Best Cotton Bra [2024 Review]

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Wearing cotton has a pleasant and comforting feeling. Almost rarely do you hear about cotton scratching someone’s skin. Given that it works well on delicate skin, it makes sense to use it in close-fitting clothing like undergarments. It is a must-have item in any woman’s wardrobe right now. This article outlines some of the best cotton bras that are very comfortable.

My Top Cotton Bra Recommendations

Is comfort your top priority when choosing a bra? Or maybe you choose clothing that feels comfortable to the touch. Cotton is one of the most excellent materials to consider when purchasing a bra. It is assumed to be safe for the environment and hypoallergenic. If you’re seeking comfy regular-wear bras, check out my selection of the best cotton bras.

Best Overall Cotton Bra: Hanes Women’s Pullover Bra

This Hanes Women’s Pullover Bra is made from a quick-drying combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex that doesn’t compromise comfort. It has 2-ply seamless cups that shape and support flawlessly without padding to feel confident in your skin. It has a 4-way stretch fabric for all-day comfort.

This Hanes pullover bra has an elasticized front and a pull-on fastening. The bra is ideal for yoga and weight training because of the stylish racerback and low-import support, as well as the flex fit, which keeps you cool and comfortable.

This bra’s X-Temp technology is meant to adjust to your temperature and activity to keep you cool and dry all day. This bra is simple since it includes smart sizes and shapes to suit you. It also has a tag-free function for itch-free comfort.

The main weakness of this bra is that it does not shape or retain boobs properly while performing an intense activity, similar to the Glamorise Wirefree Cotton Bra, which is not ideal for usage when doing high-impact exercises.


  • The color of this bra is vibrant and eye-catching
  • This bra is easy to use, and it has a simple design


  • It is less stretchy than all-synthetic fabrics
  • This bra may not be as long-lasting as other bras
  • In contrast to the Playtex Women’s Wire Free Bra, this bra should only be machine-washed

Best Cotton Sports Bra: Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra

This Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra is soft and stretchy. The bra doesn’t make your body feel tight. The band at the bottom of the bra holds the breasts in place and supports them. Because this bra is elastic and comfy, you may wear it at the gym or while reclining at home.

It comes in various colors and designs, allowing you to display your flair while working out. This bra also has built-in padding for added support, which may be removed if required.

The 2-ply stretch structure in this bra helps keep you comfy throughout your exercise. The elastic hem and two spaghetti straps hold the bra securely while being pleasant to wear. Like the Hanes Women’s Pullover Bra, this bra includes a tag-free design for itch-free comfort.

However, there is a drawback to this bra. There’s a chance that the strap is pressing on the nerve that links your neck and shoulders if you wear it too tightly around your neck.


  • This sports bra is soft and stretchy, making it ideal for daily use, unlike Hanes Women’s Pullover Bra, which is less stretchy
  • This bra is both inexpensive and adaptable
  • This bra is excellent for both medium- and low-impact workouts


  • If you have sensitive nerves in your neck, this bra is not for you
  • The size range of this sports bra is restricted

Best Double Support Cotton Bra: Bali Double Support Wireless Bra

This Bali Double Support Wireless Bra is mostly made of cotton, and this makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin. Similarly, you may wear this wire-free bra all day without feeling restricted.

The seamless construction makes this bra nearly invisible under your clothing. The double-lined structure promotes breast separation, ensuring the bra has enough lift despite the breast volume dragging the weight down.

This bra is a great alternative wireless cotton bra for supportive requirements if you want a more pleasant touch on the skin. Since it has no underwire, the band is important in compensating for pull and support. The bra’s five rows of hooks on the rear effortlessly hold the band in place, even on enormous breast sizes.

The shape of this bra is similar to that of a contour bra in that it forms a bigger figure beneath your garments, even if you have drooping boobs. On the downside, the straps in this bra are not sufficiently adjustable and supportive.


  • This bra is made from all-over stretch cotton for day comfort, unlike the Hanes Women’s Pullover Bra, which is less stretchy
  • Like the Playtex Women’s Wire Free Bra, this bra includes seamless cups for smooth support


  • The straps are shorter and insufficiently adjustable
  • Finding the appropriate size may be difficult because sizes run small

Best Lightweight Cotton Bra: Playtex Women’s Wire Free Bra

This Playtex Women’s Wire Free Bra has additional side panels that aid in the removal of underarm bulges. It also keeps your boobs from overflowing on the side. This bra is ideal for any woman who wants more lift for her breasts.

The lift panels in the cups sculpt your breasts to seem natural. The seam structure around the cups of this wire-free bra adds more support to your breasts. This wire-free bra has cushioned straps to keep it in place when worn.

The straps’ thickness prevents them from slipping. They are also adjustable, enabling you to adjust the bra to your preference, unlike the Bali Double Support Wireless Bra, whose straps are shorter and less adjustable.

The robust design of this wire-free bra prevents the straps from digging into your skin. The TruSupport design is another important aspect of this wireless bra. This design provides pleasant support for your breasts in four ways: a smoother back, larger straps, taller side frames, and rounder breast cups. The drawback is that women with large busts hardly have any lift or support.


  • It has a TruSupport bra design that delivers comfort and support in four ways
  • The lift panels give your breasts a natural-looking contour and added support


  • Sizes tend to be a touch small, according to some wearers
  • This bra cannot be machine washed, in contrast to the Hanes Women’s Pullover Bra, which can only be machine washed

Best Front Closure Cotton Bra: Glamorise Wirefree Cotton Bra

This Glamorise Wirefree Cotton Bra is soft and comfortable, and it has a back made of lace that lets air in and makes the back look smooth. This bra can be adjusted to fit you well and give you all-day comfort.

The materials used to make this bra are of the best quality. It has a hook-and-eye closure in the front and a picot edge, so it is very easy to wear. It is very comfortable because the straps are seamless, padded, and soft. This strapless bra won’t put stress on your shoulders.

Even though it doesn’t have wires, this bra can lift and shape your breasts. It’s also great for everyday wear because it has a material that keeps sweat away and keeps you dry and fresh.

The only flaw about this wireless bra is that it can’t give you the support you want. It is not suitable to wear when doing extreme physical activities, just like the Hanes Women’s Pullover Bra. Even though this wireless bra is made of high-end materials, some parts might stick to your skin.


  • It is very breathable and has a smoothing T-back
  • Unlike the Hanes Women’s Pullover Bra, which has less elastic fabric, this bra is incredibly comfortable and contains cotton stretch cups
  • It has wide and comfy straps


  • Its sizes are inconsistent
  • It is not suitable to wear when doing high-impact activities

Best Everyday Wear Cotton Bra: Fruit of the Loom Cotton Stretch Bra

This Fruit of the Loom Cotton Stretch Bra has underwires that give you a magical lift while shaping and supporting you simultaneously. This bra is great for giving you a natural-looking appearance. This bra can be worn under any shirt to add a splash of color or extra support and coverage.

A brand that supports and comforts you is important for a busy lifestyle. This bra is great for wearing every day. Whether you wear it for fun or at the gym, this bra supports you and makes you look smooth.

This underwire bra is made of soft, stretchy, breathable fabric. This underwire bra fastens in the back with hook-and-eye closures. A hook-and-eye closure makes it easy to secure this non-underwired bra in place.

The shoulder straps may be adjusted for a better fit and more comfort. However, there is a drawback to this bra. The fabric may stretch after a few washes.


  • Unlike the Bali Double Support Wireless Bra, which has shorter and less adjustable straps, this bra has adjustable shoulder straps, which greatly improve wearability and comfort
  • Complete comfort is guaranteed by the elastic fabric and wide bottom band
  • Supportive underwire and shiny contrast seams complement a variety of wardrobes


Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Cotton Bra

Many women are always looking for the ideal bra. Choosing the correct bra, on the other hand, might be difficult. When shopping for a cotton bra, keep the following aspects in mind.

Graphic image of a blue bra that describes how the best cotton bras are made with supportive straps and cotton material

Comparison Chart

FabricStrapsClosure Type
Hanes Women’s Pullover Bra 56% Cotton, 38% Polyester, 6% SpandexThick strapsPull-On
Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra100% CottonSpaghetti strapsPull-On
Bali Double Support Wireless Bra86% Cotton, 14% SpandexWide adjustable strapsBras
Playtex Women’s Wire Free Bra85% Cotton, 15% SpandexThick strapsHook and Eye
Glamorise Wirefree Cotton Bra 60% Cotton, 30% Nylon, 10% ElastaneWide and comfy strapsHook and Eye
Fruit of the Loom Cotton Stretch Bra100% CottonAdjustable strapsHook and Eye


For correct form and fit, choose a bra in a suitable size. Cotton bras are accountable for superior support and a delicate lift since they strengthen your chest structure. Furthermore, the cups are defined, which results in a greater form and less chance of drooping while wearing one of these bras.

A woman wearing a nude wireless bra and denim shorts standing near a white table

The shape and style of the cotton bra have progressed greatly during the last several decades. Most current designs, however, have no visible wires, making them ideal for everyday or casual use. The best bras for everyday use include Fruit of the Loom Cotton Stretch Bra and Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra.

Before deciding which cotton bra to buy, you must determine your size. You may always get measured at a bra store, or you can use a tape measure to get your size at home.

  1. First, you’ll need to determine the size of your band. This is the size of your bandwidth. Place the tape measure around the top of your bust for this. Round up to an even number if the number is odd.
  2. Wrap the tape measure around your bust at its widest point. Wear a loose-fitting sports bra for this step to raise your boobs.
  3. Finally, subtract the cup measurement from the band measurement to obtain your cup size. The cup size will be determined by the number you obtain.

A cup is defined as a 1-inch difference, a 2-inch difference as a B cup, and so on. Increase one cup size for every extra inch. If, after measuring yourself, you are still unclear about your wireless bra size, another approach to confirm your size is to ensure your bra fits properly.


The comfort level you experience while wearing a bra is directly related to the materials used to make it. The bra will be near your skin and must be able to soak up sweat.

As a result of these factors, cotton is the material of choice because of its reputation for being the most comfortable. Most women, while selecting a bra, search for the following qualities in the fabric:

  • A fabric that is super-gentle on the skin
  • A durable fabric
  • A breathable fabric
  • A moisture-wicking fabric, for example, the Glamorise Wirefree Cotton Bra
  • A fabric that can stretch

You’ll be able to tell a lot about the bra just by trying it on. You can tell whether an item is going to be comfortable or not by reading the product description, which is why internet shopping is so convenient for determining comfort levels.

Select the fabric that meets your needs concerning flexibility, stretch, and wearability. You can wear a great bra all day without any discomfort and draw attention to your beautiful figure.

Remember that a cotton-elastane blend is preferable to 100% cotton any day. The Glamorise Wirefree Cotton Bra, which features my best front closure, is an example of a bra with a cotton elastane combination.

A side view of a woman wearing a white racerback full-coverage bra and black leggings


The key to finding the ideal bra is knowing your exact bra size. Take your bust measurement at home with the help of a measuring tape. Lingerie stores often employ staff members who have undergone extensive training to take precise measurements.

Other indicators than the size show whether the bra is a good fit. What follows is a list of them:

  • All bra parts are comfortable, including the cups, band, and straps. Nothing about it should irritate the skin or cause blemishes to appear
  • The cups and straps mustn’t come loose when wearing the bra
  • The bra does a good job of keeping both breasts in place, so they don’t show
  • You may be certain that the adequate cup size will completely conceal your breasts
  • Wearing it won’t restrict your movement or airflow

Finding the right bra size may do wonders for your appearance. Because it makes you feel so fantastic, it might also help you exude more self-assurance. You may choose the bra that best meets your needs from my extensive list above.


First, determine the correct bra size based on the contour of your breasts. This critical aspect will determine if your cotton bra fits properly. The proper size will provide you with the best support and fit.

If ordinary bras bother your skin, you may convert to cotton bras, which prevent rashes and pimples. These bras are breathable cotton and provide extra lift thanks to the side support.

You may choose from a vast assortment of bras in various sizes and colors. While offering enough support and coverage, some of these bras do not have an underwire, which may poke and cause discomfort.

The best bra for sensitive skin is the Bali Double Support Wireless Bra. Because the materials used in these bras are organic, they are also acceptable for pregnant women or persons with sensitive skin. However, if you like working out, you should avoid cotton bras not designed for high-intensity sports.

Type of Bra

You may select from various styles of organic cotton bras with support. Push-up bras, also known as lift-up bras, are worn for support or to give the breasts a larger look. On the other hand, T-shirt bras are great for everyday use and are quite comfy.

Cotton bras come in a variety of designs. Several styles are constructed entirely of cotton, while others include other fabrics. Flexibility and stretch resistance are two reasons why cotton blends are so popular today. Fruit of the Loom Cotton Stretch Bra and Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra are two examples of pure cotton bras on my list.

Bras made from 100% cotton contain uniformly length fibres, making them more comfortable to wear. The effect is a suppleness to the cloth. When searching for a cotton bra, it’s important to know exactly what cotton or cotton mix is utilized.


Make a decision based on the closure style. The method of closure will most likely significantly influence how the bra fits. Pull-on and hook and eye closure are two of the closure methods utilized in the bras in this article.

The hooks and eyes on your bra open and shut to make it easier to put on and take off. The number of hooks and eyes varies according to the bra size. The bigger size necessitates more hooks and eyes for added stability than the smaller version.

A side view of a woman wearing a nude wireless bra and a silver necklace

Hanes Women’s Pullover Bra and Fruit of the Loom Women’s Sports Bra are examples of pull-on bras. Playtex Women’s Wire Free Bra, Glamorise Wirefree Cotton Bra, and Fruit of the Loom Cotton Stretch Bra has hook and eye closure.


Choose a cotton bra in a color that complements the garment you want to wear it with. If your clothes are elastic, a nude-coloured bra is your best option. In addition, the color of your bra may set the tone for the remainder of your outfit.

It is critical to have a variety of colors on hand so you can always find a good complement. A nude-colored bra should be worn with white or highly translucent apparel to prevent calling too much attention to the sharp difference in color. Wearing a light-colored shirt or blouse with a black or white bra, on the other hand, may be too visible and may be improper for the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wearing a Cotton Bra Benefit Your Breasts?

Bras made of cotton enable your skin to breathe. Use cotton bras if your skin is prone to rashes and other irritations. Cotton bras are the best option if you have delicate breasts or want a bra that does not chafe or feel constricting on your skin. Cotton bras elongate your chest and provide fantastic support and a little lift. Additionally, these bras define your cups to offer you a better form and lessen the chance of drooping.

Is a Cotton Bra Suitable for Everyday Use?

Cotton is practically incomparable as an everyday bra. Since you will be wearing your bra for more than half the day, choosing one made of cotton is soft, comfortable, strong, absorbent, and easy to clean in the washing machine.

What Is a Sports Bra? (And How To Pick One For Various Activities)


I hope you’ve gotten some good ideas from this article on what to look for and think about while making your purchase. Bras made from high-quality cotton allow air circulation and are comfortable to wear all day. They’re fashionable, great for sensitive skin, and available in various shapes and sizes.


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