Best Rear Lifting Shapewear [2024 Review]

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Nowadays, many women are paying thousands of dollars to undergo invasive and expensive booty lifting implant surgeries due to rampant body shaming. However, there’s a less expensive and invasive way to give your derriere a lift. Read on to find the best rear lifting shapewear to enhance your bottom effortlessly.  

My Top Rear Lifting Shapewear Reviews

It’s no secret that women are becoming more conscious of how their bodies look. If you want to improve your booty, wear any of these top-rated butt lifters as they’re designed to lift your butt without undergoing painful procedures.

Shapemint Body Shaper Panty

If you are struggling with getting an attractive round bum, the Shapemint Body Shaper Panty Amazingly, this panty does more than lift your bum. These bum-enhancing panties also have seamless tummy control to give you a flat stomach

So, you won’t have to worry about your tummy showing anymore. Unlike the Kiwi Rata butt lifter below, this one doesn’t have pads that create the impression of a big bum. Shapemint only does one job. It lifts the butt cheek to help you achieve a natural shape, which is why most women love it. 

This enhancer is designed using spandex and nylon to give you a smooth and comfy fit. Another great feature is that this shapewear provides full coverage to your booty to enhance your rear natural shape. Moreover, its beautiful design will make you feel more confident while wearing it. 

The bottom-lifting panty comes in different sizes to ensure you find a size that suits your body. This enhancer doesn’t feel tight when worn plus there are no wrinkles. It also pairs well with a good dress or jeans to ensure you get the curves you want. 


  • Has a seamless tummy control to keep your stomach tucked
  • Provides full coverage to the butt
  • Durable and comfortable 


  • Tummy control is not firm enough
  • Band rolls down

Kiwi Rata Butt Lifter Enhancer Underwear 

If you’re looking for a panty designed as shorts and short enough to wear beneath short dresses without anyone noticing you are wearing paddings under clothing, the Kiwi Rata Butt Lifter Underwear is an excellent choice.

This enhancer also provides comfortable padding to add to the proportions your natural derriere may lack. Additionally, the Kiwi Rata enhancer has more padding around the edge and hip area to give you curvier looks.

The good thing about the paddings is that they’re great for ladies with a small rear. They create the illusion of a big bum no matter the outfit you are wearing. If you don’t like the pads, you can remove them as they are detachable.

Unlike the Shapemint panty, this butt lifter isn’t designed with seamless tummy control. However, this butt-lifter panty is comfortable and breathable enough so you can wear them all day long. This underwear also has an elegant lace to boost your confidence while wearing it.

Plus, this booty-lifting underwear minimizes those unsightly bulges and bumps so you feel confident in your clothes. If you have a curvier body, the Kiwi Rata butt enhancer provides the perfect elasticity for accommodating your behind. 


  • Creates attractive butt curves naturally
  • Breathable material for sweat-free days
  • Detachable butt pads


  • Unsuitable for women with a bigger butt and hips
  • Only targets the bum and hips

HelloTem Women Seamless Butt Lifter

If you prefer short booty lifters rather than shapewear, you will love the HelloTem Butt Enhancer Underwear. It also doesn’t matter if your bum is extra-large, large, average, or small as you will find a panty that fits you.

It’s available in various sizes to ensure it accommodates every woman. The most amazing thing about the HelloTem padded butt panty lace is that it has a comfortable and soothing material. This means you won’t feel uncomfortable even when wearing the panty the whole day.

Apart from offering comfort, this butt-shaper panty will help you achieve that curvy shape you desire. Similar to the Kiwi Rata underwear, this bum enhancer comes with comfortable pads that stay in place when you are wearing them.

The pads aren’t exaggerated so your booty will still maintain its natural shape without people noticing you have some padding underneath. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your derriere appearing fake.

The pads of these bottom-lifting panties are also detachable so you can remove them if you don’t want to wear them. The HelloTem panty is ideal for women that want to lift their rear and get curves. 


  • Provides full coverage to the booty region
  • Can be worn under any clothing
  • Lightweight bum pads


  • Not seamless when wearing a tight dress
  • The pads don’t fit well inside

Gotoly Butt Lifter Panty

The Gotoly Women Butt Lifter Panty has an unbelievable appeal for younger ladies because it is high-waisted and offers an attractive shape. Other than adding shape to your booty, the Gotoly body shaper will also emphasize your wasp-like waist as it gives you wider hips. 

However, women with thick upper thighs may find this butt lifter uncomfortable. This is because the edges tend to lose elasticity and may begin rolling up your thighs. So ensure you order one size up from your usual size if you want to get underwear that fits you comfortably

For thick women, order two sizes up to get a butt enhancer that accommodates your booty and thighs. Like the Shapemint panty, this butt-lifting shapewear comes with a tummy controller to give you a slim figure. It also offers an hourglass shape by hiding bulges and unwanted fat around the stomach and bum. 

One good thing about this underwear is that you can wear it in different outfits. You can even wear it under tight shorts or jeans because it is very comfortable. Additionally, this bum-enhancing panty doesn’t ride up as you walk. As long as you pick the right size, this booty enhancer will stay in place the entire day. 


  • Can be worn with different outfits
  • Does not ride up while walking
  • Offers an hourglass shape


  • Unsuitable for women with thick upper thighs

Nebility Butt Lifter Thigh Slimmer

The Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shorts is my last pick on this list of the best rear lifting shapewear. It’s designed to lift your butt and also support your hips and back.

Although it fits snugly, this bum-enhancing shapewear is kind to your hip region while giving it curves naturally for a slimmer waist and bigger booty. 

Like the Gotoly bum enhancer, its high waist design is what makes this butt lifter efficient in making you look attractive Moreover, the underwear is a thigh slimmer to make your thighs appear slimmer. The shorts deliver impressive results because of their long legs and elastic bands that slim your thighs. 

This undergarment is also made with a breathable material from the waist to the crotch, so you don’t have to worry about sweating and itching. You will love wearing this butt shaper because it sits discreetly under any clothes. There will be no bumps or seams showing on your outfit. 

Although this derriere lifter has a robust compression, you can wear this butt-shaper panty for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. Thanks to its spandex construction that provides high levels of comfort and breathability. Additionally, it fits snuggly without causing pain.


  • Has breathable holes to help your skin breathe better
  • Feels soft from the hip to the crotch region
  • Tightens the bottom for an attractive look


  • The waist region wrinkles at the back

Features To Consider for Rear Lifting Shapewear

Butt lifters are designed to give you an hourglass shape by hiding bulges and enhancing the mid-section to give you the perfect figure. If you are looking for butt enhancers that can help you bring out the curves, consider the following factors:

Graphic image of a black shapewear that explains that the best rear lifting shapewear is ideally made with breathable material and detachable butt pads

Comparing Rear-Lifting Shapewear Features

Shapewear Style Padded? Lifter Type
Shapemint Bodyshaper High-waist pantyNoSupportive band, no cut-outs
Kiwi Rata Butt Enhancer BoyshortsYesWith cut-outs
HelloTem Butt Lifter BoyshortsYesWith cut-outs
Gotoly Butt Lifter High-waist pantyNoSupportive band, no cut-outs
Nebility Butt Lifter High-waist boyshortsNoSupportive band


Ensure the booty enhancer you are buying suits your body size and type. Small shapewear can make you feel uncomfortable, making it difficult to move around. Also, be realistic. Although shapewear can smooth out bumps and give you a sculpted figure, going down a size won’t help you fit yourself into a smaller outfit. 

While sizing down can add extra firmness, it will make you look bigger since it can cause bulges. Plus, it can be uncomfortable. You need a butt lifter shapewear that makes you feel comfortable when wearing it. Check the size charts to help you pick the correct size. 

Butt Lifter Type

There are three types of butt-shaping panties designed for different types of women. Let’s take a look at each type

  • Butt lifter with cut-outs: These butt lifters have circular cut-outs on the derriere. If you want lifters that will give you impressive results, buy one with cut-outs. They also offer your bum the relaxation it needs while lifting your bum cheeks. Additionally, these lifters have a thong-like design that many young ladies love.
  • Butt lifter with no cut-outs: If butt lifters with cut-outs aren’t your thing, you can choose this type. They provide the comfort you deserve. Some are designed with padding to enhance your booty’s size. The good thing about these butt enhancers is that they use light material to provide maximum comfort.
  • Butt lifter with supportive bands: These butt lifters have supportive bands around the waist and leg area. They are made from strong elastic strong fabrics that can stretch depending on your needs. This type of lifter is suitable for women who are aging or expectant. Other than restoring the shape and curves of your body to normal, they also give outstanding support to the hip and rear area. 
A black and brown high-waisted shaper panty with a tag placed on a pink background

Butt Type

Buying butt enhancers can be difficult if you don’t know the type of butt you have. Below are some common butt types:

The Square Shape

A square shape bum is popular in ladies whose hips don’t have curves. The most ideal bum-enhancing panties for such ladies are the short ones as they create eye-catching curves. 

Heart Shape

Women with a heart shape behind have thick thighs, a narrow waist, and wide hips. The perfect lifters for women with this type of bum are thong panties.


A V-shaped rear has broadly narrow hips. This is because the butt tends to have the lowest concentration of fat. Instead, the fat is usually concentrated in the upper stomach. Women with this butt type should avoid buying butt lifters with high-cut leg holes.

The Round Shape

This type of bum is also known as a bubble booty. It has a wide length in the middle of the hips. Ladies with this derriere type should invest in a butt lifter with their bum out.

Materials and Construction

The first thing you should check is the materials your butt enhancers are made of. Generally, they are designed from a combination of nylon and spandex. However, you can also find underwear made of polyester or cotton. 

These are also comfortable, though the former is better for their stretchy finish. Additionally, choose enhancers that won’t affect your skin, especially if you are allergic to certain materials. Good enhancers should be made of comfortable and soft-to-wear materials.  

Remember you may want to wear these panties each day. So, put comfort first. If the butt lifter panties have steel boning, ensure they are covered properly so that they don’t dig into your skin.

A white high-waisted shaper panty was placed on a purple background

Padding or No Padding

Some booty lifters have padding while others don’t have to suit your body type. If your butt is flat, choose lifters with some pads to enhance it.

You can also pick lifters with detachable paddings so that you can remove them when you don’t want them. However, ensure the padding is invisible while you’re wearing bottom-lifting shapewear. 


The bum enhancer you buy should be effective and fulfill the exact purpose. If you want enhancers to help slim down your waistline, buy a high waist one. If you only want a booty lift and a cover for your bulges, go for a low waist enhancer. 

Other enhancers are perfect for postpartum women as they help sculpt your body after pregnancy and minimize back pains. 

Related Questions

Is a Butt Lifter Safe After a Cesarean Section?

A butt lifter is safe after a cesarean section as it has no side effects. It can hide the stomach flap you’re likely to have after delivering and help you maintain a flat waistline.

Should I Wear a Butt Enhancer With or Without Pads?

The bum lifter shapewear you wear depends on your needs. If you have a bigger derriere and want a slimmer stomach and waistline, choose a butt enhancer without pads. If you want your bum to look bigger, go for enhancers with pads.

How Do I Stop My Butt Lifter From Rolling up My Thighs?

To stop your butt lifter from rolling up your thighs, ensure your undergarment is designed with high-quality materials, and then pick the right size. Also, check the compression and ensure it is firm and avoid wearing your panty when your skin is still wet.

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Whether you are searching for undergarments to tighten and lift your booty or shapewear with padding to give you an attractive look, the butt lifters I have reviewed above will enhance your derriere, making you feel confident. 


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