Best Longline Strapless Bra [2024 Review]

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Nothing is frustrating like having to pull up or tug a slipping strapless bra. The best longline strapless bra should be stable and give you support with minimal adjustments. In this review, we are going to look at the best longline strapless bras available on the market.

Our Top Longline Strapless Bra Reviews

Are you looking for a longline strapless bra that is fun and functional? Let me have a look at the best longline strapless bra options that can adjust to any style and outfit.

Felina Essentials Longline Strapless Bra

If you are looking for a longline strapless bra with comfortable silicone cups that won’t budge, then consider going for the silky-smooth Felina Essentials Longline Strapless Bra. The cups of this bra stretch to conform to the size of your bust, giving you the comfortable support you desire.

The fabric in this bra stretches enough to clasp around your torso comfortably. The back and front of this bra dip low enough to allow you to wear it with anything.

If security is your primary concern, this bra comes with 21% spandex to offer adequate stretch for secure fitting, unlike the Leonisa Contouring Strapless Full Coverage Bra. This material also makes it the most lightweight on my list.

This bra comes in a wide array of sizes, allowing you to choose one that comfortably and securely fits you. The seamless design of this bra allows it to offer reinforcement and support without being visible.

This bra comes with multiway straps which offer the flexibility to wear it traditionally, halter, crisscross, or strapless. However, the underwire in this bra might feel uncomfortable.


  • The silicone cups ensure the right comfort and support
  • It is the most lightweight on my list


  • Some people might feel uncomfortable with the underwire
  • The breakups come with the point of pre-molding, which some people might not like 

Dominique Ariel Underwire Bridal Bra

If you want a longline strapless bra that offers a comfortable stretch, the Dominique Ariel Underwire Bridal Bra might be the best option for you.

This bra has been constructed from a nylon and microfiber blend, which allows it to offer a comfortable stretch and soft touch that you cannot feel any restrictions in your movement. However, the nylon makes it the heaviest on my list.

The cups in this bra are well-padded so they can’t show regardless of what you wear. For instance, even when wearing a tight dress, there is no ribbing visible. This makes it suitable for wearing even with a wedding gown.

This bra comes with a faint boning on the side which helps to improve the reinforcement and support.

Thanks to the soft microfiber design, this bra can facilitate body breathing to improve comfort irrespective of the room temperature. Although the bra underwire is light, it might be uncomfortable for some people.


  • The nylon ensures unrestricted stretching
  • The bra is invisible regardless of what you are wearing
  • The boning improves the lift and support


  • It sometimes fails to cover the full length of the torso
  • It is the heaviest on my list

Leonisa Contouring Strapless Full Coverage Bra

The Leonisa Contouring Strapless Full Coverage Bra is a versatile longline bra that will not let you down regardless of what you are wearing. Unlike the Dominique Ariel Underwire Bridal Bra, this bra features PowerSlim fabric construction, which ensures no pinching even when compressed.

However, this material makes it the second heaviest on my list. In case you would like to wear it the traditional way, the package comes with straps, so you don’t have to worry. The cups in this bra are well padded to offer comfortable support and lift.

You don’t have to worry about security with this bra, thanks to the adhesive lines on the bra cup bands, which eliminates any chance of slippage. If full-busted, this bra will give you a flattering body figure, thanks to its solid construction.

The soft fabric blade construction makes this bra breathable and stretchable, and good for use on a hot sunny day or during busy hours. Considering it is the largest bra on my list, it might not be the ideal option for people with smaller cup sizes.


  • The bra is breathable, making it ideal for wearing on hot sunny days
  • The padding on the bra cups enhances the comfort


  • It is the largest on my list, making it unsuitable for people with smaller cup sizes
  • It offers a flattering breast lift which some people might not like

Features to Consider for the Best Longline Strapless Bra

Longline strapless bras from different manufacturers vary in size, shape, and materials. Here are some of the features you should look for when choosing a longline strapless bra. The following table also provides a breakdown of some of these features.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes that the best longline strapless bras have underwire support and side boning

Comparing Longline Strapless Bra Features

Bra Cup Style Structure With side boning?
Felina Essentials Contoured and plungeWiredYes
Dominique Ariel Demi and paddedWiredYes
Leonisa Contouring Padded and full-coverageWiredYes

Cup Size

Before ordering your longline strapless bra you should first know the cup size that will fit you best. Longline strapless bras come in varying sizes and getting the cup size wrong might make the bra unusable.

You can get your size from an older bra, measure the size yourself or even get measurements from your local seamstress. Once you know your size, look for a longline strapless bra that fits your cup size and is designed for your body type.

For instance, strapless bras that provide full coverage with less padding such as the Leonisa Contouring Strapless Full Coverage Bra fits fuller-bodied women better. Ladies with smaller cap sizes might prefer strapless bras with more padding to offer reinforcement and a push-up effect.

A woman sitting a bed wearing a pink longline bra


The best material for a longline strapless bra mainly depends on personal tastes and preferences. Like any other undergarment, you should choose a strapless bra material that will offer you the comfort you desire.

You should also consider how long and when you intend to be wearing the bra. For instance, soft and breathable strapless bras such as the Leonisa Contouring Strapless Full Coverage Bra might be the best option for wearing on a hot sunny day.

On the other hand, strapless bras made of spandex and elastane blend can be the best option if you want elasticity and support. Generally, you will want a material that will not restrict your movements.


Although you might be tempted to overlook this feature, you might end up discovering the strapless bra you have bought cannot match any of your outfits. Although the color mainly depends on personal preferences, it is advisable to purchase a color that matches most of the outfits in your wardrobe.

For instance, the Dominique Ariel Underwire Bridal Bra comes in white and black, and you can choose the color that will complement most of your outfit. Wearing a black strapless bra with a neutral or light shade gown can make photos look awkward especially if captured at night.

If you want to stick to the same material, size, and shape, it is advisable to choose a brand that offers varying colors. Strapless bras such as the Dominique Ariel Underwire Bridal Bra might also be preferable considering they are invisible regardless of what you are wearing.

A woman wearing a pink longline bra

Related Questions

Who Can Use a Longline Strapless Bra?

Any woman can wear a longline bra, yet they are better for women who want support and reinforcement. Longline bras are like traditional bras, only that they extend slightly downwards more than conventional bras.

Do Longline Bras Cause a Flattering Effect?

Yes, longline bras create a flattering body figure, which is why they have been on the market for so long. Even larger-sized longline bras, such as the Leonisa Contouring Strapless Full Coverage Bra, can form a curvier bustline.

Why Is My Longline Bra Rolling Up?

A longline bra rolls up because of the build of the bra band and the shape of your body. Ladies tend to be slimmer around the rib cage, and the body pushes the band towards that area, causing the roll-up.

What Is a Longline Bra? (And What Situations To Wear One)


Unlike traditional strapped bras, longline strapless bras provide flexibility and versatility. Although you might be confused about the best longline strapless bra to go for, you can’t go wrong with any option from the above list.


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