Best Padded Panty [2024 Review]

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If you want to boost your backside’s appearance without getting implant surgeries, all you need is to wear the best-padded panty. In this article, I’m giving you all the necessary information and options in choosing the right padded underwear, so that you can achieve a new level of glow up in your rear side.

Top Padded Panty Reviews

The best padded underwear can give you an instant butt lift in a discreet way. As long as you’re comfortable with the style and fit, you won’t even think you’re wearing padded underwear.

With these booty-padded panties, you can enjoy the booty-enhancing effect way less expensive and invasive than undergoing a surgical procedure.

Bubbles Bodywear Insta Booty Padded Panty 

Bubbles Bodywear pioneered the butt-flattering underwear industry in 2003. Since then, it continues to design and produce innovative and high-quality shapewear with customizable butt-boosting features and beautiful designs.

One of the brand’s most valuable padded panties for women is the Insta Booty Padded Panty that can boost your buttocks and make them appear firmer. 

This padded panty mostly consists of nylon with a bit of spandex, yet the crotch gusset uses cotton. Meanwhile, the booty pads use polyurethane foam as it is one of the most durable yet comfortable materials for padding. 

The paddings create a natural feel when you press it or sit since the pocket sleeves hold them in place. The best part about this butt-enhancing underwear is that you can choose between one set of thin pads and another set of thick padding. 

If you’re having a hard time making your jeans flatter your backside, this is the best-padded panty that can give your square buttocks the right amount of firm roundness. 

Fullness Silicone Buttocks

Wondering what it’s like wearing a girdle and padded underwear at the same time? The Fullness Silicone Buttocks gives control like a girdle to slim fats in the stomach and waist area while using silicone paddings to add a natural lift to your backside.  

Rather than the typical oval, the silicone pads come in a round shape, so that this shapewear panty can transform your buttocks into rounded or heart-shaped ones.

Since the padded butt underwear has a snug fit, the use of rounded paddings makes you look good, especially on tight-fitting clothes like leggings. The underwear combines nylon and spandex to boost shape-lifting properties.

In this way, you won’t have to worry about the pads sliding to the sides. Unlike the first underwear, which uses foam, the silicone pads of this padded bum underwear are waterproof, keeping you dry and comfortable even on a hot day. 

KIWI RATA Women’s Seamless Butt Lifter

Whether you have small hips or flat buttocks, the KIWI RATA Women’s Seamless Butt Lifter helps define the hip and create natural-looking buttocks.

If you have an inverted or V-shape type of buttocks, the low to mid-rise cut of this padded underwear for ladies looks more flattering on your body.

This padded panty uses polyester and spandex to ensure comfort and breathability, while also keeping the soft detachable pads fit inside the pockets. These features provide a subtle extra lift, letting you have a sleek look, free of unsightly bulges regardless of the outfit. 

Even if this butt-padded underwear has a boy shorts style, the addition of chic lace trim results in a more feminine vibe. Likewise, the style enables you to wear this panty under skirts without the need to wear cycling shorts.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Padded Panty 

Padded panties offer various features, which is why it’s vital that you weigh these factors in order to find the most realistic padded underwear for your needs.

Graphic image of a blue underwear that explains that the best padded panties have high waist and made from nylon

Comparing Padded Panty Features

Panty Style Padding Butt-enhancing seams?
Bubbles Bodywear Insta Booty High briefsPocket foamYes
Fullness Buttocks HipsterSiliconeNo
KIWI RATA Enhancer BoyshortDetachable foamYes


While it’s ideal to wear cotton underwear for breathability, natural fibers tend to lose form easily, which is something you don’t want with padded panties. Instead, you need something to hold the underwear’s shape while supporting the extra paddings and your buttocks. 

In this case, it would be better to consider underwear with padding, mainly consisting of nylon, spandex, or polyester. You can still incorporate cotton, like the one from Bubbles Bodywear that uses cotton for the crotch gusset. 

Fit According to Butt Type

Some ladies prefer underwear to be tight, while others favor a non-binding fit. Either way, what matters most is that the fit compliments your butt type, and the padded undergarments create a realistic shape-enhancing look.

Woman adjusting her white panties
  • Inverted: This style of panties with paddings tends to be the most common shape, especially among aged women as the fat from the buttocks moves to other parts of the body. Consider low to mid-rise underwear with lower-cut leg openings. 
  • Square: Instead of going to the buttocks, the fats go to the sides of the waist.  Opt for booty-padded underwear with cheeky bottoms and high-cut leg openings.   
  • Heart: Also known as the A-shape, the rear side resembles an upside-down heart. This typically means the bum is biggest towards the bottom, which usually creates an illusion of a thinner waist. If you have this type, it would be better to go for cheeky, seamless underwear with paddings.
  • Round: Sometimes referred to as the bubble butt, this type of butt pads underwear creates an equal plump from the top to the bottom of the cheeks. Compatible with low-coverage panties with high-cut leg openings.

Underwear Style

When choosing stuffed panties to make the butt look bigger, the underwear style is another crucial factor in knowing whether it’s the right fit or not.

If the style is too tight, especially when you add the paddings, you might experience skin irritation, rashes, or chafing.

  • Shapewear: Most padded panties fall under this category as the pads aim to make the backside firm. By improving bum shape, this type of underwear lets you achieve a more flattering silhouette. 
  • Silicone Padded: This underwear style provides a noticeable boost for your backside. Some underwear includes sewn-in silicone pads, while others have removable ones. 
  • High Waist: Some ladies have more fats in the stomach area instead of the buttocks. With high waist underwear, you can smooth out belly fat while improving the shape of the rear side. 
  • Boy Shorts: This is a form of shapewear with paddings that provides more coverage and comfort. Boy shorts and padded panties also tend to have lace edging to add a feminine touch. 
Woman wearing padded panties underneath her tight fuschia dress

Related Questions

When Should I Wear Padded Panties?

You can wear padded panties anytime you need an instant boost to the buttocks. When styled properly, you can use it for formal bodycon outfits, casual attire, or work clothes.

Can People Feel Butt Pads?

Yes, people can feel butt pads. However, silicone pads have a more realistic feel than foam.

How Long Can I Wear Padded Underwear?

You can wear padded underwear for as long as necessary. It’s just like a regular bra, although with extra padding.

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Whether it’s to add protection for your backside or enhance the firmness of your buttocks, the best padded panty on the market proves beneficial in taking care of the body. Make sure to consider your style and comfort, so that you can enjoy wearing premium underwear with paddings even for long hours.  


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