Best Racerback Bra [2024 Review]

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A racerback bra is a bra that has a racer-style strap that goes across the shoulder blades. The straps are wider than regular bra straps and can be used for sports and everyday wear. Racerback bras are designed to give more support because they offer extra padding on the shoulders and back.

This makes them popular for women who want to do high-impact exercises like running or jumping. I’ve researched and found the best racerback bra options that will provide comfort throughout the day.

My Top Racerback Bra Reviews

Whether you are walking or running, you need a sports bra that’s supportive and comfortable. The right racerback bra can make a lot of difference while exercising. Here are the top-rated racerback bras on the market.

Reebok Women’s Wireless Sports Bra

If you find underwire bras uncomfortable, the Reebok Women’s Wireless Sports Bra is a great option. Designed for running, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), and everyday use, the bra delivers a classic style cut with a perforated neckline for maximum breathability.

Made from soft, sweat-wicking material, the Reebok women’s bra offers a durable stretch, making it ideal for medium-level activity and any other gym activity. Free from uncomfortable underwire, this lightly padded athletic bra with removable cups keeps your boobs separated and lifted during runs.

The removable cups also allow you to adjust the amount of padding if you prefer a lightweight bra. Unlike other bras with unnatural-looking removable pads, the cups of this no-wire racerback bra are made from polyurethane foam to deliver a natural shape with enough padding. 

Fit to support you, this high-impact bra is designed to move with you through your exercises. Like the Maidenform and Calvena bras below, this racerback sports bra also has a seamless design to keep you comfortable. You can also convert this bra into a bralette as it is designed with crisscross straps. 


  • Can be converted into a bralette
  • Designed with removable cups
  • Lightweight and moisture-wicking
  • Has breathability perforations


  • Unsuitable for women with small breasts 
  • Difficult to fasten at first

Delimira Women’s Underwire Bra

Keep your girls in check with the Delimira Women’s Underwire Bra. This full-coverage, underwire features a fully unlined, double-layer cup that supports your boobs through encapsulation instead of compression. This full-support racerback bra also slims your silhouette as it minimizes bust projection. 

Perforated microfiber material lines the front of this underwire bra for a breathable, cooling fit. For maximum bounce control, support panels cover the top and sides of each cup to stabilize your boobs during intense exercises. The wide, robust under band is super comfortable as it has a soft elastic layer for stability.

The Delimira’s flattering scoop neckline offers enough coverage along with back paneling for a snug fit and long, smoothing microfiber side. This wired racerback bra is also better than the Reebok bra in terms of convenience as it has a front closure.

Additionally, its racerback design provides more support and a wide range of motion. Unlike the Reebok bra that has removable pads, this non-padded bra has a mesh wing to keep you cool and for better smoothing.

It also has adjustable and cushioned straps to give your shoulders maximum comfort. If you want extra support, this bra is a good choice.


  • Provides support and shape by encapsulating the bust
  • Has adjustable and cushioned straps
  • Minimizes bust projection


  • Plastic front closure
  • Runs small

Maidenform Seamless Sports Bra

The Maidenform Seamless Sports Bra provides enough support for high-intensity exercises. Similar to Reebok’s, the Maidenform’s wireless, molded cups separate and lift your breasts to enhance your natural figure.

This compression racerback bra is also lined with a moisture-wicking, soft band to keep your skin comfortable and dry. Apart from being designed with a super soft fabric, the bra has foam-lined cups that shape and support your bust without using wires.

This high compression bra features mesh straps built into each cup to provide a support system that works with both the under band and shoulder straps. Fortunately, you won’t feel the straps because this bra has a flat, seamless construction, providing chafe and irritation-free wear. 

The Maidenform bra also has a modest scoop neckline with a comprehensive pullover design and an adjustable double-layer mesh for a wide range of motion. This seamless sports bra is made of spandex and nylon, flaunting a breathable, quick-drying material. 

Additionally, its built-in cross straps keep you held in tight as it helps improve posture. This mesh-lined racerback bra comes in a variety of colors including white, grey, and black.


  • Its support system reduces bounce and keeps boobs in place
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking material
  • Great for everyday wear


  • Highly compressive fit
  • Very thin and runs small

Calvena Women’s Unlined Bra

If you don’t like your bra straps showing, invest in this Calvena Women’s Unlined Bra. Similar to the Delimira bra, this elegant, seamless bra has a front-closure design to make dressing easy.

Additionally, this unlined bra with mesh details above the cups keeps you comfortable and cool. The straps are also adjustable for a customized fit. Unlike the other bras I have reviewed, this is the only full-coverage racerback bra that has a hook and eye closure for custom sizing. 

This plus-size racerback bra also has side and T-back support with a wider back for smoothing. Free of irritating seams, this unlined bra has a band for comfortable, chafe-free wear. 

The seamless design wears well under your clothes for a bulge-free fit. Constructed from sweat-wicking material with ventilation throughout the bra, this high-impact undergarment keeps you dry and cool while working out. Additionally, its ultra-thin non-padded cups give you a natural look and maximum support.

If you are looking for a full coverage bra with underwires, get this bra. It offers great support and is designed for plus-size cups and full-figured women. The Cavena women’s bra is available in a variety of neutral and vibrant colors.


  • Unlined bra with soft and seamless material
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Has hook and eye closure


  • The lightweight cups aren’t very supportive for fuller figured women

Features To Consider in Racerback Bra

There’s a good reason to invest in a racerback bra that is perfect for your activities and body. An ill-fitting bra can cause skin irritation, as well as back and neck pain while the wrong support level can impact your performance. Here’s what to consider when shopping for your bra: 

It has convertible straps, wicking material, and adjustable bands which are the things you look for in racerback bras

Comparing the Features of the Best Racerback Bras

Bra Bra Type Cup Style Straps
Reebok EncapsulationFull-coverage, removableAdjustable
Delimira EncapsulationFull-coverageAdjustable
Maidenform CompressionFull-coverageFixed
Calvena EncapsulationFull-coverageAdjustable

Bra Type

There are three main types of bras with a racerback style you will come across when shopping.

Encapsulation Bras

Encapsulation bras with racerback style are a great choice for lower-impact workouts and are equipped with two cups that stabilize, support, and lift your boobs when exercising. Encapsulation bras with molded cups also provide a flexible fit without compromising comfort or shape.

The molded cups are usually seamless and offer built-in smoothing coverage. They also distribute the weight within each cup evenly. Note that underwire encapsulation bras have a thin, flexible wire that offers separation and optimal breast lift.

An underwire bra is ideal for ladies with fuller cup sizes as it minimizes bounce and strain. 

Compression Bras

This racerback-style bra is perfect for higher-impact activities. Unlike encapsulation bras, they don’t have individual cups. Instead, they control movement by distributing weight across your chest. Compression bras also limit motion as they press the breast tissue against your body.

Additionally, these bras do not separate the breasts, which can present a minimizing effect. Due to this, compression bras are suitable for smaller cup sizes. These bras are usually stretchy and wire-free for a comfortable fit.

Combination Bras

These bras combine features from both encapsulation and compression bras. Combination bras are great for high-impact activities and provide maximum support. They are also ideal for big-busted women and have compression properties, as well as the molded cups of encapsulation bras.

Combination bras tend to push your boobs against your chest wall to keep them in place.


Racerback bras can be a little bit tricky to put on at first. But once on, they offer some flexibility.

When it comes to adjustability, one size fits all or generically small size through extra-large bras rarely deliver the right level of support for every woman. Bras designed with adjustable bands and shoulder straps allow you to customize the fit to your comfort and support level. 

Larger breasted women need a racerback bra that has adjustable bands.

Moreover, under bands with a hook and eye back closure make dressing easy because you don’t have to pull the bra over your head. Some bras are also equipped with convertible straps, enabling you to change the fit from a straight back fit to a crisscross.

However, do not confuse stretchability with adjustability. If you pull away from the under band from your back, you shouldn’t stretch it more than one inch. Likewise, you shouldn’t pull away from the straps away from your shoulders more than ½ inch.

Woman wearing a blue racerback sports bra

Support Levels

Not all racerback-style bras are suitable for every workout. For instance, high-impact activities require bras with more support while low-impact activities do not need much compression. For this reason, racerback bras are categorized according to the following support levels:

High Impact Bras

High impact racerback bras are suitable for high-impact activities like horseback riding and running. Bras within this category also have more coverage, either through a higher neckline or through wider straps to offer resistance to sudden movement, making them perfect for jogging or HIIT.  

Low Impact Bras

These bras are designed from lightweight materials and are suitable for stretching, walking, lounging, or yoga. Generally, low-impact bras are less built out with decorative or narrow straps.

Low impact bras with racerbacks are great for exercises that do not have sudden movements like yoga or pilates.

Medium Impact Bras

These bras are perfect for slightly intense activities such as cycling, weight training, or skiing. 

Breathability and Material

As your number one exercising companion, your racerback bra should wick away sweat to make you comfortable and keep you dry. Absorbent fabrics such as cotton can trap bacteria and odor and make you feel like you are wearing a wet T-shirt. 

So, go for moisture-wicking fabrics like spandex and nylon with styles that feature perforation or mesh paneling for increased ventilation. 


There are several styles to choose from. However, your best racerback bra style depends on your activity level and preferences. For extra support, choose bras with underwires and removable or built-in cups. 

For upper body movement, look for a racerback bra to give you a wide range of motion. If you can’t find a good fit, pick a bra with hook-eye closures and adjustable straps.

Related Questions

What Are Racerbacks Good For?

Racerbacks are best for breast support. Whether you have small or big breasts, the strap design help distribute breast weight across the bust. The racerback keeps the cups in place to stop your breasts from bouncing.

Are Racerback Bras Good for Posture?

Yes, racerback bras are good for posture. If your shoulders tend to slump forward because of your boobs pulling them down, consider wearing racerback bras, as they can improve your posture. Racerback straps counteract this effect by pulling your shoulders backward.

Is It Good to Wear Racerback Bras Daily?

It is not good to wear racerback bras daily. A racerback bra designed for high-impact games like basketball is not recommended for everyday wear. Such bras are designed to hold your boobs during intensive movements and may become uncomfortable after wearing them for long hours.

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The racerback bras I have reviewed above check off all the boxes. They maintain their color through perspiration and laundering, hold up during the wash and manage sweat. Pick any of the bras if you’re searching for a very supportive and comfortable sports bra.


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