Best Plunge Bra [2024 Review]

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Are you looking for the perfect bra for a natural-looking cleavage? A plunge bra can do wonders for your bust, whether you have large, sagging, or small breasts. This is why I’m giving you options for the best plunge bra to make you look effortlessly curvy and alluring in every outfit.

My Top Plunge Bra Reviews

After sifting through numerous options, I found that the Chantelle Women’s Festive Lace Plunge Bra is the best plunge bra because of its lightly lined cups, low-cut neckline, and fully adjustable straps.

Flaunt your fabulous cleavage without bras peeking through your plunging outfits. I’m giving more options that would fit different levels of support and lift.

Best Plunge Bra Overall: Chantelle Women’s Festive Lace Plunge Bra

The Chantelle Women’s Festive Lace Plunge Bra is a supportive yet discreet bra for your deep-neck shirts, dresses, and gowns. The angled cups create a deep plunge and a rounded neckline in the center of the bra. This ensures your breasts get a lift while showing a little more skin.

Like the Natori Plunge Bra, this bra uses lightly lined cups to accentuate the boobs. This is ideal for smaller-breasted ladies who need a gentle push without the compression from a standard push-up bra.

The bra sits comfortably against the body, without the straps and underwire digging into the skin. Even the stretch lace helps support the cups as the bra distributes the weight of the breasts.

The downside is that the bra only has two hook-and-eye closures. While it has the same number as the Wacoal Embrace Bra, the Chantelle bra has a broader band, making the back cinch slightly higher.


  • Lightweight cups with stretch lace provide enough support and coverage.
  • Uses contoured demi cups for an instant lift without the unnecessary bulk.


  • Can’t convert the straps to crisscross for back support.
  • The lace details only lie on the cups, not sewed on.

Best Multiway Plunge Bra: Natori Women’s Feathers Plunge Bra

The Natori Women’s Feathers Plunge Bra will be your ultimate best friend if you have several clothes with tricky necklines. A lower cup dip in the center will support the same way as a regular bra, yet with less coverage for your skin-baring tops.

Unlike the others, this is the only plunge bra that allows you to transform it into a strapless, crisscross, halter, or regular strap. Even when you wear it as a strapless bra, the wide band and underwire will keep the bra in place without unwanted side bulges.

Similar to the Wacoal Embrace Bra, the Natori Plunge Bra uses angled cups and lump-free lining to cradle the breasts without spilling over the top. The combination of polyester cups and nylon mesh guarantees a snug fit even if you need to dance around.

If you have large, wide-set breasts, it could be pretty challenging to wear the bra for extended periods as you may feel friction along the lining. However, if you have a shallow bust, the bra would fit nicely without any gaping.


  • It includes a silicone trim inside the band for no-slip fit even while wearing the most risque tops.
  • The mesh overlay helps smooth out some overflow at the top of the bust.


  • Cup sizes run small, so you may have to consider two sizes larger.
  • The cup may sometimes fold at the bottom when you need to bend down.

Best Plunge Bra for Large-Breasted Women: Wacoal Women’s Embrace Lace Plunge Contour Bra

The Wacoal Women’s Embrace Lace Plunge Contour Bra is an excellent option for ladies with large breasts because its stretch foam demi cups lift the breasts without squeezing them up. In effect, it will only shape your natural assets without risking spillage.

The Wacoal Embrace Bra uses a V-plunge neckline instead of Natori’s rounded neckline. This makes it suitable if you prefer less coverage while ensuring the cups sit securely beneath low necklines.

Since the cups mainly consist of nylon, they tend to repel water and moisture. This means it would be better to wear the Wacoal Embrace Plunge Bra than Chantelle’s Festive Bra if you’ll be doing activities that make you sweaty.

The sideband isn’t as broad as Chantelle’s or Natori’s. However, the angled cups help keep the outer section of the breasts supported and covered even if you wear outfits with daring plunge necklines.


  • The stretch lace enhances the fit for all breast shapes and types.
  • Includes full adjustable straps you can convert to criss cross style.


  • High lace details connected to the straps may feel itchy on the skin.
  • Uses more synthetic materials than the other plunge bras.

Features to Consider for a Plunge Bra

The right-fitting plunge bra can create beautiful cleavage for any bust size. However, you should also consider other aspects when choosing a bra, especially support.

Comparing Plunge Bra Features

Bra Structure Plunge Style Straps
Chantelle Festive Lace WiredV-plungeStandard straps 
Natori Women’s Feathers WiredRounded V-plungeMultiway straps
Wacoal Women’s Embrace WiredV-plungeStandard to crisscross straps 

Plunge Style

Unlike most demi bras, classic plunge bras have extra-deep plunges that work great for clothes with low necklines. The bras on this list have deep V-shaped dips, although the Natori Feathers Bra has a rounded neckline.

Supportive Straps

The problem with some bra straps is that they cause chafing, especially when worn for a long time. It’s a good thing that the bras on this list use wide-set straps that connect to a V-plunge to distribute the weight of the bust.

A woman wearing a white plunge bra and green shorts holding a blue mug standing near a window

Despite the wide-set straps, they remain discreet underneath barely-there clothes. These would sit toward the collarbone’s outer parts, much closer to your shoulders than the regular bra. 

Even if they sit near the shoulders’ edge, they would fit snugly without digging into the arms or slipping off the shoulders. What’s more, the Natori and Wacoal plunge bras have adjustable straps that you can convert into criss cross style.


The plunge bras include underwires for lift and shape. If you have a large breast size, underwired plunge bras offer more support, reducing back pain. An underwire can also help in breast separation.

Black plunge underwired bra with adjustable straps placed on a white mannequin


If you need more lift to enhance the cleavage, you need reinforced cups to push the breasts upwards. The angled cups of the plunge bras move the boobs forward and up. All of the bras have no padding, although the Chantelle and Natori plunge bras incorporate lightweight lining for an extra boost.


The plunge bra material should balance comfort and functionality. Chantelle Festive Plunge Bra mainly consists of polyamide, enabling the bra to feel smooth and like a second skin. The Natori Feathers Bra uses polyester, making it more durable and moisture-wicking. 

On the other hand, the Wacoal Embrace Bra incorporates nylon for a more stretchable yet supportive fit when you need to engage in rigorous activities. Additionally, they all have lace lining on the cups to add support and sensuality.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains that the best time to wear a plunge bra for instant lift is when you are wearing a low cut top and dresses

Related Questions

How Can I Make Small Boobs Look Big?

The key to making small boobs look big is to avoid flattening bras. Get a well-fitted balconette, demi, push-up, or plunge bra that can enhance the cleavage. You may also consider bras with extra padding or inserts. Another way is to wear tight-fitting clothes that can accentuate the chest.

What’s the Difference Between a Plunge and Push-Up Bra?

A push-up bra uses padding at the bottom of the cups to lift the breasts, whereas a majority of plunge bras only include a lining to push the breasts. A plunge bra maximizes your natural assets to create cleavage.

What’s the Difference Between a Balconette and Plunge Bra?

The cup structure of a good balconette bra creates a horizontal straight line, whereas a plunge bra forms a deep V. Balconette bras use wide straps to lift the cups and form a bulge on top. Meanwhile, a plunge bra uses angled cups and underwires to create the illusion of bigger breasts.

What Is a Plunge Bra? (And EXACTLY When You Need To Wear One!)


The best plunge bra from this list will become virtually invisible underneath low–cut dresses or V-cut shirts. Whether you want one with convertible straps or a moderate push-up effect, my options will give you the right level of support and minimal coverage for your revealing necklines.


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