Best Jeans to Make Your Bum Look Bigger [2024 Review]

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Wearing the perfect jeans can transform your look immediately. However, with different styles out there, choosing jeans that fit well and flatter your figure is not easy. If you’re looking for the best jeans to make your bum look bigger, keep reading to find an amazing pair of butt-lifting jeans.

My Top Jeans To Make Your Bum Look Bigger Reviews

If you want a pair of jeans that draws attention to your butt, you need one that contours your assets and enhances your booty. Scroll below to pick your perfect pair from my list of the best pants for a bigger bum.

LT. Rose Women’s Butt Lifter Skinny Colombian Jeans

There’s no reason to invest in a butt lift when the LT. Rose Women’s Butt Lifter Skinny Jeans can lift your booty instantly. These pants that lift the bottom are designed with stretchy and soft fabric that makes your bum look bigger. 

They embrace the curves on your body and enhance your butt by making it look rounder. You can walk elegantly all day in these jeans as they’re ideal for those women with a big tummy.

Similar to the Curvy butt lifting jeans below, they compress large tummies, making them appear slimmer. The LT. Rose women’s jeans also lift your backside and lengthen your legs to enhance your natural body silhouette.

Additionally, these pants for booty enhancement work on your thighs, making them look rounder and toned. What’s more, they are super stretchy to make you feel comfortable. You can rock these jeans confidently and show off your sculpted bum. 

The ultra-flattering shape is perfect for daily wear as well. You just have to pick your favorite top whether formal or casual. So go ahead and get yourself these jeans for their tummy-slimming and curve-smoothing attributes. These comfy jeans might be what you are searching for.


  • The jeans slim down the waist and elongate your legs
  • The pair holds, lifts, and sculpts the backside
  • The fit around the waist and hips is precise


  • Not a great choice for flat butts
  • Too stretchy

Curvify 764 Women’s Butt Lifting Skinny Jeans

The Curvify 764 Women’s Butt Lifting Jeans  make your waist appear high and wide when you wear them, creating the illusion of a curvy bum. Women with a muffin top will find these jeans a great pick as they do well to hide them

These are among the best pants to make the butt look great by sculpting your booty perfectly and allowing your curves to be displayed fully. The Curvify high-rise waist jeans are designed with stretchy materials that lift your butt, making it appear perky.

Unlike the LT. Rose jeans, these pants fall in the category of jeans that lift and separate. This means you don’t have to look for any booty implants or padding. Just put them on for a well-lifted bum. Spandex is also integrated into these butt-lifting jeans for stretchability.

This stretch aids in lifting and sculpting your backside to make your butt appear rounded naturally. Moreover, the high-rise waist does a great job of smoothing your lumps and bulges. The waistband also slims the area around your tummy.

This pair of pants for a larger booty is better than the LT. Rose jeans with three-top stitched seams that contour to your curves’ natural shape and a back yoke that presses your bum gently for boosting volume. Plus, there are no squeezing or squashing concerns to worry about.


  • Several washes do not weaken the material quality 
  • Has the impressive shape-retention capacity
  • High waist for hiding a muffin top


  • The waist is a little tighter

Colombian Design High Waist Butt Lifting Levanta Cola Skinny Jeans 

If you’re searching for jeans to enhance your curves and lift your butt, the Plus/Junior Size High Waist Butt Lifting Jeans is a good choice. These high waist jeans are perfect for ladies that want to create the illusion of a lifted, rounder booty as they shape, slim, and raise your backside.

Similar to the Curvify and LT. Rose jeans, these jeans have enough stretch to conform to your natural body curves along the waist and hips.

Although the fit is tight, these denim pants for butt lifting are very comfortable to wear and will show off the perfect outline of your bum. These full-length push-up jeans will also make your legs appear longer and leaner.

When it comes to durability, you can wash these jeans as much as you want without worrying about losing the push-up effect, softness, and elasticity. Their waistband is also wide for maximum comfort. While there are no front pockets, the Plus/Junior size butt lifting jeans give your booty a fuller and firmer shape.

The skinny shape allows you to wear these high-waisted pants for butt enhancement at night and during the day. You can pair them with your favorite top like a casual sweatshirt and rock these soft butt lift jeans to the office or parties with a nice shirt. Even a blazer or a white shirt for work pairs well with these jeans.


  • Though high-waisted, the pants are comfortable
  • The jeans lift and shape a saggy bum 
  • Suitable for post-C-section recovery


  • They slide down a bit
  • No pockets

Premium Stretch Cotton Butt Lift Levanta Cola Skinny Leg Fashion Pants

The Premium Stretch Butt Lift Pants are designed to make you feel comfortable and confident. They enhance and display the perfect shape of your butt and perform the bum-boosting action you desire from them.

The back yoke is crescent-shaped to sculpt your booty and make your curves appear fuller while the high, wide waist smoothes your bulges. The waist can also shape your body in a natural way to hide your muffin top and make your silhouette appear slimmer and rounder.

This means wearing these jeans can help you achieve an hourglass shape. Additionally, these pants are the best for an enhanced bum because of the seams that give your bum the ultimate boost.

This pair of skinny pants for a larger rear defines your bum’s shape with stitched yoke and darts to make it look supported and perky while the shreds at the bottom make your legs look alluring. These butt lifting jeans also have the topstitch trim, front zipper, front pockets, and a pocket-free rear. 

Unlike Curvify jeans that use Spandex, fabrics used include elastane, polyester, and cotton. Elastane is for a personalized fit and stretch, polyester for durability, and cotton for softness. The materials ensure your skin doesn’t feel uncomfortably squeezed or pinched. If you want jeans that display your booty, this pair is an excellent pick.



  • They slightly compress everything
  • No back pockets

Aranza Colombian Jeans

If you love jeans that offer a tight fit, the Aranza Mid Rise Butt Lifting Jeans are a great choice. They’re super tight in the thighs and below your booty. Such a fit is good for pushing up a saggy butt, slimming your legs, and redistributing weight toward your bum. 

Additionally, these mid-rise pants for butt shaping have a thick, comfy waistband, which compresses the midsection. Even your tummy gets a bit of the shaping action. The Aranza skinny jeans are the perfect pants for instant transformation of your bum since the shaping and lifting effects are very noticeable. 

As for fitting, the thigh area provides a little space to make the pair comfortable. These jeans are not as good as other pants on this list as they require some breaking in. However, when that phase is over, you may not want to wear any other style as they eventually conform to your booty’s natural shape.

These skinny pants for lifting the butt are designed with spandex, polyester, and cotton. Spandex makes the pair stretchy, polyester provides resistance while cotton delivers smoothness and durability. If you want a pair that offers the perfect fit and blends exceptional materials, these mid-rise butt lifting jeans are an excellent pick. 


  • The pants instantly transform and lift your butt
  • Designed with super-stretchy, high-quality materials
  • Thick waistband slims midsection


  • Unsuitable for women who can’t wear extremely tight clothes
  • The jeans feel slightly uncomfortable at first

Features To Consider in Jeans To Make Bum Look Bigger

Buying without comparing different types of jeans may be quick for you. However, you may not like your new pants. If you want jeans that make your bum look bigger, choose a pair that enhances your butt. You also need to consider the pockets position, yoke designs, and other factors such as:

It offers a flexible fit, has pockets, and inverted yolk, which are the things you look for in jeans to make the bum look bigger

Comparing the Features of Jeans to Make Your Bum Look Bigger

Pants Style Fit Yoke
LT.ROSE Colombian High-risePush-up, skinnyV-shaped
ARANZA Colombian Mid-riseSkinnyHeart or V-shaped
Colombian Design High-riseSkinnyNo yoke but with darts for proper shaping
Levi’s Women’s 721 High-riseSkinnyV-shaped
Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Mid-risePull-on skinnyV-shaped

Butt Lift Effect

When shopping for pants to make your butt bigger, go for push-up pants as they deliver a butt lift effect. This feature is usually absent in standard jeans or denim pants. The butt lift effect makes your booty appear tighter, smoother, and rounder. Although putting them on or taking them off is a breeze, you need to be careful about the size.

Large size can look unattractive while a small size can feel uncomfortable, especially if you want the bum area to fit properly. Well-fitting jeans give your butt a more curvy and flattering shape. Such snug-fitting jeans shape the lower body and lift your bum. However, not in a way that feels attention-seeking.

It just sculpts your body a bit. The features that bring out this more effectively are stretchy design, snug fit, and mid or high-rise waist. The seat of the pants begins below the pockets to ensure you achieve a toned, tighter and firmer look.


You may be wondering what role pockets play in making your butt appear bigger. If you didn’t know, the placement, shape, and size of pockets on pants have various effects on your bum. If you want jeans that enhance your butt’s shape, choose those with small pockets. 

Ensure the placement of the pockets isn’t too low. Instead, they should be placed over your butt’s full side. Another thing to check is the pockets’ shape. Pockets that have a flap style and are tapered can increase the volume of your bum. 

For booty-enhancing jeans that have a pocket, it would be great if the pockets are angled inward slightly to create a full illusion. If you aren’t sure whether the pockets will match you or not, then go for jeans designed with no pockets to be safe. 


Does the thought of putting on bum-fitting pants to the office scare you? If your workplace doesn’t have a dress code, the push-up style is breathable and super comfortable to wear. These types of jeans are stretchy to accommodate your movements. They are also very flexible to allow you to walk or sit comfortably. 

The right size and material of butt-lifting pants can transform your shape. The stretchy silhouette of these jeans is flattering, meaning they won’t look too stiff on you. The inseams of such jeans are sturdy yet feel soft against your skin. Keep in mind that there are different levels of stretch.

Push-up jeans focus on two levels of a stretch:

  • Power Stretch: It’s ideal for skinny women and you can wear this material for a long period. Plus, it doesn’t overstretch, sag or wrinkle. 
  • Ultimate Stretch. The fabrics that offer this type of stretch include cotton, spandex, and polyester. Although these fabrics don’t have the softest feel, they are effective at lifting your booty.

Such push-up styles provide compression up to 360 degrees near the booty region as they have shaping and firming capabilities. They’re also smoothening and super-sculpting. 

The Yoke

A back view of blue denim jeans with ripped pockets placed on a pink background

When buying pants to make the butt look big, check the yoke of your jeans as it influences how a pair of pants make your booty look. This is the horizontal curved seam that runs across the waistband and pockets. Choose jeans with a heart-shaped, rounded, or upward arc yoke seam if you want to create the illusion of a fuller bum. 

An inverted yoke can also work for you depending on your bum shape. Avoid deep-V and straight seam yokes which can make your butt look flat and saggy in jeans. Ensure the yoke isn’t positioned lower than halfway between the fullest area of your booty to prevent the low-bum or saggy look.

The yoke should be around the top region of your booty to create the illusion of perkiness and fullness. Getting pants with the right yoke can make your butt appear curvy.


The rise is the distance between the waistband and crotch. In simple terms, it’s where and how the jeans sit on your waist.

For women’s pants that can make the butt bigger, you have the following choices:

  • Low-Rise Jeans: These sit between 2-3 inches or up to 5 inches beneath the stomach button. When buying low-rise jeans, focus on personal preferences and comfort. 
  • Mid-Rise Jeans: Most jeans have a mid-rise waist. These usually sit on the stomach button. 
  • High-Rise Jeans: For women that desire the much-needed shaping and slimming effect from pants, these are an ideal option. They smoothen out and shape your waistline and hips, as well as the tummy region. These sit above the stomach button.


Fitted pants that stretch a bit can give you a better look than heavy denim. Material with some stretch around the bum creates the illusion of a rounder, fuller bum. Fitted jeans also eliminate that saggy booty appearance created by having excess fabric piled up below your bum.

When shopping, look for jeans designed with a stretchy fabric as they make your bum look bigger. They’re form-fitting and shape your body in a way that highlights the curves you already have. Materials that stretch also hug your bum more closely and display the shape of your bum.


Compression means slimming and not minimizing. Between standard and push-up jeans, the latter have firming effects that smooth out cellulite and skin bulges. The compression is more sculpting when you choose the right size. If you put on high-rise jeans, they can shape your lower tummy and extend to your legs. 


Embellished stitching on the yoke and rear pockets draws eyes towards these features and creates a flattering appearance. If you want to draw attention to your bum, choose jeans with colored stitching as they stand out. However, ensure the stitching is over the bum to enhance your butt.

Related Questions

How to Make the Bum Look Bigger Instantly?

Aside from choosing jeans that provide a butt-lift effect, you can play with bold patterns and embellishments that can accentuate the buttocks. You can also avoid low-placed or too-small pockets at the back of the pants.

What Type of Pants Make Your Bum Look Bigger?

Wear skinny jeans if you want pants that make your bum look bigger. They make your booty look bigger and your legs leaner. Stretchy jeans also give a better look than heavy denim. However, avoid wearing tight pants, as they can flatten your bum.

What Jeans Color Make Your Bum Look Bigger?

Blue is one of the best jeans colors you should wear if you want to make your bum look bigger. Usually, blue jeans with small pockets decorate your booty, making them look larger than their actual size. Blue also accentuates both the height and width of your butt, thus defining your butt’s shape.

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When buying new jeans, understand that they aren’t designed the same. Some may be loose-fitting, and others too baggy or tight for you. Regardless of your figure, knowing the type that suits you is crucial. Remembering factors like the roundness of your booty, rise, flexibility, and pockets will help you pick the right jeans. 


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