Best Longline Bra [2024 Review]

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A longline bra is a type of bra that has extra fabric that extends below your bust. Longline bras come in different lengths, but they all extend down past where a traditional bra band would stop. Longline bras are great for women who want more support for their busts, and they’re often worn under formal and evening wear.

Longline bras are excellent for fuller-busted women as they can help alleviate back pain, stress on shoulder straps, and distribute the weight of your breasts better while still achieving a lifted bustline.  In the article below, we review four of my top picks for the best longline bra.

My Top Longline Bra Reviews

A longline bra extends below your bust and can even go as far down as your waist or hips. There are four different styles of longline bra that you can choose from: general, posture, full-figured, and strapless. The general type of long line bra provides an average level of support.

The posture-focused type of long line bras are often the most comfortable as they are designed to be worn daily and provide support during both sitting and standing. Full-figured, long line bras are designed for curvier women and they  provide extra support for both the back and the shoulders. Finally, strapless longline bras are the most popular type. This type also tends to be the most decorative as they are commonly worn under evening wear and party dresses.

Freya Women’s Fancies Lace Longline Bra

First on my list is the Freya Women’s Fancies Lace Longline Bra.This bra has a flattering low-cut neckline and delicate lace fabric with a demi-style cup. The soft foam padded cups offer better shaping and lift to your breasts.

The thin straps are fully adjustable and do not slip off your shoulders. This bra also has a hook and eye closure at the back to allow a tighter or looser fit as needed, similar to the Felina Longline Strapless Convertible Bra that I will review next. Due to the delicate lace fabric, this bra should be hand-washed and air-dried only


  • The longline design of this bra will not dig into your bust or torso area.
  • This bra has an underwire for extra support and improved lift.


  • The underwire on this bra may cause discomfort if worn for longer periods of time.
  • As this bra has straps, you cannot wear it under strapless clothing.

Felina Longline Strapless Convertible Bra

The Felina Longline Strapless Convertible Bra has a seamless design, which makes it invisible under tight-fitting clothing. The longline style of this bra will help support your bust, and the bodice of the bra extends all the way to your natural waist.

This longline bra comes with multi-way straps that allow you to wear this bra with criss-cross straps, as a halter, with traditional straps, or even strapless. The bra is made from a micro-sheen nylon/spandex fabric blend that allows the bra to move with your body.  The back of the bra  features a low-profile hook and eye closure, similar to the Freya Women’s Fancies Lace Longline Bra. This bra has also been constructed with soft boning, power mesh lining, and anti-slip silicone accents that allow it to shape your body and stay put at the same time.

The Felina Longline Strapless Convertible Bra comes in two colors, black or bare. This bra is hand-wash only, and the sizing tends to run small, so you may want to size up.


  • This longline bra works well with off-the-shoulder gowns, dresses, and other strapless clothing.
  • This bra has a non-slip, seamless design that ensures an invisible fit underneath your clothing.
  • This bra has a soft boning structure that helps support the sides of your breasts.


  • This longline bra should be washed by hand to help maintain its elasticity.
  • The sizing on this bra runs small.

Under Armour Women’s Favorite Cotton Long Heather Bra

The Under Armour Women’s Favorite Cotton Long Heather Bra is perfect for everyday use. The bra is made from 55% Cotton/30% Polyester/15% Elastane, making this a very flexible, soft and breathable bra. The longline hem of this bra also creates a super flattering silhouette.

Unlike the first two bras on my list, the Under Armour Women’s Favorite Cotton Long Heather Bra has removable cups with R and L arrows to indicate where they need to go. These cups provide extra coverage and structure for your breasts, which allow you to comfortably wear this longline bra every day. 

This bra has a great cross-back design that adds more elasticity. Unfortunately the shoulder straps are not adjustable.


  • This bra is machine-washable. 
  • The longer hemline of this bra helps to smooth your figure.
  • This longline bra is lightweight and very comfortable.


  • The band and straps on this bra are not adjustable.

Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra

The Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra offers sizes up to a DDD cup and a 56in band. This bra has seamless lining like the Felina Longline Strapless Convertible Bra, which looks smoother under your clothing.

Just like the Under Armour Women’s Favorite Cotton Long Heather Bra, the Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra is a pull-on bra and is wireless. The silky fabric of the bra is made of 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex, which is very stretchy and moisture-wicking.

This bra has wide straps and a wide band that helps support your breasts, shoulders and back. The band does not roll up or dig into your torso. The straps and band are not adjustable, so it is important to choose the correct size for your body.


  • This bra is machine-washable. 
  • This bra has knit-in light support that helps give more shape to your bust.


  • This bra may be difficult to put on or take off because the shoulder straps and band are not adjustable.

Features to Consider for the Best Longline Bra

Knowing the right features to look for in a longline bra is very important. The list of features below will help you choose your perfect fit. I have put together a comparison table below as a quick reference guide.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes that longline bras have molded cups and extended fabric coverage

Comparing Longline Bra Features

Bra Cups Structure Closure
Freya Fancies DemiWiredHook and eye
Felina Longline DemiWiredHook and eye
Under Armour Heather Full CoverageWirelessPull-on
Just My Size Pure Comfort Full CoverageWirelessPull-on


A longline bra’s coverage should at least go beyond your bust and could even go all the way down to your hips. This long bodice design separates the longline bra from other bras available in the market. Different cuts and lengths serve different purposes.

Longline bras are usually used under formal or evening wear. A longline bra gives your bust and torso a smoother shape and full coverage for your bust. Strapless longline bras can be used under strapless or sleeveless clothing for invisible support. The Felina Longline Strapless Convertible Bra on my list has a longer bodice, offering more coverage compared to the others on the list and is strapless as well.


Longline bras are not just for coverage. Longline bras are also used to provide greater bust and body support.

The Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra provides great support for plus-size women. The bra is very elastic and breathable, making it even more comfortable. Another longline bra that provides maximum support is the Under Armour Women’s Favorite Cotton Long Heather Bra.


Some longline bras can be tight and restrictive, while others are much more elastic. Tight longline bras are designed to give your bust line more lift, shape, and support. Loose longline bras are more about comfort and daily use. If you have a short torso, a full-length longline bra may not work for you as it may be too long, and show through your clothing.  

Cup Size

The cup size on your longline bra definitely matters. The proper cup shape and size can help lift breasts while giving them a natural rounded shape. The wrong cup size can squish your breasts, making them look saggy or misshapen.

Some bras offer removable padding. Some longline bras have full coverage cups as well.

Woman wearing a red longline bra and shorts


When choosing a longline bra, consider your comfort. A longline bra that is made with a comfortable fabric is a must. Some fabrics are moisture-wicking which can help keep you fresh and dry.

Lace bras, like the Freya Women’s Fancies Lace Longline Bras, are soft against the skin and ideal for Lace bras, like the Freya Women’s Fancies Lace Longline Bra, are soft against the skin and ideal for longer use. Bras made of elastic materials such as spandex or elastane, like the Just My Size Women’s Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra can give you great support and elasticity.

Related Questions

Are Longline Bras More Supportive Than Other Bras?

Longline bras can be more supportive than other bras because of their longer bodice that gives your breasts and body more coverage. Some longline bras also have thicker fabric and a corset-like build, which can help shape your body as well. Longline bras can also add lift to your breasts.

Who Should Wear a Longline Bra?

Anyone can wear a longline bra if you choose the correct design and length. Longline bras can also be worn by women wanting to give more emphasis and lift to their breasts. There are longline bras that should be worn on specific occasions only under fancy formal clothing and there are other styles that you can wear daily.

What Is the Difference Between a Bustier And a Longline Bra?

A bustier bra is like a combined bra and corset that extends to your waist or hip area to highlight your waist while supporting your breasts. A longline bra is more about highlighting your breasts, though it can help smooth your torso.

What Is a Longline Bra? (And What Situations To Wear One)


The best longline bra should be able to give your breasts enough support and coverage. It should The best longline bra should give your breasts extra support and coverage. The best longline bra should be made of comfortable, flexible fabric with well-fitting cups and should lift and shape your bustline.


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