Best Front Closure Bras For Seniors [2024 Review]

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Searching for a comfortable bra that provides the support you need can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack, especially as you get older. Is it possible to have a comfortable bra that will also fit the daily demands of bras for older women?

Top Reviews of Bras for Seniors that Close in the Front

Front closure bras are ideal for seniors because they are easy to take on and off. Rather than trying to blindly hook your bra together in the back, you can easily look down in the front as you clasp the bra together. 

If you want my final vote, the Glamorise Wonderwire Stretch Bra is ideal for seniors looking for a supportive, comfortable, and stylish front closure bra.

Glamorise Full Figure Wonderwire Stretch Bra

If you’ve ever been bothered by the uncomfortable wires in your bra, the Glamorise Full Figure Wonderwire Stretch Bra is made exactly for you.

This bra uniquely features a wire embedded in a padded wire channel and hidden behind a cushioned support band. Considered to be the one and only wire bra that’s “made this way or feels this way”, the design was specifically made to cradle your bust while still providing all-day maximum comfort.

Additionally, this bra allows you to skip the hassle of trying to fasten your bra from the back. This bra features a front closure that you could effortlessly hook in a second. Front-closing bras for the elderly, such as this one, benefit seniors who aren’t as flexible as they once were.

They are also good for those mothers who are in a hurry. Just in case you still need more information, this bra is made of 80% Nylon/Polyamide, 15% Elastane, and 5% Polyester. It is generally made of lace material.

Besides making the bra prettier and more appealing, this is also an advantage. This is true especially if you’re wearing a thinner top or dress with a sheer material. Laces are not easily noticed underneath them.

This bra comes in 36-46 band sizes. It offers a variety of cup sizes as well to make sure that women of any age, including senior women, would be able to enjoy the comfort and design of this bra.

When in doubt as you examine which type of bra fits you and is worthy to invest in, consider the Wonderwire Stretch Bra that is originally designed to give you natural and all-day support.

Along with this, these are also some of the other features of the Wonderwire bra:

  • Slide and snap closure
  • Wide cushioned shoulder straps that don’t dig in
  • High sides for coverage
  • Fuller cups for containment
  • Padded comfort band

Leading Lady Leisure Bra

Hailed as the most comfortable bra in America, the Leading Lady Women’s Plus Size Sleep Bra is an excellent choice for daytime or bedtime wearing. Made from a 90% cotton and 10% spandex ratio, this bra offers the ultimate in comfort while still adding in great support. 

The Leading Lady sleep leisure cotton bra is also a popular choice amongst pregnant moms and newly nursing ones. Not just for the comfort, but mainly because the bra will stretch to comfortably accommodate up to two cup sizes.

If you are a nursing mom, then you already know the frustration and sometimes pain of having your bras not fit right throughout the day as your breasts fluctuate in size. This type of bra is also considered one of the best front closing bras for the elderly.

The front closure actually has at least 7 hooks. This ensures you have a secure closure and a comfortable wide front fit. There is also no wire in this bra. Instead, the lifting support comes from non-adjustable straps that are lightly padded for comfort. 

Inside of the bra, the full coverage cups are lightly lined, offering no extra padding which can sometimes impact the natural fit of a bra. Instead, you are able to enjoy the gentle cradling effect that allows your breasts to be supported without the added extra lifting or holding.

The back of this bra has a wide coverage fit that helps add extra support while also smooths down your back. 

Bra details:

  • Wire free
  • Soft breathable fabric
  • Full coverage cups
  • Stretchable cups to fit two sizes 

Carole Martin Front Closure Bra

Created to give you the best fit out there while also making sure that you are at the height of comfort, the Carole Martin Front Closure Bra may be the last bra you will buy. This bra has been designed to give a light to medium support for B, C, and D cups only.

Anything larger will not be given the correct comfort and support the Carole Martin Comfort Bra has to offer. There is also no specific band width plus cup width size selection, instead, you will choose which band width size that you are. The cups are able to stretch to a custom fit. 

In order to create the custom fit, this bra has been designed and structured with 85% nylon and 15% spandex. The nylon in this product still gives a comfortable fit and feel to the bra while also ensuring that you get a smooth and custom fit around all your curves.

Inside of the cups is no padding and very minimal lining. This gives the bra the feel of wearing almost nothing while still feeling supported. There is also no potentially painful underwire to mold or shape the breasts.

Instead, they are allowed to comfortably rest in the bra itself and have a natural shaping. 

The front of the bra closes with a hook and eye closure system. These multiple hooks are easy to latch and create a simple fit without the hassle of adjusting. There are also two wide straps that are not adjustable. 

The wide design and base of the straps are created to help support your chest while also reducing back pain. With a wide strap build and full back coverage, neither the band nor the straps dig into your shoulders and pull. Pulling is one reason so many women blame their bra for back issues. 

Bra details: 

  • 85% nylon 15% spandex
  • No padding
  • Light to medium support for B, C, and D cups
  • Hook and eye closure

N NAANSI Wireless Cotton Bra

Skip the hooks with this easier to close N NAANSI Wireless Cotton Bra. The polyester spandex blended fabric works to hold your boobs in place. It also provides a more comfortable and healthier addition to your daily wardrobe.

Instead of hooks on the front, this bra closes with simple buttons. While it may seem a little cavalier, these metal buttons offer a sturdy closed fit that won’t easily pop open, as long as you are wearing the correct size.

The button may also be easier to handle for individuals with arthritis or those who may have issues with gripping and looping through a metal hook. The lack of an underwire in this bra allows your boobs to freely be supported without something harsh working to shape or hold them.

Instead, the well-crafted cotton blend of the fabric will support and hold them in place while you are out and about. This cotton blend also works to allow your skin to breathe underneath. It also is able to wick and absorb any moisture or sweat that can occur during the day.

This great fabric blending technology allows you to retain a soft fabric while also having underwear that works hard for you so your bra is not retaining moisture. The straps are not adjustable.

They are wide and comfortable, offering just the right amount of needed support without being too tight or digging into your shoulders after long periods of wear. 

Bra details:

  • Button closure
  • Poly/spandex blend body – cotton blend lining
  • Soft and comfortable 
  • Wicks and absorbs moisture
  • Wide strap

Underworks Arthritis Bra

The Underworks Bra is the ultimate in ease of use and comfortable wear thanks to a soft cotton spandex blend as well as a velcro closure mechanism. Underworks bras are made in the USA and are crafted with fine materials to give them a soft feel while also boasting great support. 

One of the major contributors to the comfort of this bra is the no underwire build and design. Instead of an uncomfortable addition, your boobs are able to set in the cup easily to gain support without the added need for lifting or shaping. 

This bra is prescribed and advised by doctors as a top pick for individuals who have arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other limiting conditions that don’t allow you to comfortably grasp and hook regular bra closures.

The easy velcro close is also a big hit for busy nursing moms who sometimes only have one hand, which is really all you need to open or close and secure the bra. 

To assist with support there are non-adjustable extra wide straps that provide a comfortable lift for holding your breasts into the cups securely.

The back of this bra is a highly designed back that extends below your shoulder blades and depending on the length of your upper body, it can reach your lower back. The cotton and spandex blend offers you the ultimate comfort that won’t irritate your skin.

The spandex works to give you the fit and support that you need. There is no latex in these bras to ensure that your skin won’t be irritated or in any discomfort. 

Bra details:

  • Velcro closure
  • No wire
  • Easy access for nursing mothers
  • Prescribed for patients with arthritis
  • Cotton/spandex blend

Features to Consider

Before you purchase your next bra, here are a few features that you should consider. These points below can help you figure out what you are looking for in a bra to see if a front closure bra is right for you, or if you would do better with a more supportive bra. 

Graphic image with a blue bra that has front closing clips which informs that front closure bras with wider straps and full coverage cups are best for seniors

Comparing the Features of Front Closure Bras for Seniors

Bra Material Cup Style Structure
Glamorise Wonderwire 80% polyamide, 15% elastane, 5% polyesterFull coverageWired
Leading Lady Leisure 90% cotton, 10% SpandexFull coverageWireless
Carole Martin 85% nylon, 15% SpandexFull coverageWireless
N Naansi 92% polyester, 8% SpandexFull coverageWireless
Underworks Sleep Leisure 55% cotton, 35% polyester, 10% SpandexFull coverageWireless


Whether you are an older person, a nursing mom, or if you are just casually looking for a comfortable bra then you should consider a bra that doesn’t have an underwire. Before you completely ditch the wire, know that underwire bras don’t cause cancer.

This has been a long running myth that has been put to the test and found to be a false claim. Instead of changing due to a false claim, think about these good reasons to make the swap. First, if there is no underwire, then there is nothing to actively poke you throughout the day.

Whether it is a new bra, or an older one, it almost never fails that the wire will begin to poke or dig into your skin at some point. No matter how much you wrestle with it or sew it back into place, the underwire still finds a way to poke you again. 

A white front closure bra with three buttons on a yellow background

Another reason to ditch the underwire is for added comfort while you are sleeping. Many women opt to sleep without the support of a bra. For ladies with larger breasts, then sleeping in a bra is a much needed comfort since it helps hold everything in place during the night. 

Finally, with most bras that don’t have underwire, they are not as padded. The loss of padding creates a thinner and stretchier bra. With the lighter lining, your boobs are able to breathe more through the fabric.

This keeps you from sweating as much inside of and around the sides of your bra. If you do have a tendency to sweat more, make sure you look for a bra that offers sweat wicking or absorbent technology, so your bra isn’t soaking wet when you take it off. 

When making the decision, it is important to know that you don’t have to go completely underwire free. There are pros and cons to wearing an underwire bra versus one without.

Making a change to alternate between the two may be the relief that you have been searching for without going cold turkey on your coveted underwire bra. 

Number of Hooks

When you know what you want, there really is no debating the matter. As you grow older, it may be more difficult to reach behind your back to close your bra. There are a few things that you do need to keep in mind as you make the final decision to switch to a front closure bra.

If you have already decided to switch, maybe you are looking for a new bra. Unlike back closure bras, front closure ones do not have different spaced hooks. For this type, there is only one row of eyes for you to look into, which limits the adjustability of the bra.

Before you order based on the bandwidth, make sure you take a moment to measure your band and cup size. While most of these front closure bras are more comfort based, they will also have a stretch to them that allows for a little fluctuation in the sizing.

Once you have your measurements in hand, make sure you find the best average fit for your size. Also, take a moment to read the online reviews to see if the bra fits true to size or if you will need to adjust your sizing to match its fit. 

Fit of the Cups

For front closure comfort based bras, the main goal is to give you support while also being a natural fit. For this reason, most of the front closure bras in this comfort category will have a full coverage cup. 

A full coverage cup is one that strives to cover the entire area of your breasts. It will fit higher in the front, limiting how open your “V” is, and will also come up higher on the sides, leading to a wider side and back band. 

Two front closure bras in yellow and pink color placed on a yellow background

Especially if there is no underwire present, the bra’s design will need to cover more area so that your entire breast is secured and able to be held in a natural position. This goal is something that cannot be achieved with minimal bra covering. 

The main drawback with a full coverage bra is that it does cover more chest area, which means you may not be able to wear that more cleavage-revealing dress or shirt with a full coverage bra

Bra Straps

For ample comfort, choosing a bra with a wider strap is a must. These straps cover a larger area of your shoulders and do not resemble spaghetti straps that have a tendency to burrow painfully into the skin when they are too tight. 

Larger breasted women looking for a front closure bra will want to pay special attention to the strap design. Its tricky to balance both support and comfort in straps when you’re carrying some weight in your chest.

It is also important to note that with comfort based bras, the shoulder strap may not be adjustable. This design feature aids the comfort levels and works with the bra, giving you a more natural feel and fit without having straps that are too tight or too loose. 

The stretch based straps will help with basic support that holds your breasts in the cups without the additional shaping or lifting that underwire bras strive for. Due to the non-adjustable nature of these straps, they have extra elasticity woven in so that they can comfortably fit you without being too tight or too loose. 

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Front closure bras for seniors as well as for women seeking a more comfortable bra are a great basic addition to your wardrobe. These bras can be worn all the time, only after dark, or just on days you look for comfort. 


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