Best Push-Up Sports Bra [2024 Review]

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Sports bras are meant for one function — to compress and hold your breasts in place while working out. A push-up sports bra does more than compress your bust, it also provides lift and support. Looking for a good push-up sports bra? In the article below we review three of the best push-up sports bras on the market.

My Top Push-up Sports Bra Reviews

The Maidenform Custom Lift Underwire Bra is my top pick for the best push-up sports bra. Not only does this bra give your breasts great lift and cleavage, it comes with incredible features that redefine what a sports bra should be.

Maidenform Custom Lift Underwire Bra

The Maidenform Custom Lift Underwire Bra features the bestselling lift technology that provides a customized lift for your bust size. This lifting technology creates a push-up effect for your bust.

Your workout activities may involve some extra movements like jumping or running that may cause discomfort. The Maidenform Custom Lift Underwire Bra comes with motion control cup technology that will prevent your breasts from bouncing too much.

This bra also has a moisture-wicking feature that will help keep you dry while you exercise. This bra comes with adjustable convertible straps which makes it more versatile compared to the Women Racerback Sports Bra and MotoRun Push-up Sports Bra.

If you’re doing high-intensity exercises, this bra isn’t for you. The bra doesn’t provide great support for high-intensity exercises in comparison to the Women Racerback Sports Bra.


  • Customized lift technology for great lift and cleavage
  • Motion control cup technology that prevents your breasts from bouncing
  • Adjustable convertible straps for a more versatile look
  • Comes with moisture-wicking materials that keep you dry 


MotoRun Push-up Sports Bra

The best push-up sports bra next to the Maidenform Bra is the MotoRun Push-up Sports Bra that lifts your breasts to create great-looking cleavage. This bra comes with several straps in a criss-cross style that is super cute and fashionable.

This bra keeps you cool during exercise due to its breathable stretch mesh lining. This bra is also made of a sweat-wicking material like the Maidenform Lift Underwire Bra that keeps you from getting wet because of too much sweat during a workout session.

One drawback for this bra is that you need to choose a bigger size than your actual size because the cups may not work well for larger breasts. This bra is also hard to get on and off. 


  • Lifts your breasts for nice-looking cleavage
  • Sweat-wicking material to keep you dry from sweat
  • Breathable stretch mesh lining that keeps you cool and dry


  • This bra may not work well for women with a bigger bust size
  • Hard to get on and off

Women High Impact Sports Bra

If you’re looking for an economical push-up sports bra that’s good for high-intensity workouts, you may like the Women High Impact Sports Bra. Since it’s a padded sports bra, it adds volume to your breasts. The padding provides a push-up effect to your breasts, creating nice-looking cleavage. 

In terms of overall support, this bra does a better job than the other two bras on my list. This heavy duty support makes this bra great for training sessions and workouts with a high-intensity level. This bra comes with wide straps and a double straight-strap feature, and is the most affordable one bra on my list.

Just like the MotoRun Push-up Sports Bra, it comes with a breathable mesh to keep you cool. One concern about this bra is the quality of the material. If you’re looking for a high-quality sports bra, this is not for you. However, this bra still does the job.


  • Offers great support for high-intensity workout sessions
  • Features a breathable mesh to keep you cool and dry
  • Affordable


  • Made with poor quality material
  • Bra run small and you will need to size up one or two sizes

Features to Consider for Push-up Sports Bra

The best push-up sports bra has distinct features that make it very effective. To make sure you are picking the right push-up sports bra, consider the following features: 

Comparing Push-Up Sports Bra Features

Bra Cups Straps Structure
Maidenform Custom Lift Full coverage cupsMulti-wayWired band with center gore
MotoRun Yoga Top Thinly lined, triangle cupsCrisscross backWireless band
Double Couple Full coverage cups with removable padsRacerbackWireless

Lift and Support

Choose a push-up sports bra with excellent lift and support features. Choose a bra that creates a subtle uplift of your breasts and improves your cleavage. The Maidenform Custom Lift Underwire Bra is one example of a push-up sports bra with these two features.

It offers adjustable straps, it lifts and supports, has a thick band, and it wicks sweat which are the things you look for in a push-up bra sports bra

Sweat Wicking Material

Workouts and exercising are sweaty business. Choose a sports bra with a sweat-wicking material so that you’ll stay dry and cool, plus avoid chafing.

The MotoRun Push-up Sports Bra and Women High Impact Bra are two great examples of sports bras with sweat-wicking fabric.

Impact Level

Sports bras come in three impact levels — low, medium, and high. Low-level impact bras are good for light workouts such as yoga. If you’re doing a high-intensity exercise, then choose a high-impact sports bra. Medium-impact sports bras are for exercises that fall somewhere in between.

The Women High Impact Bra, as its name suggests, is an example of a high-impact sports bra. On the other hand, the Maidenform Custom Lift Underwire Bra is a medium-impact bra while MotoRun Push-up Bra is a low-impact sports bra. 

Adjustable Straps

Pull-over sports bras lose their strap’s elasticity after a few years. This is why adjustable straps are a great option. The Maidenform Custom Lift Underwire Bra is an example of a sports bra with adjustable straps.

Bands and Panels

The role of the bra band is to support your breasts. The back and side panels prevent side spillage. It is important to choose a push-up sports bra with a thick band and side support panels. MotoRun Push-up Sports Bra and Women High Impact Bra are examples of push-up sports bras with a thick bra band.

Woman wearing a black sports bra

The Maidenform Custom Lift Underwire Bra is one example that features mesh side panels that provide great support. 

Related Questions

Can I Wear a Sports Bra Every Day?

Yes, you can wear a sports bra every day. However, a long duration of wearing a bra with tight bands or excessively compressive cups may be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right fit or material.

Do You Need a High-Impact Bra for Running?

Yes, it’s a good idea to wear a high-impact sports bra for running. If you have a small chest and run slowly, you may find that a medium impact sports bra gives you enough support.

How Should a Sports Bra Fit?

A properly-fitting sports bra should keep the breasts encapsulated and fitted. The breasts should point up and be centered on your chest, with no side and top spillage.

What Is a Push-Up Bra? (Yes, You Should Try One)


The lift and support a push-up sports bra can give you far outweigh the benefits of your everyday sports bra. Pick a variety of styles to find the one suited for your needs. As a rule of thumb, choose one that makes you feel comfortable. If you want a level-up from a regular sports bra, try a push-up sports bra


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