Best Cooling Bra [2024 Review]

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Bra sweat due to weather and medical conditions can feel itchy and ruin outfits. The good news is that there are supportive bras that can make you sweat-free. That’s why I’m sharing the best cooling bra options, along with tips on how to choose the right one for your body.

My Top Cooling Bra Reviews

With its moisture-wicking fabric, wide-set straps, and mesh panels, the Panache Women’s Jasmine Balconnet Bra is the best cooling bra for hot summer days or anytime you would like to feel refreshed. I also have other equally fantastic moisture-wicking bras that can make boob sweating a thing of the past.

Panache Women’s Jasmine Balconette Bra

Wearing the wrong bra is one of the main culprits of discomfort, as heavy and unbreathable materials prevent the breasts from cooling. With the Panache Jasmine Balconette Bra, its cup style and soft fabric can help make your bosom breathe and become sweatless. 

If your breasts are close together, this bra with cooling touch will suit you because of its deep cups, narrow gore, and thin straps. Even if you have bigger breasts, the balconette cups can support your bosom. 

It can be hard to keep the body cool when in motion, causing sweat to rub with the skin, resulting in chafing. This plus-size bra for excessive underboob sweat mainly consists of polyamide, which is highly stretchable and soft to the touch. This material helps the cups accommodate your movements.

Besides that, the top panels of the cup feature a stretch of lace for extra ventilation. In effect, the Panache Jasmine Balconette Bra won’t dig into the skin and compress the breasts as you bend or stretch. 

While the band has a tighter feel than the cups, it would relax after a few washes. Its narrow width also helps in ensuring the band won’t press into the skin too much.


  • Enhances the shape without being too snug
  • Stretchable and soft material ensures breathability
  • Supportive cups that won’t restrict movement and ventilation


  • Cone-like silhouette
  • Might not be ideal for those who want a broader band

Fantasie Women’s Illusion Underwire Side Support Full-Coverage Bra

Sweat would crawl on your skin whenever you feel nervous or stressed. You wouldn’t want to aggravate the situation by feeling hot under your clothes. With the likes of the Fantasie Illusion Full-Coverage Bra, your upper body can feel cooler without sacrificing coverage.

Bras don’t have to become your enemy during humid days, particularly when you can use them to counter the heat. If the elastic feel of bras just causes your body to sweat further, you would feel more refreshed with this bra’s moisture-wicking fabric. 

While the Fantasie Illusion has broader coverage than the Panache Jasmine Bra, this underwire bra for hot summer days doesn’t limit ventilation as it also contains a lace panel for cooling. The four-part and contour cups provide superior lift, especially for top-heavy ladies.

Even if the cups have a thin lining, it’s still enough to encourage breast separation and a rounder silhouette. Aside from that, the adjustable straps of this breathable bra give you leeway in modifying the fit until you find what makes your shoulders more relaxed.

The Powernet wing also contributes to the cooling effect by having a soft touch against the skin.


  • Elastic yet smooth material keeps the skin dry and comfortable
  • Sheer paneling for extra cooling effect
  • Broader coverage to ensure support and lift


  • Visible seams
  • Underwire goes up pretty high

Cosabella Women’s Trenta Soft Bra

Wearing the wrong clothes during scorching weather days can feel like torture, much more when your bra contributes to the hotness. Despite having lightweight materials, the Cosabella Trenta Soft Bra provides plenty of support and guarantees comfort.

Being a bralette, this quick-drying bra mainly consists of delicate lace for optimum softness. While the Cosabella Trenta isn’t as elastic as the Panache Jasmine and Fantasie Illusion bras, its sheerness gives way to better air circulation.

Even with sheer material, the scalloped cups can accommodate large cup sizes because of the low gap in the front. Besides, the adjustable band adapts to your body and ensures it lies flat no matter how you move.

With that said, you can pair this bralette with your summer clothes, and you won’t have to worry about the inconvenience of sweating in the chest. This cooling bralette is also a great option if you want to wear a bra while sleeping since the mesh lining and bra result in wire-free support.

Likewise, this makes it even ideal to wear the bra at home, even without a top. However, the sheerness also makes the bra see-through, so you may have to consider this when lounging around with somebody else.


  • Soft, sheer lace for breathability
  • Scalloped cups with wire-free support
  • Easily molds according to your breast shape


  • Elongated triangle cups are not for every breast type
  • Narrowband may form side bulges

Features to Consider in a Cooling Bra

As you know by now, various bra styles can keep your breasts cool. While they have differences, they also have some shared aspects that can help you pick which bra for underboob sweat suits you the most.

Graphic image of a blue bra that explains how the best cooling bras have minimal padding and moisture wicking material

Comparing Cooling Bra Features

Bra Style Lining Structure
Panache Jasmine BalconetteMinimalWired
Fantasie Illusion Full coverageMinimalWired
Cosabella Trenta TriangleNoneWireless

Moisture-Wicking and Comfortable Material

Even doing yoga or using a blowdryer can make the body feel the heat. If you sweat easily or have to spend a lot of time outdoors, your bra mustn’t harbor moisture to avoid trapping heat and irritating the skin.

Woman wearing a green laced cooling bra

This is why the bra material is one of the first things you need to consider when looking for a cooling bra. It’s essential that the fabric can transfer heat away from your body during humid days. Likewise, it must have quick-drying properties to make sweat evaporate right away.

However, it’s not all about evaporating moisture and sweat. If the fabric’s feeling against your skin makes you uncomfortable, it would add to your skin irritation and drive heat. For such reasons, let’s look into the various materials for cooling bras.

  • Polyester: This fabric is among the most breathable materials for bras to prevent boob sweat. Being a water-repellent fabric, polyester can make moisture and sweat evaporate quickly, keeping a bra lightweight and breathable. Only the Panache Jasmine Balconette Bra contains polyester.
  • Polyamide: Having high porosity components, bras with polyamide work well with absorption. This is why both the Panache and Cosabella bras include some polyamide to mimic the softness of a cotton bra, without preventing moisture from evaporating.
  • Elastane: While not as cooling as polyester and polyamide, all of the bras for cooling the breasts contain a bit of elastane to ensure they can stretch and accommodate your body movements.
  • Lace: Lightweight and virtually transparent, lace materials improve ventilation because of their sheerness. Cosabella mainly consists of lace, whereas Panache and Fantasie use lace for top panels and wings.

Breathable Cups

Woman wearing a white lace bra

If you have large or saggy breasts that hang out against the skin, you will end up dealing with underboob sweat a lot. Sweat can also clog the breast pores if there’s no room for evaporation.

To survive high temperatures with a firmly pressed garment against the skin, the cups of sweat-wicking bras must have a thin lining or minimal padding to ensure breathability.

Both the Panache and Fantasie bras include minimal lining, while Cosabella has none. Since every woman has different needs, consider these points when checking the cups.

  • Thicker linings or paddings would only add volume to the cups, giving more surface for moisture or heat to stay.
  • Make sure that the cups are still sturdy enough to support, lift, and shape your breasts.
  • Some cups with broader coverage tend to compress the breasts, which may contribute to the hotness.
  • While the cups must fit firmly against your chest, they shouldn’t pinch into your tissues to the point that the bra restricts proper blood circulation.

Wide Back and Adjustable Straps

The wider the distance between the straps, the broader the back opening. As a result, the bras can increase airflow to keep your skin dry and cool all day. Having a thin band also contributes to minimizing the amount of fabric hugging the skin.

Lastly, the straps can help a cooling bra become more efficient by being adjustable. In this way, you can modify the fit when the cups or bands are too restricting. It would also be helpful if the straps have some cushioning so that the seams won’t dig into the skin.

Related Questions

Why Are My Breasts Sweating?

The breasts tend to trap moisture, especially in the part that meets the torso, causing your chest to sweat. Sweat won’t evaporate if your bra is tight-fitting or made of a material that is not breathable.

What Is the Best Bra to Wear in Hot Weather?

The best bra to wear in hot weather should have moisture-wicking fabric, a breathable cup design, and mesh panels to improve ventilation. The Panache Jasmine Balconette Bra is a great example because of its soft and stretchable material.

How Can I Keep My Breasts Cool?

You can keep your breasts cool by wearing a well-fitting cooling bra. Invest in a sweat-wicking bra that will encourage proper air circulation.

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Moisture and sweat can be uncomfortable, especially when you have to wear a bra for long periods. With any of the cooling bras for the hot weather from my list, you can let your breasts breathe and relax without compromising support.


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