Best Nursing Bras for Large Busts [2024 Review]

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As pregnant women know, your body goes through a lot of changes throughout the duration of pregnancy. One area you will likely see significant changes to are your breasts. As you begin nursing your baby, you’ll want to swap out your normal bras for nursing bras.

If you had large breasts before pregnancy, having your bust size increase by another cup size or two can take a toll on your body. Finding the best nursing bras for large busts is key to becoming more comfortable in your everyday life as a mom.

Reviews of the Top Nursing Bras for Large Busts

​I researched and reviewed the best nursing bras for D cup and larger and compiled a list of the top rated ones that work well for big boobs. Below, the table highlights each nursing bra and some of their features. The bra for nursing I reviewed are ones made with large busts in mind.

If you don’t want to read my entire article and are just interested in my top pick, I recommend the Maternity Women’s Microfiber Underwire Nursing Bra from Anita. This bra feels soft and comfortable against large, sensitive boobs. This bra gets my vote for being one of the best nursing bras for large breasts.

One of the primary reasons is that this nursing bra provides the biggest range of sizes for larger breasted women while also providing maximum comfort.

Kindred Bravely Marvella Maternity & Nursing Bra

​A Cribsie Award Academy Star Winner, Kindred Bravely Marvella Classic Maternity & Nursing Underwire Free Bra is a mom-approved and loved bra. Both a maternity and nursing bra, this is the kind that lasts you through your pregnancy to your journey as a new mom, especially if you have large breasts.

Kindred Bravely is well-aware of the fickle sizes of regular bras, but more so of maternity and nursing bras. Your body changes throughout the pregnancy and most especially after birth. When your milk starts coming in, your breasts become larger than normal and can go up one or two cup sizes.

For women who were already a D cup or larger before pregnancy, that means becoming anything from a DD to potentially a K. The stretchable material of the entire Marvella bra adapts to the changes in your body, without losing efficiency.

This is great for women with D cups or larger, as the stretchy material will feel less restrictive. ​Marvella carries sizes that go up to 40 for the band size and F for the cup size, which makes this suitable for women who already have big breasts, to begin with.

More specifically, the expansive sizes cater to women with D or DD cups as they would probably need E and F cup bras during this time period. The Marvella comes in two variations: the Classic and the Luxe. The Classic Marvella is a clasp-free version in a racerback style.

The Luxe, on the other hand, lets you ease into the bra more with a standard eye-hook at the back. The two styles target different dilemmas women with large breasts are usually faced with: either the lack of support at the center of the upper back or the inability to easily reach back to fasten bra clasps respectively.

After birthing the baby out of your womb, the next thing you’ll have to carry is milk-filled breasts, which can burden your back as much as the tiny human did. The Classic’s racerback eases the pain by supporting your upper spine, which great for larger chests.

However, this sports bra style nursing bra may not be the most comfortable when being put on and taken off. If your large boobs are sensitive (which can be very common), having to pull a bra over your chest might be painful. This is why the Luxe version exists!

​The Luxe includes a three-clasp fastener and is strong enough to give the same kind of support as the Classic. Instead of wearing it like a pullover, it follows the standard structure of a bra. This can be gentler on bigger breasts because you’re not placing any pressure on them as the bra goes on and off.

The Luxe is also equipped with a built-in o-ring on the back straps. The band and straps may not be as thick as the Classic, but they can still be turned into a racerback to give the needed support on the back which can be helpful for women with a D cup or bigger breasts.

In that single extra feature, the Luxe can be considered more versatile than the Classic, but both are equally durable and useful for pregnant women and nursing moms alike, especially large breasted ones.

The two most accommodating features are the soft and smooth fabric and the drop-down cups that provide quick and immediate access to the nipples when it comes time for breastfeeding. Back pain is probably the least of the many pains and aches you experience during pregnancy, but it’s one that can haunt you the longest.

In what can be described as “dreamy” and “the most comfortable bra,” Marvella’s wire-free cups and wide chest band is able to achieve the comfort of a sleep bra while still providing support like your traditional pre-pregnancy bras.

Your breasts don’t stop producing milk while you’re sleeping, and not wearing a bra might be more uncomfortable. This bra gives comfort even when worn in bed by women with big breasts.

Even without the wires, the stiff cups make sure to hold your breasts in a place as a t-shirt bra does. Along with the drop-down cups that can be unclasped from the strap in a millisecond, the straps are also adjustable from the front.

All the convertible and adjustable features are doable without taking the bra off, which can be a lifesaver if you have big boobs. Despite the comparability to a t-shirt bra, the plunging neckline of this bra allows you to wear it with a variety of tops.

Again, this is great for women who have larger boobs, because that means you can keep the Marvella bra on all day, rather than swapping it when going from a standard t-shirt to a cute date night blouse!

Whether you choose the Luxe or the Classic Marvella for larger boobs, its comfort is universal in the two versions. For a maternity and nursing bra, this bra is made to impress with its flexibility and ease of functionality.

​Product Specs
  • ​​Demi cup plunge style
  • ​32 – 40 band, B – F cup
  • ​​One hand front clasp​ for pull-over cup
  • ​​​Adjustable, convertible shoulder straps
  • ​​​Lined, wire free cup
  • ​​​Hook and eye back closure

Le Mystere Women’s Sexy Mama Nursing Bra

It can be difficult to feel like your old self again with the fluctuating weight and breast size of pregnancy and post-pregnancy life, especially when your boobs are in the F or G range.

Le Mystere Women’s Sexy Mama Nursing Bra targets the insecurities that might hit you at this vulnerable and hormonal time, to make you feel sensual like you naturally are!

Mimicking the look of regular push up bras, Le Mystere’s bra lets you forget about your body changes by accommodating your needs without having to get new upsized bras that are one or two times larger than your usual.

Made with nylon and spandex, the two stretchable materials provide flexibility that gives way to enlarge breasts. If you already have large breasts before pregnancy, the largest cup size of this bra comes in G, which should be enough to last you through the breastfeeding phase.

This bra can compete with other maternity and nursing bras when it comes to adjustability and convenience. It has the same drop-down cups that are easy to unhook with one hand. Getting some skin-to-skin contact with your baby is even easier and faster than putting on the bra.

​Trying to get the baby to latch onto you is hard enough as it is without your breasts getting in the way of his or her position. This bra’s cups, when unhooked and folded in half, rest against your skin in the right angle that makes it easy to position your large breast and the baby comfortably.

Simultaneously, it doesn’t abandon the support that’s needed more while breastfeeding. The straps of this bra can be adjusted, and the band can accommodate a wide range of sizes for large cups, like the Marvella.

The main differences are found in the construction. While you can adjust the straps of the Marvella from the front, this one places the adjuster at the back, so you have to tweak it before wearing it. It also doesn’t have a built-in o-hook, whereas Marvella does.

This means only one method of wearing it is available, which is the same as how you would do with traditional bras. That doesn’t discount the possibility of getting a separate j-hook to turn it into a racerback if you’re looking for more support to hold up your large breasts.

This bra has five rows of hook-and-eye clasps to aid you through the weight gain of pregnancy and nursing up to the weight loss after those stages. For D cup and larger, having five clasps really helps for the support.

It also has three-clasp fastening system to secure the bra in place, even if your fussy baby keeps moving around while feeding. This lacy number is every bit as ornate as it is functional.

Aside from its useful features that make life as a newborn’s mom easier, it also performs the purpose of enhancing your large breasts’ appearance.

When you have big breasts, having them grow even larger during the breastfeeding phase might make you self-conscious of their magnitude, but this bra allows you to own it unapologetically. A delicate overlay of thin lace covers the foam pads.

Its intricate patterns and miniature perforations decorate the bra. The foam pads also prevent leakage stains from showing and hide the nursing pads. Alongside the lace cover, the scalloped trims of the cups and band and the serrated edges of the straps further give you a feminine aura when you wear this bra.

The low neckline could even work for some plunging tops as the push up underwires try to perfect the shape of your big breasts. Even though this bra looks like it’s just a pretty bra, it doesn’t deduct from the bra’s capabilities at all.

This nursing bra can achieve and offer as much of what Kindred Bravely’s Marvella bra can. Maybe not in the same way as the previous bra’s soft and stretchy material does, but it achieves the nursing needs of a breastfeeding mom.

Kindred Bravely prioritizes functionality in the Marvella, but Le Mystere made sure not to forget about the aesthetics that might help a sleep-deprived and exhausted nursing mom feel womanly, especially with breasts that are large.

​Product Specs
  • ​​Demi cup ​style
  • ​32 – 40 band, ​C – F cup
  • ​Flexible cups for easy feeding
  • ​​​Adjustable shoulder straps
  • ​​​Lined, ​underwire cup
  • ​​​Hook and eye back closure

Hofish Full Bust Seamless Maternity Bras

Don’t be fooled by the bralette-like appearance of the Hofish Women’s Seamless Nursing Bra. Its many versatile capabilities cross over to bra territory, yet it provides the comfort that you tend to get from bralettes.

Bralettes might not be your first option during the breastfeeding period, especially if you have large boobs that grow to even larger sizes. However, the largest of these bralettes come in XXL, which accommodates women who have D cups and bigger.

Like the Le Mystere bra, the two materials it’s made of – nylon and spandex – expand to accommodate even the dense breasts of a breastfeeding mother. This bra also comes with accessories like extenders and j-hooks, which also caters to women with big boobs.

There are four hook-and-eye fastenings that help to provide support for big breasted women. Additionally, being able to convert the straps into a racerback help to add even more support and lift for breasts.

Of the nursing bras I’ve reviewed, Hofish really places priority on giving large-breasted women the most comfortable and convenient experience during the first few months of motherhood. Its overall comfort is why I’ve rated it as one of the best nursing bras for big breasts.

The bra is wide enough to pass as a bandeau which adds to the comfort of the bra. It’s designed intentionally to maximize the support of the fabric, even if the style is not modeled after the strongest versions of bras available.

​​The wide side band, which is 4 inches to be exact, helps compress any back and armpit fat while simultaneously preventing your large breasts to fall on the side. This pushes them more to the center and keeps them there, and also removes the strain of carrying your heavy and large breasts from your back.

This thickness is mirrored in the band underneath the cups, making it slightly longline, to provide extra support where there’s a lack from the absence of underwires. The removable triangle cups are encased in soft, highly-elastic fabric.

The removability allows you the option to go with or without cups, which makes this bra comfortable for sleeping like the Marvella. The triangular shape enforces support on the side for large assets, and the elastic fabric accommodates your big breasts’ constant changes in size and shape.

Unlike the previous bras wherein you just unhook one bra cup at a time, this one has an open-up clasp that’s more secure. The higher neckline though might be less convenient because unhooking both sides might be the only option that’s not annoying for you or the baby while feeding.

At the center of the bra front, in between the cups, there’s a ribbed and ruffled triangular fabric to support big breasts without the hassle.

While this bra might seem fragile because of the soft fabric and the bralette style, overall it still proves to consummate the requirements needed for durability in a nursing bra that also caters to moms on the larger side of breast sizes.

​Product Specs
  • ​Full coverage bralette design
  • ​S – XXL sizes
  • ​​​One hand front clasp​ for a pull-over cup
  • ​​​Adjustable, convertible shoulder straps
  • ​​​Lined, ​wire free cup
  • ​​​Hook and eye back closure

Anita Maternity Microfiber Nursing Bra

A nursing bra, even with all the extra features necessary to make it easy to use for lactating moms, can still exemplify fashionability for those with large boobs. Le Mystere’s lacy Sexy Mama bra already proved this to be true.

The Anita Women’s Seamless Underwired Nursing Bra, however, fulfills the same beauty but in simpler ways. Who knew nursing pads can belong inside such an attractive maternity bra? And who could believe this is a maternity bra in the first place? Not many.

Push up bras are breast-enhancing by nature, and they’re not hard on the eyes either. It’s not a coincidence that the two best-looking bras in this list that we reviewed, at least in terms of outward presentation, both fall under the push up category.

For nursing moms with larger breasts, these are both great bras if you want to give yourself a bit of a confidence boost during this stage of life. Having been around for more than a century, Anita unsurprisingly has this style mastered and perfected.

At first sight, you might not even notice that this is a maternity bra. A basic for the brand, this is what Anita would call a “timeless classic.” ​Breasts are already made of fat and when you start producing milk, they’re not only larger but heavier than normal.

The required amount of breast support is not lacking in this bra as the underwires are formed with ergonomic purposes in mind for women who have big chests. They’re also covered in fleece so as to avoid discomfort from chafing or poking your skin.

​The major quality that this bra boasts of the most is the microfiber fabric. It’s a blend of polyester or polyamide fibers that’s enabled by modern high technology. One of its effects is being extremely soft. The fabric is soft and smooth, as evident in the flawless texture of the entire bra.

This way, the cups, band, and straps won’t give much trouble by digging into the skin. For big chested women who already have other pain points to think about, not having to worry about digging straps is comforting.  

Additionally, the soft fabric helps to prevent leakage caused by the bra, since it does not press hard against large boobs. This bra from Anita really shines when it comes to the size range.

The band size reaches 44, and the cup goes up to I. For women who are D cup or larger before getting pregnant, this bra caters to them. Compared to the other nursing bras reviewed, this offers more options for women with large breasts.

D cups are already considered large and if you exceed that, the larger cup sizes of this bra give you options that aren’t typically available. Additionally, this nursing bra provides sizes for plus sized women, making it one of the most fitting nursing bras for big boobs.

Unlike the other nursing bras in this selection, Anita’s doesn’t have as many rows of hook-and-eye fastenings at the back, which can be a downside for large breasted moms. It also has just the standard dual clasp instead of three or more.

However, the stretchiness of the fabric makes up for the lack of adjustability in the band. As your large boob size increases and decreases, the power net reinforcement at the back also saves you from having to acquire and alternate between different sized bras.

The structured cups promote the natural shape and look of your big breasts. It keeps them up, especially at a time when they’re more prone to sagging from feeding.

Additionally, the snap clips at the top where the cups meet the straps can be easily maneuvered with one hand to access the nipples for breastfeeding at any time. Throughout your pregnancy and nursing time, you deserve nothing less than a bra that will make you feel comfortable and assisted.

For a push up maternity and nursing bra for big chested women, this gets the job done. As a bonus, it can even surpass your pregnancy and be used long after your nursing stage.

​Product Specs
  • ​Demi cup style
  • ​32 – 44 band, C – I cup
  • ​​​One hand front clasp​ for pull-over cup
  • ​​​Adjustable​ shoulder straps
  • ​​​Lined, ​​underwire cup
  • ​​​Hook and eye back closure

Why Do You Need Nursing Bras for Large Breasts?

It’s important to invest in a high-quality, comfortable nursing bra for many reasons. First of all, chances are your body has changed (or is changing), leaving your favorite old bra too small for you now.

This is completely normal, as many women have to buy new bras while they are pregnant, or after they are pregnant, as they no longer fit their normal size.

​Maternity bras aren’t just a solution for those who need a bigger bra. They also aim to be more comfortable for pregnant women or nursing moms. With added features such as soft cups and no underwire, nursing bras strive to be more comfortable for you to wear.

Nursing bras are important for women who have big busts to buy as well, even though it may feel difficult to look for the best nursing bra for women with large cups sizes sometimes.

Women who’ve had larger busts initially can sometimes have more discomfort when pregnant or nursing because the regular bra they have isn’t accurately supporting them, something only investing in a nursing bra can fix.

It has a wireless structure, soft cups, full coverage, and easy access for easy feeding, which are the things you look for in a nursing bra for large breasts

When to Buy a Nursing Bra for Large Busts

​A lot of women with large busts feel stuck when considering when they should even buy a nursing bra. When, exactly, is the right time? First, let’s discuss the differences (and similarities) of nursing and maternity bras.

While nursing and maternity bras are different, they offer a lot of the same key details that provide pregnant women comfort. However, nursing bras come equipped with a simple way to expose your nipple for feeding without having to take your whole bra off.

Nursing bras can be used as maternity bras, though maternity bras tend to not have this feature and therefore can’t be used as nursing bras. ​Therefore, you should buy a nursing bra whenever your regular bra is no longer comfortable to wear during your pregnancy.

This differs depending on each individual woman, as every woman’s body is unique. ​Or, if you would like to wait to buy a nursing bra (and use a maternity bra instead) until after you have your child, you should buy one when you understand just how large your breasts are (as their size can greatly change after pregnancy).

Finding the Top Nursing Bra for Large Cup Sizes

Let’s be honest: finding a high quality, comfortable bra for those with larger busts can feel like a very difficult task. Therefore, sadly, hunting down the best nursing bras for large cup sizes can also feel impossible.

However, to really feel comfortable during nursing, and to feel a nice level of support, the search is worth it. In a perfect world, there would be more options for nursing bras, and definitely more options for the best nursing bras for large breasts.

However, there are a few tips to search for to make sure that you’re investing in high quality comfort. ​The last thing you want to do is continue to wear a bra that is too small, or buy a nursing bra that doesn’t support you.

If you consistently wear a nursing bra that is too tight, you can develop mastitis, which results in restricting your milk flow and creating clogged ducts. This is very painful, and something you don’t want.

Your Sizing Will Change

One of the most important things to remember when you look for nursing bras is that your size will more than likely change.

If you’re thinking of buying a nursing bra while you are pregnant (instead of a maternity bra), don’t buy it solely because you think that you’ll be able to wear it after your child’s birth. Chances are, your breasts may change size yet again at this point.

Your breasts will also change during your pregnancy. So that nursing bra you bought during the beginning of your pregnancy may become too small towards the end.

With this said, it’s always important to make sure you have the correct size nursing bra, especially if you have milk-loaded breasts and need that correct support. Never continue to wear a smaller bra while pregnant or nursing, as this will only harm you and your milk flow.

Qualities to Look for in the Best Nursing Bras for Large Boobs

For women with large breasts, there are certain things that you should look for when searching for that perfect nursing bra. While there are some universal tips for all women when searching for nursing bras, there are some specific guidelines you should follow if you have larger breasts.

Again, it’s important to make sure that you choose comfort and support over everything else. While pregnant or nursing, the last thing you want to do is harm yourself or your production of milk. Therefore, you should search for these qualities in a nursing bra.

Comparing Nursing Bras for Large Breasts Features

Nursing Bra Cups Structure Ease of Access
Kindred Bravely Marvella Demi plungeWirelessDrop-down, pull-over cups
Le Mystere Sexy Mama DemiWiredDrop-down cups
Hofish Full Bust Seamless TriangleWirelessFront-clasp for pull-over cups
Anita Maternity Full-coverageWiredFront-clasp for pull-over cups

Wireless Structure

One of the biggest tips for women who have trouble keeping their breasts in check is this: ​stick with wireless. While you may like to have underwire in your ​d cup push up bra, you’re not going to like it when you’re pregnant.

Don’t be worried that you won’t have support; there are great nursing bras out there for those with larger busts, without wire, that still offer support. Women with bigger busts tend to have fuller breasts and more milk than those with smaller breasts.

A close-up view of a nude nursing bra placed on a white mannequin in the living room

​Because of this, it’s really important that larger breasted women make sure to not clog their milk ducts, which can happen. By sticking with wireless nursing bras, you’re helping this to not happen while also gaining the support you need.

If you feel like you have to have underwire in your bra, just make sure to find one that accurately fits you and is comfortable. If you feel like it constricts you in any way or is uncomfortable, find a new one or stick with wireless.

Ease of Access for Breastfeeding

​​While comfort and support is obviously at the top of the list when searching for best plus size nursing bras, I can’t forget the ease level.

Obviously, one of the main reasons you’re buying a nursing bra is because of the features they should have accurately attached to them. As I mentioned briefly above, nursing bras differ from regular and maternity bras because they make it easier for women to breastfeed.

With nursing bras, you are able to expose your nipple and feed your child without having to take off your bra. Make sure that the nursing bra you invest in actually makes it so that you can easily do this.

Steer clear of nursing bras that are too complicated or don’t accurately allow you to feed your child easily. It’s all about ease and comfort, here.

Amount of Coverage

​When you’re nursing, you may notice that your nipples behave a bit uncommon to your regular life. This is okay; your body is still changing, much like it was when you were pregnant.

However, it is important to make sure you have accurate coverage to eliminate any potentially embarrassing situations your fluctuating body could lead to in public. Make sure to find a bra with good coverage, which may sometimes mean more padding and more lining than normal.

​Now, it’s common knowledge for women with larger breasts that more padding can mean a horrible and uncomfortable fit. Look out for extra padded nursing bras that do just this.

There are nursing bras that provide excellent coverage without putting pressure on the chest of women who can relate to this struggle. Just make sure you don’t buy a bra with added padding that makes you feel constricted because you think this is normal for nursing bras.

This isn’t normal; find a more comfortable one, usually seen in support bras for sagging breasts.

Soft Cups

Again, comfort is key. Soft cups can make everything that much more comfortable for you when you’re nursing. Your nipples are more than likely very sensitive to everything, so investing in nursing bras with soft cups makes all the difference in the world.

Make sure to find nursing bras with cups that do not irritate or chafe your nipples. While making sure your nursing bra has soft cups may not seem like the most important aspect to search for, it really is.

A white nursing bra holds by a person wearing a blue blouse and blue denim jeans

Women who have more prominent breasts to deal with face more discomfort when searching for a bra that accurately fits, so something like soft cups can really make a difference in comfort level– just like a bralette for large cup sizes would.

You don’t want to find a good nursing bra – you want to find the best nursing bra for your bigger bust.

Related Questions

When Should I Get a Nursing Bra?

Get nursing bras after your pregnancy’s seventh or eighth month. By this point, your ribcage and breasts will have expanded, making the third trimester the ideal time to choose a nursing bra to accommodate these physical changes.

How Many Nursing Bras Will I Need?

You will need at least two to three nursing bras. It’s ideal to have extras in case you won’t be able to wash the bras right away. You will also deal with leaks, sweat, and vomit.

Do I Have to Wear a Nursing Bra to Sleep?

You can wear a nursing bra to sleep if it helps contain the breasts and avoid milk spills. Given that they typically consist of breathable and comfy materials, nursing bras can double as sleep bras. However, you can remove them at night if you find them too constricting.

What Is a Nursing Bra?


Finding an everyday, regular bra for women with oversized breasts is already hard. Finding a nursing bra for full figured or curvy women with bigger busts is equally, if not more, difficult. However, with an understanding of the main components to search for, it can become easier to narrow down just what the best nursing bra is for you


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