Best Jeans for Pear Shape [2024 Review]

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It can be a struggle to make your body look well-proportioned if you have a pear-shaped figure. Finding a pair of jeans that not only fit your body but are also flattering for your shape is not easy. I can help you with your dilemma as I review the three best jeans for pear shaped figures in my article below.

My Top Pear Shape Jeans Reviews

Choosing jeans that flatter your pear-shaped figure — but also look stylish can be challenging. I researched and found the best pairs of pants for pear-shaped bodies and the NYDJ Straight Leg Jeans make the top of my list.

NYDJ Straight Leg Jeans

A straight-leg pair of jeans can give you a sleek silhouette if you have a pear-shaped figure. If you’re looking for jeans that can flatter your figure, the NYDJ Straight Leg Jeans may be the best choice for you.

If you have a pear-shaped figure, you may feel uncomfortable wearing skinny jeans. The NYDJ Straight Leg Jeans create an illusion of a slimmer silhouette for your pear-shaped body with it’s straight leg design.

Unlike the ARIAT Mid-Rise Bootcut Jeans that I discuss later in this article, the bottom part of the NYDJ Straight Leg Jeans are much more narrow. The NYDJ Straight Leg Jeans also feature lift tuck technology which uses a patented criss-cross design in its slimming tummy panel.

These jeans can help provide shape and support to your curves, while giving you a slimmer more svelte silhouette. These jeans can run big, so you may need to choose a size smaller than your actual size.


  • These jeans straight leg design helps to create a slimmer, more sleek silhouette.
  • These jeans have Lift tuck technology which helps support and shape your curves.
  • These jeans are made with mostly cotton, making them soft and comfortable.


  • The jeans run big, so you will need one size smaller than your actual size.

ARIAT Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans

Another pair of jeans that work well with a pear-shaped figure is the ARIAT Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans. These jeans feature a bootcut leg which helps create a balanced look for your pear-shaped body.

The bootcut style of these jeans can help your thighs and hips look more proportionate by giving you more width at your ankles. These jeans are also mid-rise which means the jeans cover your waist and are perfect for a pear-shaped body.

These jeans can run long in the leg length, so if you are shorter you may need to have the jeans altered.


  • These jeans have a bootcut leg that creates a more proportionate look for someone with a pear-shaped figure.
  • These jeans are mid-rise jeans, which cover your waist area really well.


  • The leg length of these jeans runs long and may need alteration.

Levi’s Curvy Skinny Jeans

The Levi’s Curvy Skinny Jeans are high quality jeans that can also work well for a pear-shaped figure. These skinny pants come with a smaller waistband and a stretchy hip area which hugs your curves.

This pair of pants for pear-shaped women is somewhere in-between a straight-leg style and skinny jeans, as these jeans have room for your curves.

Similar to the ARIAT Mid Rise Bootcut Jean, the Levi’s Curvy Skinny Jeans are a mid-rise pair of jeans. This means the jeans cover everything up to your waist area, and prevents your undergarment from showing.

These jeans do run small and you will need to size up two sizes from your actual size.


  • These jeans feature a small waistband and a stretchy hip area that hugs your curves.
  • These jeans are mid-rise jeans and cover up to your waist area.


  • These jeans run small, and you will need to size up two sizes.
  • These jeans may be too tight in the thigh area for women with bigger thighs.

Features to Consider in Jeans for Pear Shape

Once you know what to look for in a pair of jeans for your pear-shaped body, shopping will be a lot easier. To help you find the best jeans for your pear shaped body, I have compiled the best features to look for in a pair of jeans below.

Comparing Jeans for Pear Shape Features

Jeans Leg Style Rise Slimming Features
NYDJ Marilyn BootcutMid-riseSide panels
ARIAT R.e.a.l BootcutMid-riseCore control panels
Levi’s 811 BootcutMid-riseCore control panels
It is made from soft and stretchable materials, has a mid-rise style, and has control panels, which are the things you look for in jeans for pear shape


Mid-rise or high-rise jeans are highly recommended for pear shaped bodies. These styles offer complete coverage from the waist to the crotch and keep your underwear unseen.

Low-rise jeans are not suggested for pear-shaped body types. When you bend or move while wearing low rise jeans, they can slip down due to your wider hips, showing your underwear. You will constantly be pulling the jeans up and just be uncomfortable wearing them.


If you have a pear-shaped figure, a pair of bootcut jeans will flatter your figure the best. The wider legs give a more proportionate look to your wide hips and your legs will have more space to move.


The best pants for ladies with pear-shaped figures will be soft but stretchy enough to create room for movement. The ideal pair of jeans has a material made of cotton, elastane, and other materials.

The NYDJ Straight Leg Jeans and the ARIAT Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans are two great examples of soft and comfortable jeans as they both come with a higher percentage of cotton in their fabric.


Stretchy materials are light and offer more shaping in pants for pear-shaped women. If you have a pear-shaped figure, choose a pair of jeans that stretch, like the NYDJ Straight Leg Jeans. 

The materials that make up great stretchy pairs of jeans include spandex, cotton, elastane, or Tencel. Regular jeans may offer great support but they are not flexible and can be uncomfortable for people with larger hips and thighs.

Slimming Panel

Jeans with a slimming support panel in the tummy area are very flattering for Pear-shaped bodies. the NYDJ Straight Leg Jeans feature a slimming panel that both flatters your shape and supports your curves for a sleek and svelte look.

The ARIAT Mid Rise Bootcut Jeans also have slimming core control panels, which are great for smoothing out your problem areas and accentuating your curves.

Related Questions

What Should a Pear-Shaped Body Not Wear?

If you have a pear-shaped body, you should not wear any types of clothes that will expose your wide hips and thighs. For example, avoid wearing cropped tops or low rise jeans. These clothes don’t offer you complete coverage and will draw attention to your wide hips and thighs.

Can a Pear-Shaped Body Wear Mom Jeans?

Women with pear-shaped figures have wide hips with a narrow waist and bust. Mom jeans will fit the pear-shaped body type because they come with loose-cut legs and a smaller waist.

How Should I Style Jeans for Pear Shape Bodies?

Draw attention away from your hips and thighs by emphasizing your upper body, particularly the shoulder and bust area. You can balance your shape by wearing blouses with wide necklines, striking patterns and tops that fit you well.

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Choose a pair of jeans to help camouflage your pear-shaped body. Comfort must come first. Go for flexible, bootcut or wide-leg style jeans, with a mid-rise to high-rise waist for your pear-shaped body. Pick a pair of jeans that will make you feel comfortable and flatter your figure at the same time.


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