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Sometimes slouching feels so much better than keeping your back straight. Even if you know it’s good for you, sitting or standing up straight can feel like a chore you have to force yourself to do. Posture bras are one of the best kinds of bra for helping solve this problem. We found the best posture bras to help you stop your habit of slouching down, and a bonus of features to consider to help you decide which to get.

Top Posture Bra Reviews

Posture bras may have a common denominator in their function of correcting your form, but each one comes with different technology, style, or design, catering to different types of women. Better support for the breasts and the back—that’s what these posture bras we picked out are best known for. Read on for each of their specific features you might want to filter through to find the most compatible one for your preferences.


​Bra Type


Size Range

​Lined or Unlined

​True to Size?


​Leonisa Perfect Everyday Posture Corrector

Demi full back coverage​

Back closure

​Band: 34-38
Cup: B-C



​Exquisite Form Fully Front Close Cotton Bra

​Full back coverage

Front closure
Band: 34-46

Cup: B-DD


​Playtex 18-Hour Posture Support Bra

​Full back coverage

Front closure

​Band: 36-46

Cup: B-DD



​Exquisite Form Fully Front Close Posture Bra with Lace

Full back coverage​

Front closure

​Band: 34-​46

Cup: B-DD



​Glamorise Complete Comfort Wirefree T-Back Bra


Front closure

​Band: 34-48

Cup: C-H



Best Overall Posture Bra: Leonisa Perfect Everyday Posture Corrector Sports Bra

The ​Leonisa Perfect Everyday Posture Corrector​ Sports Bra is quite a popular recommendation. It’s making rounds in several buying guides, and rightly so. This bra checks off many commendable features and it’s not hard on the eyes too. It’s for these same reasons that we’ve picked it out as the best overall posture bra.

Some of the most prominent qualities that make it so appealing are its sports bra qualities, the underwires, and the cami look. It’s not called a “perfect everyday posture corrector” for nothing. It can be worn appropriately for different kinds of functions.

The Kyphosis or hunchback brace, or the x-shaped reinforcement at the back, is what’s responsible for releasing tension from your back. It aligns your back with the neck, and pulls your shoulders back to keep a straight posture.

Below it, you’ll find back wings that also remove bulges that appear typically at the edge of your bra on the stomach and underarm areas. The cami style of this bra is also a design element that functions to smoothen your back. To add appeal to your appearance when wearing this bra, the PowerSlim technology provide a slimming effect to your upper body.

​The band, which is made with generously stretchable elastic, supports your busts and keeps your chest supported throughout the day. It won’t dig into your skin, and neither would the underwires on the cups. If anything, they lift up your breasts and shape them with soft, contouring cups even without restrictive padding.

  • ​Demi full coverage back bra
  • ​88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane
  • ​Back hook and eye closure
  • ​Double layered ​PowerSlim criss cross style brace
  • ​High back design smooths back and sides
  • ​Adjustable straps that won't dig in

The sizing is standard and they are available for average-sized breasts. If you’re not in need of wide-ranging adjustability, stretchy fabrics, and padding, this bra would be the best bet for you. The only downsides are its possibility to stretch out with regular wear and the hooks at the back that might not be convenient for some women.

This Leonisa bra still looks a lot like your regular bra, which not a lot of posture bras can pull off without sacrificing function. This balances support, comfortability, technology, and aesthetic well to achieve a bra that can be worn for everyday and even for sporty activities.

Why Buy?

​Heavy duty structured bra that doesn't skimp on sex appeal.​

Best Posture Bra for the Money: Exquisite Form Front Close Cotton Bra

Anything with comfort as its top priority is worth the money. ​Exquisite Form Fully Front Close Cotton Posture Bra knows how to provide comfort without losing its posture-correcting functionality. That’s what a good posture bra should do and this does it well.

Made with 100% reinforced breathable cotton, this bra will be more airy than most other options, making it suitable for women who sweat fast or who can’t stand irritable, stiff fabrics. The cups, which also have a perforated mesh material on the top edges, have the same feel as cozy sweaters and pajamas, but also supportive only for your breasts. The straps are also cushioned, reducing the strain and tension on your shoulders.

For the actual posture correcting feature, this Exquisite Form bra also has a criss-crossed powernet at the back to reinforce a straightened but supported upper back and pulled-back shoulders. This is how it corrects your posture without being too restrictive.

This bra is one of many that has a front clasp. It’s the same hook-and-eye closure, but there are 5 layers of it for extra security. This makes dressing up faster and more convenient.

  • ​Full coverage back bra
  • ​100% Cotton
  • ​Front hook and eye closure
  • Cool cotton material for breathability
  • ​Reinforced powernet to straighten shoulders and back
  • ​Wide cushioned straps for comfort

The major downside to this bra is the lack of adjustability. You can’t really adjust the closure because it doesn’t offer many sets of hook columns, and the shoulder straps are fixed to the fabrics length. However, this bra is available in a wide range of sizes, for the band and the cups including those with double D breasts.

In summary, the cotton cups, cushioned straps, front closure, and powernet criss-crossed back are the four main features of Exquisite Form’s posture bra. To us, that seems like a simplified version of our first overall pick, but the comfort is amped up in this bra, making it as worthy of getting as the other posture bra.

Why Buy?

​Cool and breathable fabric with premium support.

Best Cheap Posture Bra: Playtex Women's 18 Hour Posture Support Bra

Playtex Women's 18 Hour Posture Support Bra is a good representation of Playtex’s 70-year expertise in the bra-making industry. It’s a lot like the Exquisite Form bra in appearance, but it also shows some similarities with the Leonisa bra.

In its external appearance, this bra has the same front closure as the previous bra, though this one employs more hooks in the gore and is adjustable. The straps are roughly the same thickness, are similarly cushioned, but this one provides adjustability with a slider at the back. Not only will the material feel soft on the skin, the adjustable length will prevent it from digging on your shoulders.

For aiding your posture, the Powersupport X technology is used to protect and support your back. You can see it in the x-shaped bordered seaming at the back. It improves your posture, and makes you look taller and slimmer too with a back-smoothing feature.

As for the support on the breasts, we can say this bra doesn’t slack on that aspect. The cups may not be made with pure soft cotton, but they’re made with the stretchable nylon and spandex that expand according to your breasts natural shape.

​In addition, this bra also incorporates a magic rings technology that lift and support your breasts from the side. That and a wide range of sizing will make this suitable for women with large breasts, especially those that tend to fall sidewards.

  • ​Full ​coverage back bra
  • ​85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
  • ​Front ​hook and eye closure​
  • ​Powersupport x bra for improved back support and posture
  • ​Magic rings technology in the cups to help support and lift
  • ​Comfort cushion straps with back strap adjustment

The supportiveness of the bra from the front also aids the back support to enforce a correct posture. With support from both sides, this bra can be worn comfortably for 18 hours straight without encountering discomfort or any other problems. The only reason you’ll want to remove this is for the concern for your muscles in the chest, back, and shoulders and to maintain their strength.

This also comes in a price tag that’s equal to a regular shirt, so this won’t hurt your wallet at all. For the technology and features it comes with, this is a bra you don’t have to think twice about.

Why Buy?

​Maximum comfort and support for ​a fraction of the cost.

Best Stylish Posture Bra: Exquisite Form Front Close Bra With Lace

A little diversion from the highly-functional posture bras we’ve reviewed so far, the ​Exquisite Form Fully Front Close Posture Bra with Lace is the best stylish posture bra we’ve seen so far. That’s not to say it doesn’t fulfill the as much functionality as the others, but this one focuses on design and aesthetic, and that’s mainly what makes it so appealing to women.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the deep neckline and the lace overlay on the cups extending to the straps. The other bras may have the same V neckline, but this bra makes it so much more obvious. The two features immediately set sensuality as the advantage of this bra, which might be hard to achieve with a posture bra.

This is the kind of posture-supporting bra to wear for special occasions and for when you just want to be dressier in all layers of your outfit without leaving out comfort and support.

This bra is a lot like the other Exquisite Form bra, except it uses a blend of fabrics for its materials. It has the same powernet support at the criss-crossed back that reinforces an aligned spine, the thick straps, and durable elastic.

  • ​Full coverage back bra
  • ​Nylon, Spandex, Polyester
  • ​Front hook and eye closure
  • ​Double support undercups for premium comfort
  • ​Reinforced powernet to straighten shoulders and back
  • ​Gentle lift for youthful support

With a lot of similarities, this bra also has the same negative quality as the other Exquisite Form bra’s lack of adjustability. Additionally this bra is not sized accurately so there might be some discrepancy with your true measurement and the size of this bra that actually fits you.

Other than that, this bra is something we’d still consider for its beautiful design. Sometimes that’s enough of a reason to stick to a product, and this one makes it worth it.

Why Buy?

A fashionable alternative to the ​supportive comfort and design.

Best Minimal Posture Bra: Glamorise Complete Comfort T-Back Bra

For lazy days where you don’t have anything planned out, you might think to skip the posture bra for the day, but why do that when you can just get one that’s specifically for a situation like that? The ​Glamorise Complete Comfort Cotton T-Back Bra is the best casual posture bra that you wear for the most minimal restriction yet equally supportive construction.

What makes this different is the racerback style, which is usually used for sports bras rather than other types of bras. However, it works well because the style is the most supportive for the back. This bra doesn’t use any technology unlike other bras, but the racerback is enough on its own to reinforce a straightened back. It’s also decked out with a floral lace design, which makes it look better than having plain solid colored.

This bra also boasts self-adjusting cups. The name doesn’t lie because the bra is made with stretch cups that will adjust to your breasts’ natural fall throughout the day. This is even suitable for resting, lounging, or sleeping, so you don’t have reason to doubt the complete comfort quality of this bra.

Like the previous four posture bras, this one has front closure as well. Five hook-and-eye fastenings will secure the bra to your chest, and two columns of it allows you to adjust it accordingly.

  • ​Racerback style
  • ​60% Cotton, 30% Nylon, 10% Elastane
  • ​Front hook and eye closure
  • ​Stretch cups for custom fit
  • ​Wide straps for lasting comfort and support
  • ​Sheer floral lace overlay at the back for breathability

Even without the fancy technology or the complicated construction, this Glamorise bra can still provide some support for your back, shoulders, and chest that can ultimately change your slouching habits.

Sitting and standing upright even during lounging moments when you’re most unaware of your posture will be easier to do until it eventually becomes your new normal. This bra is really for the women who aren’t suffering from grave posture problems yet, but need the reinforcement to avoid incurring those problems in the future.

Why Buy?

A laid back style and design that gets the job done.​

Who Needs to Wear a Posture Bra

Some women are more inclined to have problems with their posture because of the nature of their work or their breast size. These are two uncontrollable factors that contribute to poor posture. Women who has office jobs typically spend their day hunched towards their desks and computers, which isn’t a good form for the back.

Usually plus-sized women and women with large breasts also encounter posture problems because of the weight of their breasts. It can lead them to slouch the shoulders inwards, putting the spine in an unnatural curvature. This can be done subconsciously and so the effects would just show without warning.

Others who encounter posture problems, and who can benefit from posture bras, include:

  • ​Women with Naturally Poor Posture - Some women grow up with poor posture because that’s what they’ve been used to since childhood. By the time they grow boobs too, posture bras are gonna be needed right away to prevent the weight of the breasts from having them slouch forward even more.
  • ​Women with Chronic Back or Neck Pain - Back and neck pain are signs that the spine isn’t aligned as it should be, and these symptoms are also what birthed bras for back pain. It takes a toll on those two areas, and so posture bras can help straighten it out much better than regular bras can.
  • ​Women Who’ve Gone Through Surgery in the Back, Neck, or Shoulders - These three are the major areas that affect your posture the most. Wearing posture bras after surgery in any of the three will help you maintain a good posture while also speeding up the healing process. Plus, it's a good bra to have aside from your shoulder ​support bra.
  • Women who suffer from migraines or muscle tension headaches - Pain is relative, so headaches and migraines can also be a sign that the ache from not having the right posture is translating to your brain or head as well.
Rear view close up of a woman's nape

Features to Consider in Bras Designed for Posture

Posture bras are built to do two things at once. The standard posture bra is meant to work as a bra and a posture corrector or brace, but not every posture bra will be created the same with equal functionality in both aspects. These features to consider will help you manage your expectations better.


Comfort is a pretty common factor that applies to almost everything you wear on your body, but that’s also the first thing that’s usually compromised when you expect something like a posture bra to fulfill its function. This is a priority that will ultimately decide the effectivity of your posture bra. It won’t be able to correct your form if you don’t feel comfortable in it and don’t want to wear it anyway.


The material of your posture bras have a major say in how comfortable they will feel. Posture bras require the sturdiest fabrics to create any kind of impact to your posture. For it to take effect, they’re usually made with blends of lycra, spandex, and nylon fabrics to provide ample stretchability. These are also the same types of material used to ​create your favorite compression leggings, so you can imagine ​what that feels like on your chest.

However, they are also usually seamed and constructed in a style that’s a little restrictive to reinforce some compression to correct the form of the spine and to lift your breasts as needed. Sometimes, mesh is incorporated or added for its cooling capabilities. It’s probably the material you need to look for if you’re someone who easily gets hot and sweats a lot since posture bras are made with more fabric and usually have thicker parts.


It’s imperative for posture bras to come in a variety of sizes. Women with differently-sized and -shaped breasts can encounter posture problems, not only women with large breasts. Measuring yourself for a posture bra is the same as how to measure your breasts for a regular bra. It’s usually determined by the band and cup size, but brands may differ in sizing.

When shopping for posture bras, make sure you have your correct measurements, then consider the brand you’re eyeing for their sizing charts. Read up on the remarks of people who’ve already gotten the posture bra you’re considering to know if they fit smaller, larger, or if it’s true to size.


Adjustability in posture bras are quite rare and different than in standard bras. They can’t just have a slider on the straps because the bras are assembled different, often with crossed backs and front closures. However, some posture bras incorporate adjustable elements in other ways like hooks on the shoulders. Finding bras with some kind of adjustable features will make the fit even more customized for your body and breasts.

Type and Placement of Hooks

As we mentioned, many posture bras have the fastening in front or in the gore, like a lot of sports bras nowadays. This is especially convenient for women who can’t reach back enough to fasten their bras or women who’ve undergone surgery who can’t lift or extend their arms too much.


Choosing a posture bra gets easier when you know where you need the most support. Whether it’s the back, shoulders, or breasts, you can filter through your options by focusing on how the posture bra can support you in specific areas. An example of a good support for the shoulders can be padded shoulder straps. With the creativity and technology we have now, it’s more likely that there will be a posture bra for your specific needs.


Where you’ll wear a posture bra is also a factor to consider when shopping for one. If you have an active or sporty lifestyle, you may want a posture bra that can be worn while training, working out, or doing strenuous activities. A posture bra can be as supportive as sports bras, but you might also want other qualities of the latter incorporated into a posture bra. For example, bras made with sweat-wicking materials will be more comfortable.

On the other hand, if you intend to wear a posture bra in a dressier setting, lace details and other delicate materials will be more appropriate. Some posture bras incorporate them into the cups, mimicking the design of sensual push-up bras., or even the trendy bralette.

Additional Tips for Wearing Posture-Correction Bras

  • ​Don’t wear posture bras for a whole day (24 hours). Doing so would weaken the muscles in your back and make them even more ill-equipped to maintain a correct posture.
  • ​Consult your physician or physical therapist for the right posture bra for your needs. Not all posture bras are created equal. Some will be more appropriate for your situation, especially if you’re just recovering from surgery.
  • ​Make a return if necessary. Many women wear the wrong bra, either because of the wrong size or the wrong kind of bra. Making the same mistake with posture bras can have consequences, so don’t hesitate to return or exchange a posture bra if it doesn’t fit in the right way.
Woman bends over the back of a chair in a white bra


When staring at a computer screen all day or writing something down on paper, we forget, ignore, or underestimate the benefits of having good posture until the first signs of back ache start to manifest. Then, it’s almost too late to reverse it or change habits. Before they even begin to show, prevent those posture problems with these posture bras. Your future self will thank you for wearing them.

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