that you use to protect, decorate, and give a slight sex appeal.

​Because this includes a boyshort within it, there is a concern that it might lead to visible lines under your clothes, especially if you’re wearing activewear. Gotoly kept that in mind when designing this, because the edges are super thin, making lines practically invisible!

​Product Specs
  • Brief panty type
  • Covers ​​the torso
  • S – XXXL sizes​
  • 75% Natural Rubber, 25% Cotton
  • ​Soft and comfortable fabric
  • ​Excellent ​posture correction
Gotoly Butt Lifter Panty Enhancing Body Shaper for...
  • ( S Size: fits Waist 20.4-23.2 ) ; ( M Size : fits Waist 23.2-25.9 ) ; ( L Size : fits Waist...
  • VERY BREATHABLE FIBER,SOFT AND COMFORTABLE. Because of its strong performance of permeability,it is...
  • THE FABRIC IS A SOFT AND SILKY LACE PATTERN. Lace thigh slimmer with elastic waistband.Smooths bumps...

How Does Shapewear Help With Love Handles?

​Shapewear helps with love handles in a variety of ways, as it can help “smooth out” your body and help make your stomach’s silhouette more proportional. Shapewear is designed to help smooth fat in certain areas on a woman’s body, focusing on areas such as love handles and muffin tops.

Therefore, shapewear doesn’t just help with love handles – it can help with slimming your whole waist and tummy.

Basically, shapewear for love handles helps smooth out the silhouette of a woman’s body. When you wear shapewear, you might notice that your more proportional silhouette can help you wear different types of clothes that you normally wouldn’t, such as tight, form-fitting leggings and outfits.

This is why it’s quite a tricky part choosing shapewear for love handles for many women if they have an uneven body, or if they have love ​handles. Even if a woman doesn’t have love handles, shapewear can be used efficiently to help flatten out her body shape.

However, many women have some form of love handles, back fat, or muffin top, so it’s totally normal to search for these undergarments. Shapewear can even help you with form-fitting bodycon dresses, so you get the best of both worlds.

What to Wear with Shapewear to Maximize its Effects

There are many different things you can wear with shapewear for love handles. A lot of ladies choose to wear shapewear when they’re wearing a dress or going out, as it greatly helps with the overall look that they may be striving for.

However, you can really wear shapewear whenever you would like to! Sometimes, there are those dresses, tops, or outfits that just don’t sit as comfortably as you may like.

Instead of getting rid of this top or outfit, wearing shapewear under it can actually smooth out your overall look and potentially make that outfit look a lot better than it did before. You can also wear shapewear with something as simple as a top with jeans, too.

Many women love wearing low-waisted jeans with a simple tee, yet feel like this outfit doesn’t make their silhouette as smooth as it could be.

Wearing shapewear is just one simple way to help with this matter. Because of the various styles of shapewear available, it’s pretty easy to find one that will work with your outfit.

Black bodysuit shapewear hangs on a brown hanger placed on a blue background

Different Types of Shapewear

​​There are a variety of types of shapewear that are the best for muffin tops and love handles. ​These different designs are ideal to wear in multiple situations (along with different outfits), and I detail just when, why, and how you can wear these multiple forms of shapewear.

​While there are different types of shapewear, they all have the same goal: to help smooth out your overall silhouette. So, while there are better types of shapewear for certain outfits, they all focus on making part of your body look smoother and flatter.

Control Tights

​Control tights are considered to be one of the best shapewear for your tummy and waist as they manage to help smooth out your whole lower stomach area, making sure your fat isn’t pushed anywhere unwanted.

These tights don’t have to be worn under your clothes like so many other shapewear is worn. Instead, you can ​wear them ​like regular ​cotton leggings under a skirt or dress! Control tights manage to control your tummy, waist, bum, and thighs.

Because of how these types of tights are designed (to compress and provide strong control to the lower part of your stomach), they really are the best for shapewear for muffin tops for dresses or skirts that you need to wear tights with.

Over time, if you notice strong control tights getting loose, you can use similar techniques to shrink them like you would leggings. Sometimes, even just getting them damp and tossing them in a dryer for 10-15 minutes can do the trick! Therefore, they are great to wear for work related situations.

Control Camis

​Chances are when you’ve thought of shapewear, you’ve thought of control camis. They’re the most popular shapewear design, and many women swear by them. You can wear them under a lot of different outfits, as they help smooth out your ​back fat, tummy,​ and overall silhouette.

Control camis are also great for those that want a little help controlling their stomach, yet don’t want to wear something like control tights. You can also find control camis that encompass your whole lower and upper stomach, slimming all of your torso (including your breasts).

Control camis tend to have the best stomach control shapewear reviews because women find them to be more comfortable than the other designs. Women love the many options, styles, and colors that control camis come in, making it the perfect option to wear under literally any outfit.  

Body Shapers

​While some control camis can be found covering all of your torso, not all do. If you’re looking for this amount of coverage, you should look towards body shapers. All body shapers help to control your whole torso, from your breasts to your lower waist.

A front view of white high-waisted shapewear on a blue background

Body shapers can be worn under many different outfits, both casual and fancy. If you’re looking for a body shaper that can be worn under casual wear, you should go for a light control body shaper, as it has a more comfortable and casual feel.

If you’re looking for something to wear under a fancy slinky dress, you might want to wear a firmer body shaper as it helps control your body fat more than the light control body shapers do.

Body shapers really are one of the best tummy flattening shapewear that you can invest in. Because it is one of those shapewear designs that can be worn under many outfits (both casual or fancy), they are one of the best investments to make in the shapewear market.

Corsets may be a bit more uncomfortable for you to wear than other shapewear designs, especially if you’re not used to wearing them. You can wear corsets over your underwear but under your clothes for the best silhouette.

With a bit of a light boning system in your corset, you can make your stomach appear to be both smaller and smoother than before. Corsets are also possibly the best option for you if you’re looking for the best waist cincher shapewear.

While other shapewear may come with the benefit of waist cinching, corsets tend to do this best because they often have a boning system that better shapes your stomach. Corsets help smooth your tummy all over, while really focusing on giving you a nice shape and cinching your waist.

Control Pants

​If you don’t mind wearing control pants (some people don’t like them and wear only torso related shapewear designs), control pants really are one of the best and most efficient to make your tummy look smooth. Many consider these control pants to be the “godfather” of shapewear.

They’re that good. Control pants are pants that tend to be designed to look like very tight shorts. However, you can find them in a variety of pant lengths, though the control shorts tend to be the most popular design as you can wear them with both skirts/dresses and pants.

Control pants are a great way to smooth your waist, tummy, and bum without adding any extra layers to these areas, and therefore not making your lower half look bigger than it is. Control pants are fan favorites and are considered to be the best shapewear for tummy and waist pooches because they do much what control tights do.

They manage to smooth out your lower stomach fat while also making sure that said fat doesn’t go anywhere it’s not supposed to, something shapewear like control camis can fail at.

​Brief Panty

​Belonging to the shapewear family with the least amount of coverage and support is the brief panty. This one targets the same muffin top and ​love handles simultaneously while almost being completely unrecognizable underneath clothing.

The brief panty covers ​the waist and butt areas and can range from high to low waist depending on the ​design.

​It also ​ends with a smoothing bikini cut so you can wear it with any form-fitting clothes just like a regular panty. ​Feel extra comfortable ​and confident when you can flaunt your assets in the most natural way.

Half Slips

​For those looking for some help when wearing mini dresses or mini skirts, look no further than half slips. These slips are short and offer tummy, waist, and bum control. Half slips are considered to be one of the top tummy shapewear designs to wear specifically for a night out, as they work best with mini dresses.

Half slips are ideal for mini dresses and skirts because of their design. They look like a very small slip or skirt that only hits (at longest) the middle of your thigh. So, whether it’s party season or if you’re just wearing a really cute casual mini dress, half slips can be a lifesaver.

If you’re worried about the comfort level of half slips, don’t be! Many women consider half slips to be one of the most comfortable forms of shapewear around, as they don’t really form around the body as other designs do.

If you don’t like wearing control pants with your dresses, half slips might work better for you.


​Singlets are very similar to body shapers, though they differ in a few areas. For one, you can wear your own bra under them, which is something that you can’t do with body shapers. This is very helpful if you can’t find a body shaper that fits your breast size accurately.

Singlet designs look similar to body shapers, though some singlets can come with thigh control as well. Because of this (and the ability to wear your own bra) you could potentially wear singlets with more outfits as opposed to body shapers.  

Singlets are great for tummy control, targeting muffin tops and love handles. They also help to streamline the waist and give your overall silhouette a smoother appearance.

Qualities to Look for in the Top Shapewear

While it’s important to know the different shapewear you can invest in, it’s also vital to understand the qualities to look for as you search for the best shapewear for your body. These qualities can help hide those love handles, as well as smooth your overall silhouette, regardless of what you wear.

For shapewear for love handles, they must be made with adjustable strong material that offers tummy control

While there are certain qualities to look for in shapewear, I’ve detailed the qualities you need to look for if you’re searching for the best shapewear targeting love handles.

Comparing Shapewear for Love Handles Features

Shapewear Style Material Slimming Features
YIANNA Women’s Girdle corsetCompressive rubberHigh underbust with spiral Felix boning
Bali Women’s High-waist briefNylon, SpandexTwo-ply panel waistband
Maidenform Fajas High-waist boyshortsNylon, elastaneTargeted tummy control
Spanx Shapewear Mid-rise boyshortsNylon, SpandexWide-shaping waistband
Maidenform Sleek BoyshortsNylon, elastaneTargeted tummy control
Flexees Dressing High-waist boyshortsNylon, elastaneTargeted tummy control
Robert Matthew Radiance High-waist brief pantySpandex, nylonWide compressive waistband
ShaperX Shapewear Open-bust bodysuitNylon, elastaneThree slimming panels
ShaperQueen 102A Open-bust bodysuitPolyester, SpandexHigh-waist slimming panels
Sunzel Women’s Open-bust bodysuitNylon, elastane360-degree tummy-control panels
Bali Comfort Revolution Low-rise pantyNylonKnit-in waistband
Wingslove High-cut pantyCottonKnit-in waistband
ShaperQueen 1020 Girdle underwearPolyesterHigh-waist band and closure
Squeem Perfectly Curvy BodysuitCottonCompressive band and closure
Gotoly Women High-waist pantyNylon, SpandexLace thigh slimmer with elastic waistband

Tummy Control

​Obviously, tummy control is the number one aspect you should be focusing on here because you’re searching for the best shapewear for your stomach! ummy control means that you’re helping smooth out those love handles, pronto.

When you’re looking at the shapewear you’re thinking of purchasing, it should say clearly state it should help with tummy control. Tummy control can be found in many different designs and forms, just like the various styles we mentioned above.

Even control pants and tights can help with tummy control for your body! Just make sure that you’re buying shapewear with this aspect so that you know you’re buying the right kind of quality. However, there are some clear winners in this department, which I list below.

For the most part, you’re going to want to focus on shapewear that’s made from spandex, elastane, nylon, latex, and sometimes cotton. Also, when you see shapewear made with cotton, it’s also made with other materials!

A white corset top shapewear on a blue background

Spandex and elastane are the best materials to look for, as they are strong and body-hugging. Nylon is also a great material to have in your shapewear, though it tends to be made with another material as well (just like cotton).

When looking for the best shapewear for tummy flattening, however, look for those made with spandex and elastane.

Skirts vs Shorts

​There are both pros and cons to the skirts vs shorts debate. For one, if you’re new to shapewear and want to dip your toes in gently, you might be better suited to investing in a shapewear skirt (such as the half slip I mentioned above).

A lot of women find that skirts can be a bit more comfortable than shorts (or tights), as you have more room to breathe.

However, if you’re looking for some major shapewear control that helps with those love handles, control shorts are the way to go. Just like I mentioned above, skirts allow your body to have more room to breathe, whereas shorts really help squeeze and smooth your body (comfortably!), getting the job done.

So, for this one, it really just depends on what you consider to be more comfortable. It might take a few days of trying both of these shapewear designs out before you realize what you like best. If you want to really control those love handles, though, you might have a better bet with control shorts or pants.

Constriction Amount

​Much like some of the other qualities that I’ve mentioned above, the constriction amount really just depends on the type of body you have, as well as what you feel most comfortable in.

However, if you’re looking for the best shapewear for love handles and a muffin top, there are some key qualities you need to look for.

A black cheeky curves waist cincher shapewear on a blue background

For the most part, you should try to find something that is high-waisted. Finding shapewear that targets your tummy, while also targeting the tops of your thighs (with shorts added) is ideal.

When you constrict more of your body in this way, it helps smooth out your love handles and the surrounding area of your body. When you wear shapewear that just targets your love handles, you may notice that your skin and fat are just pushed either upwards or downwards.

This obviously doesn’t look well. So, having strong material that is either high-waisted or comes with shorts that hit the top of your thighs really helps distribute your fat and even out your silhouette.

If you’re looking for the best shapewear that cinches your waist, you’re probably going to want to look solely at corsets (which I talked about above), as they do the best job at this.

However, you can also find really great shapewear (in the form of girdles and other designs) that still gets the job done. If you really want to cinch your waist, you may want to focus heavily on the boning in the shapewear.

​Focus on a light boning system that helps cinch your waist while also keeping your shapewear in place so that it doesn’t shift around during the day. A boning system may not be for you (which is totally fine), but really is one of the best ways to accurately cinch your waist.

Adjustable Straps

​If you’re looking into full-body shapewear (or control camis), you may want to make sure that your shapewear also comes with adjustable straps. Adjustable straps are the first step to comfort when wearing something like a full-body shapewear design.

The best thing about adjustable straps is it lets you adjust to just what is comfortable for you, as every woman’s body is built differently. The goal is to be comfortable when you wear shapewear, even if it is constricting your body in some areas.

Having adjustable shoulder straps really helps bring that comfort level up a bit. Adjustable straps attached to your shapewear are also yet another way to really improve your overall silhouette.

If the straps aren’t adjustable, you may notice some upper back fat or underarm fat being squeezed at the top of your torso because of the shapewear you are wearing. By having the luxury to adjust the straps, you can stop this from happening by making sure it’s not too tight for your upper body.

Related Questions

What Should I Wear If I Have Love Handles?

Try to wear square-neck dresses, wrap-around tops, and A-line skirts if you have love handles. These silhouettes can conceal flabby waistline and hip area. Consider using shapewear if you want to wear a tight-fitting outfit.

Can Ordinary Underwear Create a Muffin Top?

Ordinary underwear can form a muffin top if its material and cut are pushing fat out. You should also take into account the fact that lifestyle choices and genetics play a role in how the body accumulates fat in the middle.

How Can I Remove Love Handles?

Unless you make modifications to your food, workout program, and lifestyle practices, it might be difficult to remove love handles. Wearing the appropriate shapewear is another place to start.


​It’s not hard to find the best shapewear for love handles, as long as you know just what you’re looking for. Through these guidelines and tips, you should be able to find the best shapewear that fits your own body comfortably.

Remember, just make sure that you’re comfortable and that you’re buying the right size before anything else!


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